Orgasm For Life: Moving Mountains and Women – One and The Same

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Moving Mountains and Women – One And The Same

It may seem you have to move a mountain to please a woman. Most women need to have certain criteria to be met before having sex. They need to feel secure, safe and have trust in their man. Women need romance, soft candle light, music at the very least. Women need to be appreciated and thrive on romantic dinners, gifts, or flowers and to be told that they are beautiful. 

Women need to be stress-free, or they can’t let go. Their man could be pounding them like there is no tomorrow while she is focused on all the laundry that needs to be folded, the school lunches that need to be made or counting ceiling tile. She might even mentally write

her grocery list while you are yelling “Yes! Yes Yes!” Women stress about what has not been completed and will think about those things during sex. 

Women need to be told that they taste good and smell even better. Most of us are very sensitive regarding vaginal odor and won’t feel comfortable having oral sex if there is any doubt. Women need to have their head in the game, or their sexual experience will not give them the pleasure or stimulation to get them all the way to orgasm.

Women want their partners to be clean, fresh from a shower. Expecting a woman to give you a blow job when your balls smell like musty mushrooms or sweat can be your signature odor, but won’t win you mind-blowing sex. Seriously! Would you go down on yourself if you smelled that bad? Everything you eat goes through your body. Even down to your balls. Garlic, onions, and other strong smelling foods make your balls smell like yesterday’s leftovers. Note to self, “Must shower before sex!” (This is true for both men and women.)

We love men for how easily they can be turned on. We love that we can get you to come with such ease, most of the time. The joke that men only have enough blood supply to run one brain at a time is true. When men get turned on, they easily turn off all thoughts of work, the car needing an oil change or what time they have to be up for work the next day. Most men are very easy to please. We love that about you. We often wish we could be more like you.

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