13 Benefits of Holding Hands You Didn’t Realize

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that brings two people together. Holding hands with entwined  fingers bringing palms together is special and innocent. Hand-holding can occur with a child, your mother, a friend, or a partner. A scientific study supports the theory that holding the hand of a loved one during times of stress helps us cope.

  1. Safety. Holding a chid’s hand makes them feel safe. Holding another adults’ hand also generates the feeling of safety.
  2. Helps us cope. Situations become easier when we are holding the hand of someone who cares for us. 
  3. Helps us withstand pain. The Lending Hand Study tested married women with shock therapy holding the hand of their husband, someone they knew and a complete stranger. Holding the hand of their husband the brain didn’t work as hard as holding the hand of a stranger. They could withstand more pain holding their husband’s hand especially if their marriage was rock solid.
  4. It’s a form of comfort. Holding hands with someone when they are grieving provides comfort. Emotional grief is easier to bear when holding the hand of a person who cares.
  5. A rush of powerful hormones. Clasping hands together with a partner releases oxytocin allowing bonding to occur. Oxytocin is the cuddle or God hormone that floods the body during sex, nursing and allows a mother to bond with her child. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that can create heart flutters when palms are touching and fingers are interlaced together. A simple gesture, yet so symbolic of the joining of two energy fields. The palms of the hand contain a little talked about chakra. Energy workers recognize the giving and receiving centers in each palm (left is the receiving hand, right the sending).
  6. Connection. We like to feel connected. Our mothers were the first to hold our hands after birth, then when crossing the road. Bonding with our mothers helps us to When two palms are pressed together chakras meet, the etheric fields are entwined. 
  7. Bonding. Holding hands with another creates a sense of a bond. There is nothing sweeter than a man wanting to hold hands with you while walking, or seated on a couch watching a movie together. 
  8. Pressure relieves pain. Putting pressure between the thumb and forefinger relieves anxiety, headaches and decreases dental pain. Don’t underestimate the power of a gentle hand squeeze!
  9. Morphogenic Field Connection.Each person has an energy field or aura. Together two people from a morphogenic field. Connecting hands strengthen this field.
  10. Hand holding makes a statement. It says something about the bond between two people. Holding hands in public demonstrates a connection between a couple.
  11. It’s comfortable. When you are walking next to someone with your arms hanging by your sides it can feel awkward. Reaching for and holding the person’s hands can feel far more comfortable than walking awkwardly side-by-side not touching.
  12. It can be sexy. Having someone take charge and grab your hand can feel secure. For some people who like to be dominated a strong hand in yours squeezing, letting you know they are right there with you and in control can be quite a turn on.
  13. Reminiscent of childhood. Having someone hold our hand takes us back to our younger days when our mother or other

    family member cared enough to take our hand for any number of loving reasons.

Rushing A Relationship 

Attempting to establish a relationship where there are no commonalities or mutual core values can mean that you spend energy and time trying to make something work that doesn’t have much chance of going the distance. You may find after the blush of newness wears off you don’t even like your partner. Rushing into sex on the first date, or even the second date doesn’t give you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the preciousness of each moment. Your first kiss, the first hug or holding hands can be glossed over, rather than highlighted and enjoyed. 

Love grows slowly. As we get to know someone we become comfortable with them. Ease replaces awkwardness and friendship provides the foundation for longevity. Too often sex becomes the foundation which provides unsteady ground for the challenges of life. When we are sexually intimate and don’t know one another there is a false sense of trust and bonding without understanding or even knowing the other person.

Sex is the glue not the foundation of a relationship. Attempting to build a relationship on sex there is little to look forward to. When you have done it all right out of the gate, the anticipation and wondering ends. Practicing mindfulness while dating can net you a conscious, awakened experience where each moment is brand new and savored. Each experience with your newfound partner brings a rush of adrenaline and heart flutters. Holding hands give you many opportunities to exchange energy and love with an air of innocence making each moment more special. You are special. Recognize the value of you. Savor each moment with respect for each other and healthy boundaries.

Jennifer healed her own co-dependency and self-esteem issues over thirty years of self-reflection, hypnotherapy, energy clearing and inner focus. She now empowers women and their men to love themselves fearlessly, letting go in the process of anxiety, worry, low self-esteem, negativity mind chatter and lack consciousness. 

Building confidence, becoming happy, finding purpose and living in the moment are just some of what you will accomplish while working with Jennifer.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery session now to step into a life you love to live, the more you love you, the able you are to receive love from others. Relationships become easier, life becomes a joy. The key to happiness is self-love which begins and ends with you. Why not begin your journey into love and happiness with someone who lives and breathes love and happiness now!

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