Strange and Mystical Experiences

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Untouched photo taken on Malibu Beach

I have been working on myself since I was thirty-two. Without giving away my exact age, it has been decades of deep introspection and inner work. In the process of healing, I began to meditate almost daily. When I was in Colorado, I often meditated remotely with a friend several times a day. My connection to Spirit, The Divine and nature is strong. 

Following are some experiences that have occurred. Perhaps telling my story will help you recognize how powerful some of your experiences have been as well.

I am constantly Guided. When I drive I get messages. Walking into a store I am given Guidance about who needs love, a kindness or a smile, or who I need to talk to. I might stop and talk to someone that feels sad. Each time I do, they receive a healing through my eyes, voice or a touch. Animals feel my energy and are drawn to me even when they are wild. 

In Colorado, I have been guided to stop at one particular rest area on I-70 called Bair Ranch. Twice I have witnessed bald eagles that flew over me. One circled back around three times before leaving the

Photo by Nick Carver

area. A bald eagle flyover is no small thing. I have only witnessed bald eagles four times in my life. One was taking a drink on the Colorado River bank, that I just “happened” to glance at while driving by at 75 miles per hour. 

The Bair Ranch rest stop is a beautiful spot alongside the Colorado river, nestled between snow-capped Rocky mountains. 

On my last trip to Colorado in April, I asked how I could get a photo of Yoda and me at the Bair Ranch rest stop? As we walked into the open field along the Colorado River, I saw a man and a woman with a movie camera. We exchanged warm greetings as I walked my dogs. Yoda was having his photo taken by the dark-haired man named Mark when I turned around. 

I asked if he would mind taking our photo. He instantly took a liking to my little dog. It turned out Mark Dexter was a professional photographer. What are the chances that a professional cinemotographer would be at the exact rest stop at the exact time that we stopped on our 19-hour plus drive? Maybe less than 1%? His partner, Karen is a floral designer who owns a shop in Castle Rock, Colorado with a focus on weddings.  

It was interesting to me, someone who helps people find love, attracted two professionals who cater to those getting married in

their work. Strange? Not for me. This is the type of thing that happens wherever I go. People are on my path that I need to meet. 

Grand Canyon Suprises

Sunrise at The Grand Canyon
On my daughter’s and my first trip to The Grand Canyon in 2013, I parked at the side of the road to sleep. I was so tired I just couldn’t drive any further. I had no idea how close we were to the park entrance when we stopped. At 4:30 in the morning, cars began to whiz by us. I wondered where they were going at that hour. Then it occurred to me! The Grand Canyon at sunrise! Holy cow! I woke Ariel up and told Ariel “We’re going to be at The Grand Canyon at sunrise!” 

We drove through the park entrance for FREE because the gates were wide open, no one was there to charge us. I recognized the gift in this and said a prayer of gratitude, not just for the free entrance but the experience of witnessing the sun coming up over such a grand expansive place. 

While at The Grand Canyon, we walked through an area, looking for rest rooms. There is always something else going on that is more important than what we ostensibly thought. A group of elk were struggling to get water out of a dribbling spiggot. I walked up and turned the faucet on, cupping my hands four elk drank out of my hands without incident. I am still looking for the images to post of these beautiful animals that Ariel took.

Twenty people took photos of me allowing the elk to drink out of my hands, till a crazy young ranger bristled up and yelled at me loudly. The elk had been very peaceable and grateful for the water. Arizona is a very dry place. Water is hard to come by. 

On a trip through Estes Park, a group of elk were along the roadside. As our car approached they began to cross the road. One cow walked alongside our car and stuck her head in our car window. The video Ariel and I shot isn’t great, but shows how close she was to our dogs. Yoda was absolutely terrified as he sat on Ariel’s lap, right next to the huge animal. Animals are attracted to my energy. They aren’t afraid of me. 

I have had bear cubs stop on the road in front of my car in Georgia, deer in Colorado do the same thing. Dogs on trails come right to me and give me information through images about their death, or how they came to their family. 

Bi-locating to another state

One afternoon in Boulder, Colorado, I began to feel so tired, I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. As I lay down on my bed, my body began to de-materialize as if in Star Trek “Beam me up Scotty!” I fell into a deep sleep.

My son David reported seeing me that day, in May 2012, on a pool deck in Atlanta, Georgia over 700 miles away in my landscaper’s outfit. 

I have endless stories about horses, dogs, people who are drawn to me, or do things they have never done in my presence. I hope you will share yours below or on FaceBook. If you are interested, I will share others next week. 

Everyone receives Guidance. We just need to be open to feel, see and know. The more loving our energy becomes, the more safe animals feel in our presence. The less conflict that resides internally, the more peaceful our energy becomes. This is work I assist my clients do.

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