Orgasm For Life: Square Peg In Round Hole

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt From Orgasm For Life
The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. ~ Anthony Robbins

Round Peg in A Square Hole

Men and women have had the natural desire to join together for physical pleasure since the dawn of creation. The exquisite male and female bodies were created to fit beautifully together in sacred union. A man’s erect penis was created to fit perfectly into the soft round opening of the woman’s vagina. 
Both men and women secreted mucous-like substances that were slippery to the touch. This substance acted as a lubricant for their bodies to fit together seamlessly like oil lubricates pistons of an engine. These exquisite puzzle pieces were meant to couple like bacon and eggs or beans and wienies.  We were created for pleasure, not just to maintain our species. If a sexual union was not meant to keep a couple closely connected, we would only have physical desires when the female form was ripe for conception. 

Men and woman were created differently, yet fit together so perfectly. Men need sex for intimacy. Women need intimacy to have sex. Women’s need for intimacy prior to sex can be a problem for men who have had their needs stifled. Often what occurs is what I call a Mexican standoff. 

Mexican Standoff

Sexual desire is a perfectly natural, healthy, harmonious experience. We were created to come together for unification in sexual expression by experiencing bliss without remorse, guilt or shame. As a matter of fact, if we are not (having regular sex) we’re not fully expressing ourselves in our natural or true state. Sexual desire is as natural a human need as is our thirst for water.

Historically a Mexican standoff was a confrontation with three opponents. Each one armed with a gun. The first to shoot is at an obvious disadvantage. If he shoots first, the second person will shoot him. So all three stand there waiting to see who will make the first move. No one wants to go first in relationship standoffs. No one wins in this scenario. 

Women refuse to be intimate until their man becomes intimate (opening up). Many men often refuse to be intimate until he gets off, preferring to orgasm quickly without concern for his female partner. Only the man wins in this scenario while the woman remains unfulfilled and angry, as usual. At least, this gives us something concrete to complain to our friends. Women often bond with one another by complaining about their bed partners.

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