Orgasm For Life: Faking It

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt from Orgasm For Life. 80% of women fake it 26% of the time. Why? because they fear they are taking too long to achieve an orgasm.


When Harry Met Sally faking it in a restaurant as proof

Living without orgasm shrinks a woman’s feminine power and reduces self-esteem. The physical and emotional frustration of being left out in the cold is one I don’t like to see anyone live with. Living in an orgasmless world is not living fully. 

Unless many women self-stimulate, they just don’t get there. Believe me you don’t want to have to go to the bathroom after your husband or boyfriend is fast asleep to masturbate. Or worse still, lay crying yourself to sleep with frustration feeling alone and neglected. Guys, women will have sex with you more often if they reach orgasm regularly. Men complain that women don’t want sex. Would you, if you didn’t come?  

Women need to compassionately teach their men how they want to be made love to. We can’t expect men to know. Women often allow events to happen without steering or making suggestions. If we are considerate, kind and compassionate with our men, they are more apt to give us what we want. For men, it is your job to make sure, that your partner has an orgasm. (I am hearing male readers ask, “Oh is it my job to get her to come?” Yes, it is fellas, every time. Not just once in a blue moon. Let me ask you this question: do you expect your partner to bring you to orgasm? Of course, you do. I rest my case.)

My husband’s bruised ego along with his resultant pouting and rage (caused me to remain silent about my lack of orgasmic bliss. I have listened to many women since that time with similar issues. 

Women are not having orgasms and are remaining silent about it. During the hundreds of interviews, I conducted, many women have said to me, that women have created this false reality that all men are studs by faking their orgasm. We have to take responsibility for being where we are.

Taking responsibility for what we have created is just the beginning. This issue is global, not regional. I have heard women complain from all over the world. Men are coming, but many women never do. Women get what they get, which is usually a quick on-and-off event in which most women are rarely pleasured to orgasm. 

Our cultural landscape has made sex about the male’s priorities in any relationship. Women have been the pleasure palace of men for eons. Many men, after having an experience with one woman, are off to the next hottest conquest. Although not considered the norm, women can also jump from bed to bed.

I am committed to helping women heal their lives and love themselves fearlessly. Fearless living and loving is our birthright. I help women heal their sexuality as it is a part of who we are. If you don’t love yourself enough to have sex with your partner, there are self-esteem issues involved. Loving relationships involve sex, compassion, acceptance, loving touch, appreciation, respect and trust. 

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