What If You Have Already Arrived?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Our perception shifts our reality. Two people may look exactly the same, be the same weight, have the exact same relationship
status, while one person feels inadequate, fat, dumb, lost and the other loves life, their body and themselves. What is different about these two individuals? 

It is our perception of our reality that shifts everything. Do you feel your glass is half full? Or do you believe your glass is overflowing so much that you give joyously to others?

Feeling Broken 

When we think we are broken we focus on all the broken aspects of ourselves. We focus on the fact we don’t have a relationship, we don’t live near the family we love, we don’t have friends. When we feel broken we think we need fixing. We also view others with the same perception: they need fixing also. 

Wherever You Focus Your Attention Grows

For example, I could focus on the fact that my family is across the country, in Colorado, my mother in Toronto, and that it is hard to see them. Or I could say to myself (which I do) when we are together, we have such a great time. I am totally present with my family and enjoy being with them so much. 

I could also focus on the fact that I live in the desolate, hot, cold and windy desert. Or I could focus on the fact that I am close enough to drive to the beach and back in one day. I can drive to beautiful Santa Barbara in a couple of hours and enjoy driving

through Valencia and all the orange groves and see all the artichokes, cabbage, and raspberries growing. I am close enough to drive to Colorado in 19 hours. I am close enough to LA that I can visit clients there in an hour and a half. Seeing my glass as overflowing is what brings me joy. I see all the possibilities rather than focusing on what I don’t have.

When I spend time with my family whether it is my mother or my adult off-spring, I enjoy them for who they are. I revel in each moment. Even enjoying some revelry with my ex-husband Bill Gates over his grilling expertise.

I have fun with them. The time is special. I don’t take them for granted. We mark the experiences with photos, appreciating each moment. We take trips to new places and enjoy such simple events as going to the grocery store together, cooking a meal or sharing a hike in a beautiful spot. We live for the moment.


Most people think they are broken. I know I used to also. For years, I thought I was a broken little doll that needed fixing. All the men I attracted also needed fixing. Funny how that happens! When I didn’t believe I was enough, neither did the men I was with. I was criticized, put down and was very good at sabotaging any good that came along.

Thinking that you aren’t enough will change your world. When we focus on what we think we don’t have, all we see is a void, a hole an imperfect face or body, the fact that no one is our partner. Instead, begin the mantra, “I am perfect as I am.” 

Ways To Power up Acceptance

Use the following mantras three times a day – every day for 30 days. You will find your ability to accept yourself and others will improve.
  1. I am whole.
  2. I am complete.
  3. I am powerful.
  4. I am perfect.
  5. I am strong.
  6. I am harmonious.
  7. I am loving.
  8. I am happy.
  9. I am a perfect version of myself as I am. 
  10. My life keeps getting better and better every day.
  11. I commit to loving me!
  12. I commit to myself and my happiness.
  13. I love and accept myself as I am right now!

What If You are Absolutely Perfect The Way You Are?

The law of perfection states that you were created in the eyes of God, as God in His image. How can you be anything but perfect? You have already arrived – as you are. It is a come as you are party! 

Losing Weight

If your goal is to lose weight so that you can have the relationship of your dreams, I call BULL SHIT! Uh Huh! You are full of shit! In fact so much so, I think your eyes are turning brown. 

This morning I was working with a client who lost 235 pounds! His focus and goal in losing all that weight was that he would be happy and have the life and relationship of his dreams once he lost the weight. 

The Reality

If you aren’t happy with yourself as is, like buying a used car from a dealer you will never be happy. This man that lost 235 pounds is miserable because he isn’t any closer to being happy now than he was when he was considered obese. Why? Because he still doesn’t accept himself the way he is. He pushes people away who try to love him because he wonders what on earth they see in him?

Join me Wednesday night for a FREE podcast where we will power up your acceptance quotient. I invite you to recognize that the only way you can be successful is by committing to yourself. You will never have the relationship of your dreams till you can stand up for you, believe in you and ACCEPT YOU!

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I love you!

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