You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My latest trip to Colorado and Sedona kicked my butt. I listened to my body and have allowed myself several days to recuperate. Today was the first day I felt like dancing and dance I did! Here is what dancing does for you mind, body and soul.

Ok, yes, the title means something else and yes, that’s happening

When we are happy our soul expands. When we dance we can move from an inert state to a state of flow and joy in minutes – even seconds if we allow the music to take us. Below The Jacksons in their early days of innocence will make you feel happy and get you moving! You know you want to! There are other bonuses that dancing brings they are listed below.

Today I listened to Rick James, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Tomorrow I might listen to U2, AC/DC or Foreigner, I don’t know. Whatever I listen to will move me out of the place I am in and raise my energy into a higher state. I choose music that makes me feel GOOD!

It doesn’t matter if you love R&B, jazz or rock, music touches the depths of our soul. It can make us cry, smile, laugh and certainly feel. Why not get out of your comfy chair that isn’t your friend and move your feet. 

I dance outside because I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down! 

This week Prince left the planet after an illustrious career, contributing musically in an enormous way. Like David Bowie Prince played many instruments masterfully, exhibited his sexuality and innovative style without concern for the masses. Prince was exceptionally talented and considered a creative genius. 

I say a prayer of gratitude for him and his contribution to thousands of songs written by him, many performed by other artists, like Chaka Khan, The Bangles, Beyonce and many others. He was talented, intelligent and much more aware of what was going on here on this planet than many. I can hear the band playing in preparation for Prince’s arrival, boy that man could dance, play and sing!

What does dancing do for you?

  1. Allows you to move your body as it was designed to move.
  2. Gets your heart racing.
  3. Expands your lung capacity.
  4. Tones your arms, legs, butt, stomach.
  5. Raises your vibration.
  6. Makes you feel happy.
  7. Prepares you for sex.
  8. Makes you a better lover.
  9. Makes your muscles stronger.
  10. Keeps you healthy when done daily.
  11. Makes you feel alive.
  12. Keeps you feeling sexy.
  13. Raises your hormone levels.
  14. Might even turn you on!

Practice Self-Love

Loving the self is the key to all healing. I have been called The Self Love Guru because the focus on my work is self-love. Everything comes from a lack of self-love – even depression and addiction. When we love ourselves unconditionally, our health, relationships, and life shifts in powerful ways. Instead of focusing on problems we begin to see the gifts and lessons along the way. We see signs that guide us rather than feeling that we are unsupported. Instead of fear we begin to strengthen our faith. Rather than living in fear, we are empowered and joyful. I highly recommend everyone take my Love Yourself Fearlessly six week course, my signature program. In one session, people are changed. In three, they begin to see changes in their lives.

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