Ascension: The Keys, Symptoms and Effects To You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

All humans on our planet are in the process of transformation. This shift is an upgrade to a higher version of our physical selves. We are moving into our luminous quality; that is at our core. Every human on this planet is becoming more heart centered, compassionate, intuitive, creative and loving, all at various speeds. These wondrous experiences are happening right now. Whether you have consciously experienced these feelings or not, you are being transformed. 

Many are becoming more consciously aware of our connection to everything that is. This article explains some of what I have experienced and am continuing to move through. Old stuff is arising for everyone. Patterns we forgot about like fear of risking it all for love, patterns and trauma from the past are bubbling up. The physical manifestations may need a doctor’s care. See the list below.

The Universe supports us by bringing us what we ask for, in this uplifting of humanity. Emotions, self-esteem issues, and trauma are surfacing from the past. Theses old stuck patterns and emotions are bubbling up from the depth of your soul to be looked at, recognized and transmuted. That is where I come in. I am a key person in this new earth helping people move beyond suffering. 

The earth is also going through its upgrade and changing energetically.

Preppers are prepping for The End of Days. They will be disappointed that there will be no Armageddon or war to end all wars. Today is a new day. We are already on track for a greater and brighter future different than most can imagine. 

What Are The Effects To You?

Most people have been experiencing deep fatigue that won’t go away with sleep. You may be waking up with a headache, backache or other aches and pains. The retracing of old injuries and surgeries is happening for many. You may feel the tug at the corner of an old scar that stopped hurting many years ago. 

What Can Be Done?

Do your best to get to bed early as sleep will help. Eat organic whenever you can. Drink lots of pure or filtered water (8 x 8-ounce glasses of water daily). Each morning drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach. Lemon water will help alkalize your body. The fresh lemon juice inside the body becomes alkalizing even though lemons are highly acidic outside the body. This lemon water flushes toxins and even fats from the cells when taken daily on an empty stomach. There are many benefits to drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.

Get An Energy Clearing

When emotions and old patterns arise, it can be challenging for many people that don’t have a process of moving the stuck energy. It can be a daunting task to go this alone. My work as a hypnotherapist allows you to relax and release on the other end of the phone effortlessly. Distance has no impact on energy. I have cleared and worked with people all around the world releasing while they sleep for optimum benefits. 

An energy clearing will help you move through challenges, anger, anxiety and fears that are arising. An energy clearing is painless and allows you to feel clarity, lighter, and more focused. Anxiety, fears, shame, guilt, depression, past lives, resistance, frustration, helplessness, trauma, PTSD, suicidal programs, worry, trapped emotions, and suffering are just some of the things that are released. I do work on the phone, Skype as well as remotely sending you a report with the complete details of your clearing.

Avoid overeating. Avoid too much comfort food that you know isn’t beneficial for you. It is a natural desire to stuff those old feelings as they arise, with food, sweets, alcohol or even sex. Allow those feelings to surface. Feel them. Look at the pattern that is surfacing. Breathe in deeply, staying with the emotion rather than trying to stuff it back down. You may cry, you may feel the bubbling up of sadness. It can take three minutes for the energy to move through you and then it’s gone. 

I have provided a list of symptoms that may occur for you. Everyone is different. I have experienced the third eye headache, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms.

  1.  Headaches. Especially in the middle of the forehead. This is your third eye opening and your intuition coming in. Don’t take Advil or anything for this; it is a natural state. 
  2. Flu-like symptoms. Body aches can occur as your body eliminates what doesn’t serve you. Detoxing can feel like you have the flu. As energy comes up to be released, it can create pain in the body. Breathe. Drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can.
  3. Dizziness. Dizziness can be like an energetic somersault spinning forward. Dizziness can be a download of Divine energy. 
  4. Nausea. Not a wonderful feeling ever. Energy shifting in your body can bring up nausea.
  5. Ear wax is moving and clicking. The movement of ear wax is for your benefit. You will begin to hear your intuition. Ear candling is the least invasive way to clean out ear wax. Excess yeast can build up in the ears caused by eating too much sugar.
  6. Vaginal infections. Surprising as it may seem many women have been experiencing vaginal infections and yeast infections as old energy is being retraced and eradicated. Treat these infections as you would normally. 
  7. Greater abundance with less struggle.  
  8. More harmony in your relationships. Part of this new paradigm is to heal all old relationships. Resolution is occurring where there had been none before.
  9. Doing a job and work, you love. Those who are light workers are becoming coaches, certified in different modalities. 
  10. Increased joy and bliss. Simple things can bring great joy and happiness. Walking through a field of flowers, seeing a newborn baby all can bring you to tears or intense feelings of joy.
  11. Vulnerability. You may find yourself able to be more vulnerable with complete strangers and certainly loved ones. Higher consciousness will allow you to open your heart more easily.
  12. Inability to lie. With higher consciousness there is a greater sense of responsibility for telling the truth. You may begin to course-correct mid-sentence to ensure you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  13. Animals love you more. Animals are becoming more attentive and loving as we do the same. You may find your animals become increasingly affectionate on a daily basis.
  14. You are authentic. Rather than wearing a mask or hiding behind half-baked personas, you are standing in your truth and being who you truly are. No more faking orgasms either. 
  15. Relationships. If you have been codependent in the past you recognize that you can take care of your needs, attract a companion and relationship that is loving and balanced. You love, admire, respect and adore your partner.
  16. You Realize Your Dreams effortlessly
  17. You are drama free. Emotions are not holding you, hostage, any longer.
  18. You have an inner knowing
  19. You live in a state of allowing rather than trying to make things happen.
  20. You have a deep sense of TRUST of The Universe and that everything will be okay. The support and orchestration of The Universe is evident daily.
  21. You recognize your connection with the earth and all beings.
  22. You stopped being concerned about what others think. 
  23. There is no right or wrong. You have stopped thinking of yourself as a failure and recognize that there is no right or wrong.
  24. You recognize that we are all One. Each person represents an out-picturing of our inner selves. (Although we still look at others and say, “What were they thinking!?”

Practice Self-Love

Loving the self is the key to all healing. I have been called The Self Love Guru because the focus on my work is self-love. Everything comes from a lack of self-love – even depression and addiction. When we love ourselves unconditionally, our health, relationships, and life shifts in powerful ways. Instead of focusing on problems we begin to see the gifts and lessons along the way. We see signs that guide us rather than feeling that we are unsupported. Instead of fear we begin to strengthen our faith. Rather than living in fear, we are empowered and joyful. I highly recommend everyone take my Love Yourself Fearlessly six week course, my signature program. In one session, people are changed. In three, they begin to see changes in their lives.

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