Orgasm For Life: Different Operating Systems

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt from Orgasm For Life

Different Operating Systems

Our inability to communicate seamlessly is what keeps us apart.  Our operating systems differ. The operating system of a man is very simple. When a man has tasty food, regular sex, most are happy. Women, on the other hand, are much more complex. 


Women require romance, conversation, to be acknowledged, appreciated, feel loved, look beautiful, wined and dined, given gifts, hair done, nails polished, clean sheets, laundry folded, kids in bed, the dog walked, dishwasher emptied, lunches made and enough time to sleep. Yes, we have a very long list of tasks we need to accomplish in a given day. 

Uncompleted tasks cause stress that plays heavily on our minds and plagues us when we attempt to have the slightest bit of fun. Helping us accomplish some of our chores will free us up to ride that wild bronco of yours more often. 

Direct Connect

Men communicate directly, saying what they mean, for the most part. Women on the other hand rarely say what they are thinking. Their words only hint at their meaning. Rarely do women ask men directly for what they want, especially in the bedroom. Our seemingly mute quality regarding sex from the male’s perspective makes women difficult to understand and communicate a challenge. There is an unconscious need to keep men guessing. 


Historically, women were more sensuous and sexy when they were mysterious. Many women have no idea what they want. We think we do. Often when women get exactly what we wanted, we are plagued

with irrational disappointment that we didn’t choose differently. Which makes it almost impossible for a man to please us. As Whitney Cummings, the comedian says, “You can’t Fuck with that kind of crazy!”

Knowledge is power. This book will give you the power to pleasure, communicate and grow. You will be the King in your bedroom. Women will learn to receive while being the Queen of their domain. They will understand themselves as well as their physiology so that they know what feels pleasurable for them. When women recognize what excites and bring them pleasure, they can better guide their partner. 

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