Is Breakup Sex Harmful To You?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You’ve given him back his PJs, toothbrush, and slippers. When he returns for his sweatshirt should you or shouldn’t you slip back into bed for farewell sex?

Sex might have been good once, but that isn’t the point. You have broken up what happens when you go back to the well once again?
  1. You could get pregnant. Anytime you have unprotected sex you run the risk of pregnancy. Sex with an ex could mean an unwanted child or serious issues to contend with. Do you really want to take this risk?
  2. If they have moved on, you are also having sex with their latest partner – STDs are unwanted at any time, do you want to take the risk? 
  3. You have begun to heal and recover from the breakup. Slipping back into the sack is going to set you back a month or maybe two or more in your recovery. You will have to cry all over again and probably return something he left under your bed. 
  4. The issues that were present before you broke up are still in evidence. Nothing has changed. Now he wants another trip down memory lane? Thanks for the memories, but sayonara!
  5. As long as you are pining over your ex you won’t get beyond where you are now. Sex again means more attachment for most people and maybe even regret and tears. 
  6. You can’t heal and certainly can’t attract anyone else when you are continuing to do the horizontal mambo with the one you can’t seem to forget. Too many can’ts……
  7. If you are missing sex, you can self-pleasure with far fewer regrets and probably less mess emotionally as well as figuratively. Take care of yourself.

Everything has a time, place and season. When a relationship ends it is never easy. There are sweet memories, wonderful times spent together and of course, there was sex. Returning to sexual intimacy with someone you are trying to get over is borrowing trouble and pain. Why put yourself through that?

It’s time to let go. Give them a hug and say good-bye. Your self-esteem will remain healthier when you do. Regret for something you know doesn’t serve your highest good often leaves you feeling shame or guilt, two of the lowest vibrations known to man. Take a pass and go take a hot soak in a tub with a cold glass of bubbly Perrier or cider. You will feel infinitely clearer and decisive as a result of taking care of you.

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