7 Ways To Allow The Universe To Do The Heavy Lifting

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Just as there are laws to keep us safe on our roads and in our cities and towns, there are Laws of The Universe. These Laws protect us from ourselves and assist us daily. Even if you don’t know what these laws are, they are working in the background of everything we do and have.

The Universal Laws work for us. They support us in our beliefs, showing us what we believe to be true by sending situations and events to us.
We don’t know for sure how many universal laws there are, below is an excerpt from The Kybalion and Wikipedia explaining seven principles or laws that govern everyone on this planet and in The Universe.
Principle of Mentalism
The Principle of Mentalism embodies the truth that “All is Mind.” The Universe is Mental.” — The Kybalion.
This first law out of the 7 universal laws explains that THE ALL (which is all that is apparent to our material senses – matter, energy) is spirit which in itself is thought of as a universal mind.


Principle of Correspondence 
The Principle of Correspondence embodies the idea that there is always a correspondence between the laws of phenomena of the various “planes” of being and life. As above, so below; as below, so above. This principle states that there is a harmony, agreement and correspondence between these planes, delineated as 

The Great Physical Plane The Great Mental Plane The Great Spiritual Plane 

Principle of Vibration 
The Principle of Vibration embodies the idea that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, are the result of only different “vibrations.” The higher a person is on the scale, the higher the rate of vibration will be. The All is purported to be at an infinite level of vibration, almost to the point of being at rest. There are said to be millions upon millions of varying degrees between the highest level, The All, and the objects of the lowest vibration. 

Mental Transmutation is described as the practical application of this principle. To change one’s mental state is to change vibration. One may do this by an effort of Will, by means of deliberately “fixing the attention” upon a more desirable state. 

Principle of Polarity 
The Principle of Polarity is the 4th law of the 7 universal laws and it embodies the idea that everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature, yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled. 

Principle of Rhythm 
The Principle of Rhythm is the 5th law of the 7 universal laws and it embodies the idea that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, a to and fro, a flow and inflow, a swing backward and forward, a pendulum-like movement. This principle explains that there is rhythm between every pair of opposites, or poles, and is closely related to the Principle of Polarity. It can be seen that this Principle enables transition from one pole to the other, and not necessarily poles of extreme opposites. 

Principle of Cause and Effect 
The Principle of Cause and Effect is the 6th law of the 7 universal laws and it explains that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. It also states that there is no such thing as chance, Chance is merely a term indicating extisting causes not recognized or perceived.The Principle is clarified in the chapter Causation. 

Principle of Gender 

This last law out of the 7 universal laws embodies the idea that gender is manifested in everything. Gender is manifested as the Masculine and Feminine principles, and manifests itself on all planes. 

Mental Gender is described as a Hermetic concept which relates to the masculine and feminine principles. It does not refer to the physical gender of someone, nor does it suggest that someone of a certain physical gender necessarily has the same mental gender. Ideally, one wants to have a balanced mental gender. 

The concept put forth in The Kybalion states that gender exists on all planes of existence (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual), and represents different aspects on different planes. It is also stated that everything and everyone contains these two elements or principles. 

The Masculine principle is always in the direction of giving out or expressing, and contents itself with the “Will” in its varied phases. 

The Feminine principle is always in the direction of receiving impressions, and has a much more varied field of operation than the Masculine. The Feminine conducts the work of generating new thoughts, concepts, and ideas, including the work of the imagination. 

It is said that there must be a balance in these two forces. Without the Feminine, the Masculine is apt to act without restraint, order, or reason, resulting in chaos. The Feminine alone, on the other hand, is apt to constantly reflect and fail to actually do anything, resulting in stagnation. With both the Masculine and Feminine working in conjunction, there is thoughtful action that breeds success, which point out that both the Feminine and the Masculine fulfill each other. 


How To Use These Laws 

The higher our vibration, the more ease, flow and miraculous events we experience in our lives on a daily basis. When we don’t recognize the laws we unconsciously create our personal universes of suffering, illness, struggle and strife. 
1. Using the principle of Mentalism our thoughts create. They are energy. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want as you will create more lack, loss and limitation by focusing on what you don’t want.
2. Using the principle of Correspondence, whatever is inside of you will be found outside of you also. Kindness inside: kindness outside. Hatred inside: hatred outside. Always choose to be loving, kind compassionate. Eventually, this will be your perpetual state of being. Love is your natural state.
3. Using the principle of Vibration, raise your vibration by getting outside on a daily basis. Walk in nature. Revel in the beauty around you. Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration and open your heart. Express gratitude for all you have, including your health and love. Express gratitude for the sun, the plants, moon, stars, your health. When we are grateful for what we have, more will be given to us. There is no lack, only our perception of it. 
Focusing on what we have rather than don’t have is how we manifest more.
Change your mental state to that of gratitude and you raise your vibration.
Be kind to all things, and kindness will return to you.
4. Using the principle of Polarity know that love and hate are polar opposites. There are two sides to everything. A state of allowing and surrender is neutral and balanced. 
Telling a small lie, is still a lie, you can’t be partially pregnant.
As you clean up your energy you will stop lying altogether. 
5. Using the principle of Rhythm allows for ebb and flow. Money comes in and goes out. We give love, we receive love. Always a state of in and out. We love, we don’t love. Rain comes in and wind

takes it away. When we get stuck and stagnant we are not expressing ebb and flow our natural state. 

The sun rises and sets. The moon rises and sets. Every day we start anew.
Breathe in and breathe out. Bring yourself back to your natural state. Everything moves. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. 
6. Using the principle of cause and effect means you can’t get away with anything. This principle is often referred to as the law of karma. Nothing is by chance or random. There is always a cause before the effect appears. If someone cheats on you, it is because you lie and cheat yourself first. What lies do you tell yourself? If you are looking for love, do you harbor self-hatred?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
Our words or actions are the cause, the effect is what we experience in our outer world. 
7. The law of gender states that we all have both masculine and feminine within us. We want to be mentally balanced with equal

masculine and feminine. Gender exists everywhere. The ability to both give and receive are part of a balanced gender.

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