How To Use Your Intuition Daily to Improve Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Humans are sensory beings. We feel, smell, hear, sense, see and experience intuition every day. Intuition is a sense of knowing deep within your being that something is so without conscious reasoning. When we learn to trust our intuition life becomes infinitely easier. I will share my personal awakening and how intuition Guides me in all I do, say and write.

This Guidance comes from The Divine Mind or Universal Consciousness. 

Thought is creative. Intuition is also creative. When we begin to drink from the vast information available in The Universal Consciousness, we become more intelligent, infinitely more expanded with ideas greater than ourselves. We receive information about books, music, inventions, mathematical algorithms, as Einstein did.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Albert Einstein

A Childlike Imagination Helps

Adults tend to shut down their imaginations. Those with the most creative imaginations are the ones that easily slip their straw into the sea of consciousness and sip from this delicious cup overflowing with love, ideas, and truth to receive messages and Guidance. 

The biggest surprise to me was that my Guidance was never wrong. Whether I followed the information I received or not, I discovered over years that the information I received was truth. Trust was something I had little experience with. Men and women lied to me all my life. Universal Guidance and Spiritual Guidance is always true, and will help you avoid accidents, challenges, and difficulties – if we listen.

We Are Stubborn

Most of us think we know better than others, including God, The Universe and our angelic Guides. We don’t. We have to overcome the loud voice of our ego that is attempting to protect us (but hinders us). It took me years of arguing with the messages before I got it. The information was there to HELP me, not hurt me. They were always right. It was a difficult concept to accept: they never lie.

Who Is Giving Us The Guidance?

I have had people tell me that intuitive gifts are from the Devil. Utter nonsense! See Job 38:36. “Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts?” Jesus, Buddha, David, Moses, Abraham and many others received Guidance – because it is a gift that everyone was given. Remember Jesus said, “This you can do and more!” Intuitive Guidance comes from the following sources:

Trust Yourself

When we don’t trust ourselves, we doubt information we receive. The more we trust ourselves, the more we begin to trust others – like God, The Universe, and our Guides and even our partners. 

There Are No Secrets

We might try to get away with something here on earth. Spirit always knows. If you think it, someone else knows it. Which is why we often pick up on what others are thinking and feeling even when an e-mail has been changed with inflammatory information removed, we still get the energy of the underlying message – intuitively.

What Is The Media For Guidance?

Just like a radio signal we are picking up information from the ethers constantly. Messages come in as thoughts that quickly are forgotten, images or videos that play on the screen of our mind, words as if type-written in our minds, feelings of foreboding, a gut feeling, a deep knowing. Sometimes we get a complete phrase. When I had too much material stuff and was destined to move across the country I received this message as clear as day: 

“Get rid of your stuff or WE will do it for you!” Within months, three huge oak trees landed on the roof of my house, and my house was filled with black mold. I had to leave EVERYTHING behind or drag black mold to my next place. 

“Move your truck and trailer right now!” I moved my truck and trailer right before I left town for just 24 hours. When I returned, three huge oak trees had fallen within inches of my truck and trailer. My truck and trailer were spared because I listened and did what I was told. (Obedience is a difficult concept for many of us – when we do as we are Guided life becomes infinitely easier.

The problem for most of us is 

Letting go of control allows us to TRUST

When we TRUST our Guidance life becomes easier.

BOULDER! BOULDER! BOULDER! After losing all my stuff to black mold and returning from Bali, Indonesia, I was told to move to Boulder, Colorado. What I didn’t know is that my ex-

husband was given guidance to move to North Dakota to work in the oil fields. After living in Georgia for almost thirty years, we both moved out of the state within two weeks of each other. 

Moving to Boulder gave my daughter Ariel ten months of quality time with her father. He visited her for a solid week each month until he died, July 4th, 2012. Sometimes we think we are going someplace for one reason when the truth is something very different. I believed I was moving to Boulder for my business which never really took off till I got to California. Instead, I was told the first three mornings in a row upon waking:

This is temporary.
This is temporary.
This is temporary.

I asked what was temporary? Some things we can’t know. We have to learn them as we go. They had to let me figure it out. When I predicted Rich’s death, it all came crashing in. We moved to Boulder for Ariel to see her Dad so they could repair their relationship. (Part II of the story here.)

No Interference

There are laws in the Universe that everyone must follow. Our angels can’t help us unless we ask any more than our Guides can’t make us do what we don’t want to do. We are offered Guidance even when we don’t follow it. 

How Do I Ask For Guidance?

Questions are the best way to receive Guidance. Asking rather than dictating helps you manifest as well. Sit in silence with your eyes closed and internalize a question you would like answered. Wait and listen for words, images or even a voice in your head. Meditation helps you connect with your High Self and Guidance more effortlessly. Meditating daily keeps the connection fresh and the information coming.

The Universe is always orchestrating our lives for us. When we make a closed-ended statement like, “I am always sick. I have no money. I don’t have love,” the Universe sends us situations that prove we are right. Instead, ask questions. Questions open doors. Closed-ended statements close doors and limit us. 

Sometimes we have accidents and wonder why? Here is a story of one such accident with a lesson and clear message for me

Ask and you shall receive (that means material as well as Guidance).

Use the following as suggestions to begin.

  1. How beneficial is it for me to ________? Wait for a percentage.
  2. What do I need to write about today?
  3. How can I best help humanity?
  4. Where do I need to focus?
  5. How can I have clarity of mind?
  6. Is it beneficial for me to date __________?
  7. What am I to learn from this experience?
  8. Can you help me find my lost ______?
  9. How can I easily and effortlessly have ________?

When you ask a yes or no question, you can feel a movement of energy in your body either up or down. Up means an affirmative answer, where a downward movement means a negative response or answer. 

How Can I Be Sure The Guidance is Coming From The Right Source?

Before you begin to get your answers: 

Ask to connect with your High Self. Ask to connect with Radiant God on high, or The Divine Mind. Ask that your information only comes from the Most High.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Thought or Guidance?

Great question!

When you think a thought you can hang onto it. Guidance, on the other hand, flows through and then out. It moves quickly. It might feel light in energy.

When I am doing a session with clients, I receive information that doesn’t feel like me. It has a feeling of higher realms, almost like it came out of left-field – because it did. Often there is a deep resonance in information received, that sometimes feels like that of a loving parent, strong, powerful and flowing. It comes in quickly and is GONE! 

The Human Pendulum

You can use your body as a human pendulum. Remember your body never lies

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Cross your arms over your chest placing your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder.

  1. Ask a control question that you know the answer, like is your name Tiger Woods? You know it’s not. Your body will lean backward naturally is “NO.”
  2. Ask a question that you know the answer is YES – like is my name, Jennifer? When you say your name your body will lean forward as a positive answer.
  3. Ask a question where you don’t know the answer. You can ask is this vitamin bottle I hold in my hand beneficial for my body and health? See which way your body sways.
  4. Use your body as a human pendulum to muscle test yourself for answers.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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