Meet Dennis, This is How He Developed Diabetes

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

During my travels to foreign lands and distant places, The Universe sends me to guide, counsel and heal those who wouldn’t normally seek help. On my recent trip to Colorado, I met an unsuspecting gentleman we’ll call Dennis (name changed for his anonymity) in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

I am not a wall flower I engage with those around me when I need to. Instead of choosing a table in the quiet part of the restaurant, I was drawn to the upstairs room for breakfast. The fact that I was dining in a restaurant was rare. I normally carry healthy foods in a cooler and keep to myself while traveling. I have a long way to go and usually eat in my car. I was Guided to eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant at a particular time.

My attention was drawn to two men seated at separate tables, but conversing happily as if old friends. I asked, could I join the party? I was given a warm welcome and introduced myself to one man with high blood pressure and another that was decidedly overweight, but very jolly, both named Dennis. Weird? Yes. Very weird.

The uniqueness of the moment was not lost on me. I had recently begun dating a gentleman also named Dennis (name also changed). 

Synchronicities show up to send us a message. “Pay attention!” My awareness was sharpened as I watched and listened. There is often what some would call magic or Divine Intervention that surrounds my life. Because I am awake, I pay attention to the signs around me and the Guidance I receive. I never know why I am going somewhere when I follow and trust my Guidance, but I am always rewarded for doing so.

Upon introducing myself, we began talking about health and happiness. Eventually, Dennis number two said he had been single all his life. I assured him there was a profound reason why this occurred. He asked if he seemed unhappy. I said he appeared happy on the surface, but his weight told another story. That was when Dennis told me he was diabetic. I wasn’t surprised at all. Often men who are in their 50’s are overweight, diabetic have sad stories to tell from childhood Dennis began to tell me his.

Our unconscious is what is running the show.

What Is The Emotional Cause Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is caused by missing out on the sweetness of life. It is a longing for what might have been, a need to control and a deep sorrow. 

Dennis began to tell me his story. He loved his mother deeply. His father was an abusive alcoholic who physically beat his mother repeatedly. As a little boy, he often stepped between his parents to stop his father from hitting his mother. 

On the last occasion, Dennis’ mother told him, “Not this time.” With two black eyes and multiple bruises on her face and body where she had been kicked by her husband, she took Dennis to an aunt’s home and said good-bye to him. She finally had enough. 

She boarded a bus to leave her husband and son.  Dennis’ mother never made it out of town. She died at the age of 25 “of natural causes” on the bus that was to take her to safety. Her husband was never charged with battery, nor her murder. No one in his or her dysfunctional family questioned what happened to her. At the age of 5, Dennis remembers just having said good-bye and then having to dress up to attend his mother’s funeral. As you can imagine, this was too much for his little innocent brain to assimilate.

Today, Dennis is currently surrounded by sweets at the convenience store he owns. He is constantly craving sugar to fill his emptiness and longing for what might have been. His unconscious mind is running the show. On the outside, he appears happy, jolly and balanced. The fact that he has never been able to be emotionally available to a woman and enjoy a committed relationship that lasts is a sign that his internal pain from past events is still present. He has emotions that are trapped inside his body, that I felt when I met him.

Many people are crying on the inside but show up as happy individuals on the surface. Robin Williams was one such person. If you look at someone with severe depression their smile seems false. Looking back at Robin Williams photos and videos you can see the underlying sadness that never left him.

Why Weight Gain Is Prevalent

A big belly is a protective device for our internal sorrow and emotional unavailability. Many of us carry an emotional burden in our abdomens. 

Our power center is located in our solar plexus. People with emotional trauma often protect this area unconsciously with over-eating and belly fat. When emotions begin to surface, we often crave sweets like chocolate, ice cream or

Women get diabetes also

cookies to stuff those emotions back where they came from. The longer that we continue to stuff these emotions, the more damage that is done to our physical body. Pancreatic cancer can also develop at a later stage.

Those with diabetes often feel that they were unloved as children. An emotional trauma, like Dennis, had contributed to profound inner sorrow and sadness that can be cleared. Their physical body is what speaks volumes about what is true for them internally. An energy clearing to remove trapped emotions as well as a progression of the inner child to clear the trauma from the past is what is needed for Dennis to begin to thrive. 

Inside Dennis is still the five-year-old little boy who’s mother said good-bye and left him emotionally abandoned. Many children of alcoholics have deep trauma inside them that needs healing as well. Those children of alcoholics often get stuck in a loop that takes them back to their deepest trauma (age 5 for Dennis) when relationship challenges surface. This loop causes havoc in adult relationships especially when both parties have deep trauma. 

Birds of A Feather

We often attract others who have similar issues to help us resolve

them through introspection. This is deep work that often requires an outsider that isn’t emotionally charged to help dissect what is truly going on without the triggers. This is some of what I help couples and individuals with.

Emotional abandonment creates emotional unavailability. We appear present, but can’t allow anyone to see our true selves without walls, shields or false personas.

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