Why I Wrote Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I wrote Orgasm For Life for two reasons. I was non-orgasmic most of my life. That simple fact led me to feel broken, disempowered or that something was wrong with me. I loved sex, but it rarely culminated in an orgasm. On the rare times, I was able to have an orgasm I couldn’t seem to replicate the event. It wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I healed the frozen cells in my body from molestation in my childhood through Tantra. I knew if I had this issue there were thousands if not millions of women that also felt broken and disempowered by being non-orgasmic.

1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women have experienced sexual trauma or rape. These events fracture and fragment the soul and cause the deepest of emotional trauma to the psyche. Some people never get the help they need and suffer deep low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacies, detachment, numbness and inability to be emotionally available. These patterns surface in relationships, with off-spring and friendships. Disharmony of the soul leads to disharmony in life. Get the help you need today. Read this book and give me a call to set up your appointment today (770) 480-5500. E-mail me at [email protected]

40% of women believe there is something wrong with them sexually. 26% of women fake orgasm EVERY time. 80% of women reported having faked orgasm.

Chapter One Audio Read By The Author 46:18 minutes

I am committed to help women heal their lives and love themselves fearlessly. Fearless living and loving is our birthright. I help women heal their sexuality as it is a part of who we are. If you don’t love yourself enough to have sex with your partner, there are self-esteem issues involved. Loving relationships involve sex, compassion, acceptance, loving touch, appreciation, respect and trust. 

Durex Sex Survey 2013

Over 50% are dissatisfied with their bedroom escapades.80% of women fake orgasm over 50% of the time.
26% of women fake it every time.
28% of men fake orgasm.
35% orgasm every time they have sex.
40% of women have some sexual dysfunction.
10% of women never have orgasms.
37% have also said they hardly ever, or never, “cross the finish line” at the same time as their partner.
65% of American adults have gotten hot ‘n’ heavy in a car. 35% have taken more than a dip in a pool and 31% have bared it all on a beach.
65% daydream about making love more often outside of the bedroom.
According to Luann Brizandine – Author of The Female Brain, men think of sex every 52 seconds, while women only think of sex an average of once a day.

Aphrodite Effect is all about the effect of LOVE on all that we do. Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of Love. She was an ageless beauty; powerful, strong, sexy, alluring and enjoyed sexual expression. Love gives us power, ageless beauty and deep connection. Set up

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