Orgasm For Life: Orgasmic Bliss

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt from Orgasm For Life

Communicating Through Our Heart
How we communicate our desires to our partners can make or break a relationship. Through careful, compassionate communication, both partners  create deeper intimacy. Feeling a deep sense of connection, while teaching each other sexual preferences, through your sexual expression creates a more connected relationship. 

Connecting your heart with your genitals shifts pure sex to an expression of tenderness and love. Rather than mechanical sex focused on technique, a sense of presence with connection during your love-making, shifts your relationship from that of spouses, or partners, to lovers. This deeper connection can enhance your orgasm while lifting sex into new spiritual realms. To do this close your eyes and envision your sexual energy in your genitals, envision this energy moving upwards and into your heart. 

You may have to repeat the exercise several times to get the hang of it. To assist you, have your partner touch your genitals and then move their hand up to your heart, tracing the energy path with their hand. Holding it there for a few seconds till you feel it in your heart center. You can also move the energy from your genitals to your heart by placing your right hand on the center of your chest, your left hand on your genitals, slowing your breathing down and envisioning the energy moving up to the middle of your chest. 
Love-making is not an experience that just happens in the bedroom. You can make love throughout the day, via text, a hug, squeeze of your partner’s hand, or even a kiss out of the blue on the back of their neck. To separate your connection of love-making from the rest of your life downplays your bond. Having deep fulfilling hugs, with meaningful touches throughout the day lets the other person know you care about them and appreciate them at other times, not just when you want sex

Close Encounters Of The Non-Sexual Kind

Touch that occurs apart from the bedroom shows your partner they mean a lot to you. You can say a great deal without speaking, through meaningful glances and passionate touch. We are all about the sexual experience. Here, however, I would be remiss if I did not express that non-sexual touching will win more brownie points than a smack across the ass, or a boob grab during the day. Those grab-and-go touches can cause annoyance or undermine your partner’s self-respect. Playfulness has its place and can be fun. Make sure you are being respectful, by understanding your partner’s innate desires.
Orgasmic Bliss
Deepening intimacy through total transparency and honesty, with open accurate communication will bring you closer when it happens outside the bedroom. Without a deep connection on the spiritual plane, sex is merely banging body parts together. Sex becomes an empty physical exchange, of lower level recreation or sport, rather than one of a higher mind-body-spiritual connection. 

When you can put aside all differences, then come together with the purpose of mutual pleasure, free of ego, our worlds collide with blissful exchange unknown up until now. Then, the higher planes of sexual, spiritual love begin to come into view. This is the place of orgasmic bliss.

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