Are You Living Life Or Just Waiting To Die?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I was in the Rosamond, California post office the other day, a rarity, I might add. I am not fond of governmental agencies, bureaucracy or authority. I am a rebel. I have always been rebellious. I was born on the heels of a hurricane, why wouldn’t I be? I am here to bring forth positive change. I am a catalyst for change through love.

Standing in line is one of the reasons I avoid government agencies. I am not a conformist. Standing in line goes against the grain for me. While standing in my conformist line, I couldn’t help but hear a man speaking quite loudly on his cell phone of the horrors of the world and how he can’t wait to get out of here (he meant he was looking forward to dying). 

Sometimes my inner guidance tells me to stay quiet; I got the go-ahead this day. I stopped in front of the loudly complaining man as I prepared to exit and said, “You have it backwards, my friend.” He looked at me quizzically. “What do you mean?” I told him, “We are here to make the best of our circumstances, challenges and issues. We are here to create a life of heaven on earth, rather than only to focus on the bad or negative, and then look forward to escaping from life by dying. If you can’t find something to be happy and grateful for here you won’t find it in heaven either.” 

Life Is For Living

The people I know that have looked to escape life ended up with cancer or diabetes or some other horrible illness that left them in agony on their death bed. Trying to escape life, by dying, causes you to suffer more intensely. You miss the purpose of life. You miss out on the joy of living fully.

If you are focused on escape, you can’t live in the moment. If you continue to say you want to leave, The Universe will allow you to, but it won’t be an easy path. 

Life is for seeing the contrast between the light and dark and choosing to focus on the light. Sure there are horrible events that occur daily on our planet. If we give energy to those events alone, we create illness, challenges and strife in our lives. 

The Power of Choice

Life is about growing, evolving and learning from our past, rather than seeing our life as miserable seeing the potential for something better right around the corner. There are always options. There are more than one or two ways to do anything. The Universe is infinite. Therefore, you are infinite. You have infinite abilities and choices in each moment. Allowing yourself to see a path out of your circumstances is choosing life. Thinking you have hit the end, or have no choice is choosing death. You always have a choice. Even not choosing is a choice.

Choose Life

How does one go about consciously choosing life? Following is my personal list. I live life to the fullest every day. I never know which day will be my last.

  1. Love fully. Give it all! Holding back love, affection, appreciation or sexual expression is not loving fully. When we give totally, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, barring our soul to our partner allowing them to see our weakest and darkest selves, as well as our brightest version of ourselves, is loving fully. Leave nothing on the table. Know that you have done what it takes to allow love in, by giving fully. The more we love ourselves, the greater ability we have to receive love as well. Love is in an endless supply as long as we Source ourselves first.
  2. Tell your friends and family you love them like you mean it. Offering a trite or off the cuff “I love you too!” without any feeling does not count. I always tell my adult children, mother and brothers I love them with feeling. My progeny is quite comfortable with my expression of love, my brothers not so much. I don’t give a crap. At least this way they know they are loved, there is no doubt. I never end a conversation with my loved ones without letting them know they are loved. 
  3. Find something to be happy about every day. If you can find nothing else, be happy about the sun shining or the rain falling. We always need rain for plants and trees to grow. Look up instead of down. When you focus on the good instead of what is going wrong, it shifts your perspective. Even when things fall through, recognize that there is something better coming through for you. The Universe is always conspiring for you!
  4. Wake up Grateful! The first words in my head in the morning are, “Thank you for another day of life.” It is a Native American prayer that I heard years ago, and I use it daily. When we begin to recognize that each day is a gift, we see the preciousness of each moment as well.
  5. You are NEVER ALONE! Thank The Divine daily for the love of your life, and watch your world shift. When you focus on how alone you are, you are coming from a place of lack. Alone is all you will ever be. Instead, see the sun, the moon, the stars, the plants the trees, the birds, the rocks, the waterfall as gifts to show you how loved you are. Each of these is alive with the energy of The Divine – LOVE! How could you be alone? Besides, what you see are the unseen spirits, Angels, Devas, Fairies that also love you unconditionally. Oh yes, they exist too. I told you I was a rebel. 
  6. Use Your Imagination. Your imagination will assist you to create a happier day, a brighter life and the assurance that if you continue reaching for a higher vibration, love yourself, your life and envision something better you will create it. Einstein said imagination was infinitely more valuable than intelligence. If you can envision it, you can create it.
  7. Feed Your Soul! Meditate. Connect with the earth and go within every day. There are many ways to feed your soul; sitting in a garden, walking outdoors and disconnect from the distractions of power chords, telephones, the Internet for a happy centered life. There is no Internet in heaven! There is also no sex!
  8. For Goodness Sakes Have Conscious SEX! Making love, looking at your partner, breathing them in, will make you feel alive faster than anything on the planet. If you hate sex, you hate yourself. There I said it! It is true. You can’t love yourself and hate sex; it isn’t possible. Masturbating twice or three times a day is totally unconscious by the way, in case you were wondering. You are attempting to escape your pain through masturbating. How is that working for you? Not very well.
  9. Touch and be Touched. The touch of another animal, or human can ground us, affirm life for us and open up our emotional body to release. If you don’t have anyone to touch

    you get a massage at least once a month. Heck, I was at the Apple store last night, and the gentleman that helped me was so attentive I touched him on his arm as I thanked him and looked him in the eyes. He was sweet, kind and you know, technical. Geeks need love too. He was so helpful and understanding of my lack of technical expertise, I appreciated him, and I wanted him to know.

  10. Rescue a dog or cat. There are so many animals that are

    euthanized every day, they would love to have a companion to love and be loved by. A pet can give you love, be there for you when you come home and accept you as you are. There is nothing like the love of a rescued pet to make you feel alive and loved. Dogs are wonderful for so many reasons because they require walking, they help you move your body daily so that you live a healthy life. Rescuing a pet is a win-win, it saves a life and gives you some love.

  11. Dance like nobody is watching. If you are always worried about what others think of you, you aren’t living life to the fullest. Get out of your freaking arm chair and shake that booty! Give it all you’ve got. Crank up the tunes and have some fun. Move your body, it was built to move not sit. Dancing will shift your mood in less than three minutes. I promise. 
  12. Laugh like no one is listening. Do you cover your mouth to hide your smile when you laugh? If you do, you fear life. You may fear being seen. You are trying to contain your joy. Joy is not meant to be

    contained! It is meant to be experienced fully! Like an orgasm, don’t hold back. ENJOY your laughter.

  13. Love like there is no tomorrow. Waiting for your husband or wife to change means you are not living fully. Love them the way they are. Unconditional love is all about loving others as they are, rather than attempting to make them a cookie cutter version of yourself. Love yourself like you are the last person on earth. Love yourself like your life depends on it because it does!
  14. Live a life without regret. If you work too much and don’t have any energy for your family when you come home, you

    will regret what you missed. Show up fully. Be present with your loved ones and let them know they are loved.

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