How To Communicate With Your Four-Legged Friends Easily

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Hendrey’s Beach our favorite spot in California

The subject of pets and communication with them is near and dear to my heart. My life would not be what it is today without the incredible unconditional love that my cats and dogs give me. They bring me joy, happiness and comfort. Having a pet will boost your self-esteem and help you open your heart too. 

Being able to communicate with our little balls of fur makes our life multi-dimensional. The more we understand what they are telling us, the better our relationship is. (It kinda sorta smacks of our human relationships, doesn’t it?) Animals can help you open your heart in a safe way.

Mt. Sanitas, Boulder, Colorado with friends

My dogs get me out when I don’t feel like exercising. They keep me moving when I would rather lie around and do nothing. They keep me company and welcome me like I am the Queen of Siam when I return. I owe my fitness regime to Karma and Yoda. When I recognized how much joy Karma received from her daily walks, I have stepped them up to two or three a day. When Karma and my little guy, Yoda walk, I dance. Having dogs has kept me moving even when I didn’t feel so inclined. This article will help you become closer to your pets or find a way to get one.

The Joys Of Pets

Lydia many years ago with Ariel

As far back as I can remember, we have always had a dog and a cat. In my family of origin, dogs lived outside in a dog house or tied up in the backyard. My father used to create a zip line so our dog could roam about the backyard. Through my journey, I have learned that the more communication and interaction we have with our animals they more they communicate with us. When a dog is kept outside they feel segregated, rather than a part of our family. 

Karma with our newfound rescues from the desert

I prefer to have my four-leggeds close to me. They are inside when I am inside and outside when I am outside. My dogs ride with me until the weather is too hot to do so. They travel with me across country providing company for me driving alone. Karma has driven over 40,000 miles with me. They protect me, talk to me and snuggle up to me when I sit on the floor with them. When I am in my home office writing or working Karma lays behind me. When I move to another room, she goes too. 

How many cats and dogs have we had over the years? Quite a few. I wrote about Lydia one of my most magical kitties in one of my most popular posts about recognizing emotional unavailability. She would help me clear my clients and died doing it. Our family has had pets ever since I can remember. Now my sons each have their bevy of kitties. I currently have four cats and two dogs, all rescued.

How To Begin Communicating With Your Pets

Talk to your pets when you are home. Ask them if they are hungry before you feed them. Karma has taught me sign language. She licks her lips when she is hungry. She has taught Yoda sign language also. The sign for thirsty is similar but not exactly the

same. If I ask Karma if she is thirsty when she is hungry, she looks at me like I am an idiot. Karma also has a particular bark she gives when she is happy. She gives it when I ask her if she is hungry, indicating that I have understood her. It goes something like this: Ro Ro Ro! With her body posture changing as she happily makes this sound, head rising upward towards the end.

Watch the signals your pets give you. See what is consistent in their communication. Notice when and where they are when they give you a sign. Is it a particular time of day?

Leaving Your Pets Behind

Osiris and McGuillicudy loving brothers

I don’t like to leave my pets behind when I travel, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I don’t drive to Colorado with my cats (driving from Georgia to Boulder, Colorado and then again to California was a wild ride. Often I had one cat on my lap, another on my shoulders then there was the litter box inside the car! Holy cats! They always have a pet sitter who comes in at least once a day to feed, spend time with them and scoop the cat litter. 

Cats Get Worried Too

The two little guys pictures above came from the Mojave Desert. I was guided down a road that I didn’t normally walk down. The complete story is in the link just above. When one kitty is out, the other brother worries about him. He comes to me and asks me to find him. The connection these two have for one another is far beyond any that I have ever seen between two cats. They nearly starved to death. They have a very deep bond. They relate to me differently than my other cats do, because I bottle fed them and became their rescuer. This is a video I filmed with all four of them. Cats come to us when we are busy. They tap on our arms when they want us to pay attention to them. They might stand on our chest when they want us to wake up. They would bounce if they could! Do you wonder how you are like a kitten? 

Pay attention to your cat’s face. Where are they looking? Sometimes I swear they play the “Gotcha” game. They stare up at the ceiling and see spirits, bugs, fairies, who knows what and then go back to licking themselves thinking “he he he, I really got her that time!”

Talking To Your Pets

Karma is a Border Collie mix. She is 17 years old. I thought I was going to lose her a year ago when my vet recommended I give her SAM-e for her stiff hind legs. The SAM-e has alleviated her cataracts as well since it cleans out the liver. The liver is associated with the eyes. I know each day is a gift that she is alive. 

