How Being Silent Can Intensify Your Sensory Experience

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The past three weeks or more, I have been feeling unrest regarding my work, which is unusual for me. I have been getting signs that I need to shift my focus in my business. I have been getting conflicting information, which shows me something needs to change. I want to write a best-selling book and reach more people around the world. I needed clarity on what direction to take. I love what I do, I just need a shift in who I do it for.

While I was considering all the possibilities of shifting my business model, I received guidance to shut off from the outside world. It was clear to me I needed three days of complete silence. I needed to shut my mouth and listen. From Friday evening till mid-morning on Monday, I focused on being in silence. 

The Art of Listening

As humans, we want to be heard understood and appreciated. Often we speak when no one is listening. We say things that have little meaning to others. We repeat ourselves just to be sure someone hears us. We may even say something to another that upsets them. Closing our mouths and listening, rather than speaking shifts our perspective. Instead of being focused on what we want to say, we listen to others. 

The Gift of Silence

Meditation is one way to become quiet. Sitting still, going within allows us to listen to our inner voice, our higher intelligence. Some of us are so busy talking we don’t hear what we are being told.

On Friday morning, I let my adult off-spring know I would not be communicating with them for three days. I called my mother and informed her of my silent retreat. She understood the importance and promised to wait to hear from me. 

A gentleman I had one date with took my retreating inward to mean he needed to fix me. He suggested I call a meeting and talk to wise council. He offered many Bible verses and an invitation to his church on Sunday, saying he wouldn’t talk to me if I went to church with him since I would be on a silent retreat. He didn’t understand that the wise council was within me. He didn’t understand that his insistence on me going to church during a silent retreat was disrespectful to me. 

I wondered how my dogs and cats would respond to my silence? They quickly got my hand signals and found a way to communicate with me, as they communicated silently with me daily. 

How Did I Do It?

I closed my mouth. I stopped making inane comments that were needless during the day on Friday. I began to recognize how much of what we say is superfluous. 

I prepared by doing my shopping in advance. I cooked dinner mindfully, in silence. I did not listen to any music or Netflix T.V.

On Saturday morning, I took my dogs out to the desert and walked in silence. I didn’t do my usual dancing routine. David Bowie somehow didn’t fit into my silent retreat. Instead of going home after our walk, I drove northward to the town of Mojave.  I jokingly looked for David Branson at his Virgin Galactic building; no one was home. 
Wind farm on the way to Tehachapi

I continued northward to Tehachapi and went to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Petra for their famous Baklava. I have eaten Baklava all over the world, and Petra’s is the most scrumptious I have ever eaten. It is moist, rather than dry using a honey and butter syrup between the layers. I took a note in so that I would not have to speak. The owner thought I had a sore throat, which was fine. It was easier than trying to explain with sign language that I was just being silent and not speaking for three days.

I was initially going just for the Baklava. However, The Universe had other plans for me. Petra was all out, and the fresh batch wouldn’t be ready for another two hours. I ordered a Mediterranean salad, and I recognized that the dogs and I were to take our time,

stroll around the quaint, historic town and spend some time at the park. It was a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures in the mid-70’s and I had all the time in the world.

My Secret Discovery

Having two hours to wait might have bothered me a few years ago. There was some reason we were to kill a couple of hours in silence in this little town. We walked the entire perimeter of the park. There were several families having birthday parties for their children. Large expansive tables were set up with a feast for many. The children played on the swings, and some stopped to talk to my dogs. 

I found a place in the shade, under a large Redwood tree. I removed my jacket and stretched out on the soft cool grass and closed my eyes. Karma was happy to lay down and rest. Yoda had other ideas and ran off to play with the group of little boys that liked him. Once I had him quieted, I got an amazing piece of information.

In Silence, There Is NO EGO!

Laying on the grass with my eyes closed, I could hear everyone’s conversations without straining. I could separate individual conversations. I heard voices that were far away as if they were right beside me. My other senses intensified when I shut my mouth and listened!

With my tongue still and my mouth shut, my mind quieted. There was no ego!

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I could feel the soft damp grass beneath me. I heard birds chirping, children squealing, laughing and yelling. None of it bothered me. My ego wasn’t nagging at me to make me feel angry, triggered or upset. None of the noises disturbed me at all. In fact, I was experiencing the children’s joy and happiness by witnessing it all from a place of no mind.

Sex Intensified In Silence

When I get an amazing thought like I just experienced, I extrapolate it across all sensory experiences. I began to wonder about silent sex. Instead of talking, bantering why not, just feel? When we close our mouths, shut down our egos while feeling each other’s beautiful bodies, we can experience an expanded level of

pleasure. Our sense of touch becomes heightened. We deepen our other senses. We are more able to communicate soul to soul without speaking. 

Eye contact and touch become our only method of communication. 

What Silence Can Do For YOU

  1. Quiets the mind.
  2. Your ego takes a back seat and gets quiet.
  3. You can hear your deepest soul’s calling.
  4. Your other senses intensify.
  5. You hear and feel more deeply.
  6. You become completely present.
Are you ready to commit to a deep connection with yourself? Are you ready to live a happier life, free of negativity, fears and anxiety? Are you ready to let go of the PTSD, molestation, pain and suffering and live a fearless life? 

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