I Love You, But We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I love you. I care about your happiness, health and love life. I care deeply. I am about to write my third book. It has been whirling around in my head long enough and there are many more busting to get out on paper for you to read. While I focus on writing my book, I may be posting new articles here and there. 

However, I know how I am when I write. I burn pots, I forget to eat. I get lost in my writing. New posts may be written, maybe not. I just don’t know. There are 622 articles here for you to enjoy and read. I look forward to hearing about your journey and questions. If you write a comment under a blog, I receive a message. I love getting those messages. They make my day! 

My blog is available with joy, love, happiness, enlightenment, relationships and of course, steamy delicious sex. 

Please join me LIVE on Sunday evening, Valentine’s Day on Learn It Live. My thirty-minute session is Clearing The Path To Love. Please use my link to sign up for my offering. I appreciate you. 

This symposium on Love, Dating and Sexuality is the largest of it’s kind in history. I urge you to check it out. It is a great forum. I am considering doing my future workshops on their platform. They are good people and offer quite a selection. I recommend you read people’s bios. I have had a couple of people recently pick my brain and then decide to use what I have given them to teach also. 

Should you require a session with me while I am writing, I am taking new clients on a very limited basis. You can reach me via e-mail here.  I do emergency sessions as needed. Yes, I still do energy clearing and Akashic Record readings. My primary focus is LOVE. Self-love, sexual healing, happiness are my areas of focus.

I recommend you download my FREE app. It is called Aphrodite Effect. I have had fabulous feedback from my clients who have been listening to the six hours of podcasts and energy clearings. Miracles occur for those who download them. Oh ye of little faith, don’t knock it till you have tried it! Check it out on Google Play here

What others are saying about my free podcasts:

clearing anger, depression, anxiety, money issues and love….

I can feel the energy through your words. They are very well done. I felt like I was melting into the chair. My energy level is way up and I have been using the mantras. I am feeling happier. Thank you! John.

The Cascade of Miracles Prayer is amazing. I have begun using it for others. Everytime I say it, wonderful things materialize for me as if as a bonus! Thank you Jennifer! Cynara M. 

Download my APP for FREE and get six hours of audio programs
with FREE clearings and
The Cascade of Miracles prayer. 
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