Karma now has a difficult time jumping into the backseat of my Honda. When she is tired, I pick her 65 pound body up gently and lift her into the car. It is what we do for those we love. I have prayed and asked that she die without pain while she is sleeping. I have left it at that. We live for today!

Believe me I am not wasting time. We enjoy each day to the fullest. I take her to places she loves so that she is enjoying her life experience as much as I am. I see such beauty walking outside with

my dogs. They have enriched my life in more ways than I recognize.

Each trip I make to Colorado, I wonder if it will be her last. I am doing my best to focus on her living rather than thinking of her dying. My thoughts have an impact on her vibrant health.

Speaking of eyes, I had a vision of her before I got her. I had just lost two dogs hit by one car. She had been left tied up to a tree at the top of Etowah Mountain in Georgia.

Karma is the most intelligent breeds of dogs on the planet. Border Collies have been tested and found to know as many as 200 words. Some of the words Karma knows are car, beach, ride, go, eat, breakfast, thirsty, leave, stay, sit, speak, cat, hurt, pain, outside, bed, sleep, vet, help, work, Mommy, me, Adam, David, Ariel, Rich,

Ariel’s Colorado friends included Karma too

Yoda, Chloe, Percy, McGuillicuddy, Osiris, out, leave it, no, stop, cut it out, pet, watch me, wait a minute, no barking, hush, happy, tummy, rub, paw, bath, swim, ocean, run, play……

Before I leave I talk to each of them individually and tell them what is going to happen. I tell them out loud first and then tell them with my mind only. Pets understand much more than you think they do. This was actually when I began to really take communicating with my animals to a deeper level through travel.

Dogs See and Communicate In Pictures

When I was walking on a trail in Colorado, I experienced a dog I didn’t know communicating with me. He told me he was going to die and to let his owner know. On other occasions, I have had dogs

tell me their story – where they came from how happy they are to be with their person now. They showed me in images.

Do What Makes Them Happy

Giving joy to others gives us joy also. I remember trading in my brand new Passat so that our new rescued Golden Retriever, 
Gunner would be more comfortable. I bought him a Ford Explorer! My boys were infinitely grateful because Gunner was so big he stretched out and took up the entire back seat. David inevitably was the one with dog hair in his mouth!

Dogs love to be outside. They love to sniff disgusting things and other dog’s butts. Going to new places is always exciting. I rotate my dogs from the wild Mojave desert with just us, to the dog park eleven miles away in Lancaster. Yoda knows when I go to the bank that the dog park is close by. He freaks out with excitement. How can I not take them there? 

Isabella and Karma 2006

When we do what our pets love, they love us back. They communicate how they feel through their tails, their smiles and their voices. They appreciate the experiences. Our lives with our pets are not just about us feeding them and cleaning up their feces. It is one of love, communication and joint experiences. Our pets help us grow more in love with ourselves and others.

How To Communicate With Your Pet

  1. Recognize that your pet is not an idiot. They have intuition. They have a soul. They are more evolved than most humans. 
  2. Animals are loving at their core. The more we love them, the
    Nederland, CO Yoda, Karma, Ariel and Me

    more they express their love to us. 

  3. Listen to your animals voice. When they jump up next to you, pull them close to you, show them some love!
  4. Watch their actions.
  5. Give your animal some credit for understanding you.
  6. Speak to them often.
  7. Rub their heart chakra, they love it. The heart chakra is located between their front legs in the center of their chest.
  8. Rub their heart chakra, then rub their belly. Talk to them while you touch them. Tell them you love them.
  9. Send the message – FEELING to your dog telepathically. Say I love you with your heart and your mind while rubbing their heart chakra.
  10. Give your pet attention. If your pet is bugging you for attention, they are trying to tell you that you are disconnected and numb. Get with the program and love them! It will help you open your heart like theirs.
  11. Notice your pets expression. Their faces speak volumes. Are they happy? Are they panting constantly? Panting can indicate pain. 

Pets Are Family Members

Yoda was found in my little town of Rosamond. He was just five weeks old. He is a Chuiaha Daschund mix. In the desert, this is a breed, Chiweenie. Yoda’s purpose in this life is to make people happy. He does a very good job of it everywhere he goes. He has a past. If you are interested in hearing how I lost him in Arizona and found him with faith here it is, borrowing from AC/DC: Stairway To Heaven, Or Highway To Hell?  

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