5 Reasons To Date A Nerd That Will Surprise You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Nerds have a tender and sexy side

There are all kinds of men in the world. We tend to judge, pigeonhole and categorize men. The unsung heroes of the dating world will surprise you. They are the NERDS!

Famous nerds include Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Jobs and for you men, Natalie Portman and Kate Beckinsale.

Nerdy guys are usually intelligent, science-based, have business savvy but tend to be a little shy. You might have to reach out to them to get the ball rolling. There are great benefits to dating a techy type. Expand your horizons and just see where it takes you. Here are the surprising benefits of dating a nerd. I have my personal experience to share here as well!

1. Opposites Attract. Having someone that balances your out of body experiences can help you stay grounded, balanced with your feet in reality. Science has its benefits and nerds prefer just the facts ma’am, which keeps us from going off the rails.

2. Expand Your Horizons: When we think outside the box, we find an entire genre of movies we hadn’t seen. Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars, Serenity, Prometheus, Star Trek can offer you a fresh perspective from your regular chick flicks. We all need to expand our horizons and do something different now and then. Try it you’ll like it. 

Okay, there may be a little quirkiness with the wardrobe, but its the inside that is the most important and nerds have the best operating systems around.

3. Generous and Tender: Bad boys become tiresome after a while. Having someone to curl up on the couch with and enjoy hand-holding and just being close that appreciates you for you, rather than what you can do for them. Nerds are patient in the bedroom; they are used to things that take a long time to process. They have been through beta and alpha testing before.

4. They Appreciate You: After the steam has dried from your Gigolo in the shower escapade the one left standing will be the nerd every time. Nerds appreciate your beauty and aren’t afraid to tell you. While the handsome bad boy is more interested in your undying pedestal kissing and worshipping, that gets old fast. The

nerd is the one who will cook you dinner and do the dishes afterward. Their appreciation of you will outshine the player or bad boy every time. Nerds are considerate and polite which top off this fiesta sundae of wonderful attributes!

5. Intellectual and Talented: Having someone to talk to over dinner, road trip or after your long day who cares about what you say and won’t talk to you is a pleasant and welcome change. Intellectuals are usually very funny. Nerds will entertain you with their wit, and interesting way of looking at the world. Nerds offer a fresh perspective and science-based facts. Some of us need the balance between the woo-woo and reality. 

Conversation and communication are their greatest skills – it is what they do for a living. Communication is most men’s most significant challenge; a nerd will help you quickly resolve your problems because communication is their middle name. They get to the root of the issues without the shouting. They are process oriented, which is a great benefit in a relationship. 

They Are Computer Savvy

Nerds will call you at the appointed time, and maybe even make an appointment to make sure it gets on your schedule. They do research before a date, send you the link so there’s no mistake and communicate if they’ll be late.

They may be a little shy at first in large groups, but you know they will be going home with you after the champagne and beer are gone.

Nerds focus on what doesn’t work in their day jobs, so they are readily available to work on your relationship and challenges in a realistic and grounded way. 

Loyal, appreciative, they can fix your computer or home theatre issues without swearing, it is what they do! My guy is a techie – though I don’t like the name-calling I am amazed daily at the benefits to dating a nerd. They are used to long hours, earn good money and will be there waiting when you come home. What’s not to like?

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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