Are Bladder Infections A Problem? 5 Simple Cures To Use Today

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Bladder infections often occur following sexual activity for women.  An infection of the kidney, ureter, bladder, kidney or urethra is known as a UTI (urinary tract infection). 

A UTI occurs when bacteria enters the urethra and travels into the kidney or bladder and multiplies. When bacteria multiplies in the bladder there may be a feeling of anxiety and burning urge to void or pee. This urge and burning will increase within hours. Empty the bladder often. It can become very uncomfortable when left untreated. A bladder infection may wake you in the night. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bladder Infection?

  1. An urgent need to urinate.
  2. A feeling of anxiety and burning upon urination. 
  3. Urination that disrupts sleep.
  4. Cloudy or blood tinged urine.
  5. Fever in children and elderly.
  6. Heaviness and achy bladder.

There are several reasons why you might be getting bladder infections after sex. The last one might surprise you. You might think you can get a bladder infection from your partner, you can’t. You can get a bladder infection from having sex, but not from being infected by a partner. 

Why Did I Get This? 

  1. Urinate right after sex! The act of sex opens up the urethra and can plunge bacteria into the bladder. After eight hours of sleep the bladder can be filled with bacteria that leads to infection. To be safe, rather than falling asleep after sex, always empty your bladder (pee) so that the bacteria doesn’t build up. Drink extra water after sex to flush out bacteria.
  2. Avoid Cross-Contamination. Physiologically speaking, the candy jar (vagina) is very close to our point of elimination or rectum. If you and your partner engage in rectal stimulation, E. coli can easily enter the vagina if the same finger or penis is also used in the vagina. Shower before engaging in sex. If a shower isn’t on your agenda, wash immediately to avoid bacterial contamination before inserting a finger or penis back into the vagina, or touching the clitoris.
  3. Just a slip of the tip! Even if you don’t engage in rectal sex or stimulation. As stimulation occurs and penetration follows the penis can accidentally slide into the rectum and then back into the vagina. A slip of the tip can be all it takes to infect the bladder with E. coli. Have a soapy wash cloth handy to wash and rinse off before reinserting the penis into the vagina.
  4. Anger might be the reason! If you are with the wrong person, you might find you get a bladder infection even if none of the above occur. Anger towards your partner could be the reason you are getting a bladder infection you might be “pissed off”
  5. Sexual trauma or molestation causes repressed anger towards your molester or perpetrator. You may not even be aware of it, which is how it happened for me. I had so many bladder infections that I required bladder neck surgery at the age of 21 to remove scar tissue. The issues of molestation lie dormant under the surface and never go away. If you have never told a soul, these secrets eat away at your soul. They need to come out and be healed. This pain, sorrow, humiliation, guilt, and shame needs to be cleared. This is the deep integrated work that I did for myself and now help others with. You don’t have to relive the memory to heal it. Until I healed my past and forgave everyone, I continued to get bladder infections.

Men can get bladder infections from E. coli and/or blockages in the urethra. 

An Ounce of Prevention

Drink plenty of water. Begin your day with the juice of half a lemon in a 16-ounce glass of water to alkalize your body. If you have a bladder infection drink one eight ounce glass of water every hour. Avoid sugar and spicy foods, sugar increases the opportunity for bacteria to multiply and spicy foods can cause firey urine that increases the burning sensation.

Vitamin C taken daily can reduce occurrences and also be a cure when taken in high doses between 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg a day.

Uva Ursi Arctostaphylos uva-ursi is a plant species of the genus Arctostaphylos (manzanita). The leaves of this small shrub have been used by Native Americans for centuries as a mild diuretic, astringent and in the treatment of kidney and bladder infections for cystitis, urethritis, nephritis and pyelitis and in pyelonephritis. Uva Ursi helps to reduce uric acid as well as relieving the pain of kidney stones. It is helpful in the treatment of chronic diarrhea, as a muscle relaxant. Uva ursi soothes, strengthens, tightens irritated and inflamed tissues. 

AZO is a product you can find in any drug store like Rite Aid, WalGreen’s or even Walmart. It is a fantastic aid for eliminating the pain and burning that occurs with a bladder infection. Please note, it does not eliminate the bacteria that causes a bladder infection, just the pain, and irritation. It will turn your urine orange. Don’t be alarmed. Cost approximately $8.00 per package of 30 tablets.

Pineapple contains large amounts of Bromelain. Bromelain helps reduce inflammation and helps to heal bladder infections because of this enzyme.

Baking Soda and Water is a remedy many have taken and become poisoned. Use caution when drinking baking soda and water. Large amounts of this stuff can lead to a hospital visit or worse. 

Drink between 5  and eight x eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Most people are dehydrated, especially when consuming sodas or caffeinated beverages. It is possible to drink too much water however, gallons of water or too much at one time, isn’t healthy either. Remember everything in moderation.

Avoid alcohol, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, sugar and spicy foods while healing a UTI. All of the aforementioned will intensify the burning and discomfort. Engaging in sex with a bladder infection is not recommended. The bladder is ultra sensitive while inflamed and sex may be quite painful during this time.

Cranberry juice is no longer recommended to reduce or treat bladder infections. Several studies showed no reduction in incidence of infection in women who drank cranberry juice or took capsules. I don’t recommend juices with sugar added, as sugar increases acidity and will cause bacteria and yeast (candida) to flourish.

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