The Akashic Records: Effortless Evolution

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Over the past 30 years, I have studied with herbologists, Shaman, Spiritual leaders, gurus, famous hypnotherapists, Spiritual Response Therapy teachers and Neurolinguistic Programming Professionals. Certifying as a life coach in 2011 seemed to pull all these modalities into a beautiful box of offerings for my clients. The biggest shift happened for me when I traveled to Bali, Indonesia to study The Akashic Records in 2010.


It is my hope that sharing some of the information I have received through The Akashic Records will illustrate the untold ways people benefit from an Akashic Record reading.

What Are The Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are considered to be the record book of God. Every thought, event, word, deed or emotion that has ever occurred for each soul from the beginning of time is recorded on the ethers in the Akasha on the astral plane. The Akashic Records are etheric files that are so vast as to be unimaginable by human standards.
There are those skeptics who claim that there is no scientific existence that the Akashic records exist. There is also no scientific evidence that God exists or that the universe is conscious. Our experience of the consciousness is what gives us our belief. Some believe because their ancestors also believed. I believe because I have accessed The Akashic Records thousands of times for my clients through coaching sessions to reveal the root of their issues.
Used For Healing

Each time the Akashic Records are accessed a healing occurs. Whatever is discussed when the Akashic Records are opened creates a shift in what was discussed. 

Different Than a Psychic Reading

Unlike a psychic reading where you read someone’s energy going into a person’s Akashic Records comes from a place of truth. 

Information Comes Through When We Ask

We ask questions and The Ascended Masters answer. Some questions cannot be answered because we are on a need to know basis. If we learned everything about our past, present, and future, we could try to change things with the potential to make a mess of our lives.
Who Are The Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters have been aiding humanity and the earth for centuries. They reside on the astral plane. The Ascended Masters are beings who have been on earth, evolved to extremely high states of consciousness of self-realization as to be able to bi-locate, heal, teach and go beyond the limitations of the physical body. The Ascended Masters consist of a group of very highly evolved beings; Christ Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Babaji, Quan Yin, St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, Afra, Mother Mary, El Moyra, Lanto, Paul The Venetian, Kuthumi, Lady Master Nada, Hilarion, Maha Chohan are just some of the Ascended Masters.

How Do You Access The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are accessed through a sacred prayer. Messages are received by the channel from The Ascended Masters directly. The information is spoken, sometimes given in an information packet as a data packet, or a video in the mind. It can be a feeling, word, movement of energy or visual. The messages need to be translated from the language of light. 

A clear channel will not filter or change the information given. Purity is needed to keep the message clear and undistorted as well as the nature of the information given. 

When I began to read the Akashic Records I was able to have a conversation with the Ascended Masters in my everyday life. Much of my Guidance comes through The Ascended Masters. The information given is never wrong or distorted. The Ascended Masters aid humanity with their evolution.

Coaching In The Akashic Records
When I coach someone with their records opened, what we discuss during our coaching session shifts in positive ways. A healing occurs on some level every time the Akashic records are opened. 
The Power of The Akashic Records To Shift Events

Before I traveled to Bali, I made an appointment to meet the teacher in advance of putting down my money. Bali was a twenty-five-hour journey inbound, and I wanted to be sure the trip would be beneficial for me. 

I set up an Akashic Record reading and made my decision to travel to Bali on the spot. I had heard about the Akashic Records for over twenty years before having the opportunity to learn how to access them. 

Once I discovered the date of the course, I realized that my second son’ wedding was to take place in the middle of the course. David’s wedding meant I couldn’t go. I knew I needed to go, how could this be? I asked how I could go to Bali and attend David’s wedding. My teacher told me I needed to speak to David about changing the date so that I could go. That seemed insane to me. 

Change of Date

David revealed to me that he and his fiance had decided to change the date of their wedding for the fifth time. I requested that they choose a date after the 29th of September if possible. I would attend no matter what they decided. David’s wedding was more important than me attending a course, or so I thought. 

From an intuitive place, I questioned David about his decision to marry this girl. She had broken up with him in the past, would she do it again? I reminded David of the adage, “As you do one thing is how you do everything.” David was in love. He was certain she was the girl for him.

Magic Happened

Shortly after my conversation with David he announced that they had indeed changed their wedding date to October 2nd. This new date meant that I could attend both the Akashic Records course and his wedding.

Unfortunately, the new date of their wedding was set to fall during a Venus Retrograde, which meant that there was no love on their wedding day or in their marriage. Was this part of his destiny? Right before their third anniversary David’s wife asked for a divorce.

Side Note About Retrograde Periods

You never want to get engaged, married or divorced during a Venus Retrograde or a Mercury Retrograde because it won’t last.  I mentioned Jennifer Anniston getting married during a Mercury Retrograde and the problems it would cause. If you read or believe the gossip columns you have heard much about their marital problems. 

How can you use The Akashic Records to improve your life?
What The Akashic Records Can Reveal

  1. The Truth of your soul.
  2. The root of your issues.
  3. Your addictions.
  4. What your greatest challenges are.
  5. What your greatest gifts may be.
  6. Your next step.
  7. Whether a relationship or event is healthy and beneficial for you.
  8. Information to aid in your evolution and growth.
  9. Health information.
  10. Emotional issues.
  11. Death, divorce, pregnancy.
  12. Your best next step.
  13. Guidance for your life, love, health, family
  14. What book you need to write.
  15. Positive steps to take for your evolution
This past week I walked into a Oneness group. My attention was drawn to one beautiful young woman. As I glanced at her auric field, I heard the word, “divorce.” I felt that she was going through some intense struggle and challenges with her marriage, where difficult choices would be made. I learned later that this was indeed true. 
Yesterday while driving to Santa Barbara, I spoke with a client I worked with in Sedona. She was detoxing from some
pharmaceutical drugs which were prescribed for anxiety. The detox from this drug had been so intense she nearly lost her life. 
The Guidance I received when I spoke to her was very positive. She would indeed return to a healthy life with the light and love she hadn’t felt before. She was shown to me as a beautiful butterfly, transformed and full of love!
Never Wrong

The information received from The Ascended Masters is never wrong. There are many ways this information can aid the coaching or energy clearing experience when you work with me. I quickly get to the root of your issues without years or months of effort. Set up your conversation with Jennifer to find out if her work is a good fit for you.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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