Breaking Societies Rules Falling In Love With A Younger Man

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Hugh Jackman and wife Deb 13 year age gap

When it comes to love, there are no rules for who you fall in love with. We all have ideas of who we “should” have as our partner. Society has rules for what is accepted and what is not. Coupling with another within five years of your age is the accepted norm. What if you meet someone much younger than yourself and find a connection? What then? What if expanding your horizons and including a larger date range on your profile brings you a man fifteen years younger than you?

We have heard hundreds of stories about men in May-December romances easily accepted by society. In fact, men are touted as being studs for attaining a beautiful woman much younger than themselves. It takes a strong woman that recognizes her value and can put aside any insecurities about aging to date a much younger man. 

Many women today are more vibrantly alive and fit than men 20 years their junior. We fall in love with the person, not their age. Women outlive their men by an average of five years. Many men in their 50’s and 60’s have health issues. Our judgments about what is right or wrong for us can get in our way. We might even wonder, “What will people think?”

There have been great love stories in history where an older powerful woman fell in love with a man fifteen years younger than herself. The story of Kadijah and the Prophet Muhammad is one such story. Kadijah was 40 and Muhammad was 25 when they met and fell in love. Other May-December loves are Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah-Lee Furness have been married for 16 years and have a 13 year age gap. Hugh says, “I have a career, but Deb and my children are who I live for.” Susan Sarandon and Tim Hutton had a 20-year union with a 12 year age gap. Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman met when Megan was 42, Nick was 30. Twelve years, two dogs and a rock solid marriage Nick has said, “If I ever got botox he would divorce me.”

We Have To Get Out Of Our Own Way

Love knows no bounds. Love isn’t dependent on age or race. We fal in love with another’s soul essence and qualities. When we focus on our age we limit ourselves. We also limit what The Universe can bring us. Finding someone who’s beliefs match ours, who is kind, patient, loving and compassionate is much more important than a person’s age.

Focus On Your Value 

If we focus on how old we are rather than how we feel, we limit ourselves. If we focus on how many wrinkles we have, rather than what we have to offer, we limit ourselves. Women are beautiful until they stop taking care of themselves and that can happen at any age. Age doesn’t determine how we take care of ourselves.  

Our internal essence is what matters the most. As we age we become more loving, accepting and mindful. We have wisdom, compassion and internal beauty as well. The way we love ourselves is reflected in our outer world. Internal beauty lasts forever. Kindness lasts forever. Age has nothing to do with your soul qualities and your value. 

We may notice our differences when we look in our mirror. When we love ourselves fearlessly age means nothing. We are confident in who we are. Confidence and authenticity are important parts of a healthy relationship. When we show up already full of love, we are no longer looking for another to complete us. We have much more to give when we are loving, confident and self-accepting.

The sweeter we are the more accepting of ourselves we are the softer those wrinkles become. Everyone ages, we just need to move beyond worrying about how many wrinkles we have and know that who we are is valueable, loving and kind. Those are the qualities

that shine through in a relationship with a younger man. Women who can be authentic, vulnerable, spiritually grounded and confident can be much more meaningful to a younger man who is looking for a woman who has her life together and is not about to play games.

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