What is Relationship Karma? Does Everyone Experience It?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The law of Karma is associated with the law of Cause and Effect. Karma lets us know that nothing is a secret, and our actions will return to us in some form. The purpose of karma is to teach, rather than punish as many would believe. How does it work? How does karma relate to Twin Flames, (Part II of Twin Flames) soul mates and relationships?

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~Wayne Dyer

What is karma?

The easiest way to describe karma is: What goes around comes around.


What you give you so shall you get in return.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that works with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect; everything that we say and do has energy that creates ripples out into our world that affects our lives.  I like to think of karma as events that come full circle. 

As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.  ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Relationship karma can be found with our family members, Soulmates and in relationships with many people, we interact with.  Not all relationships contain karma. Karmic relationships can be completed in this lifetime. Karma is cleared when we learn our lessons

When we have sex with someone, we take on their karma. 

What Happens When Karma Is Completed?

When we complete our karma with one person it can mean we never see or hear from them again. I experienced this type of completion with my last husband. He cheated, lied about who he was and his sexuality, which completed our karma from a previous incarnation. In a previous lifetime, I did something similar to him. 

Though our divorce was amicable, once our divorce was final there was nothing left. There was no need to call there was no energy, no triggers, just the love that was once there. I cried for months without contacting him. I never heard from him again. He did not learn from this lesson and repeated it again. There was so much pain for me, I learned my lesson, healed, forgave and moved on without repeating old behavior. 

Can You Stay Together After Karma is Cleared?

The answer is YES! However, you must have a joint Spiritual goal to help humanity in some big way. Together you must create a way to assist others evolve. You could create a healing center together. You could teach classes. Or like Angelina Jolie help children around the world. 

Karma Is About Getting It Right

Karma is to teach us about old patterns like drama or trauma in our relationships. We meet each other again and again till we get it right. Learning the lesson allows us to move on, like a graduation of sorts in our evolution. 

Rinse and Repeat or Choose Differently

We always have the right to choose whether we want to endure the suffering in a relationship to complete the karma or not. We might complete the karma in one relationship with someone in another. We may choose to avoid dealing with a Soul Mate type of relationship due to the deep healing and upheaval that can occur. 

Worthless people blame their karma. ~Burmese Proverb

Can You Create Karma Where There Was No Karma?

You can create karma by cheating, mistreating another person or causing harm in some way. All karma must be evened out – eventually. The question is will it happen sooner or later?

Why Some People Get Their Karma Faster 

Depending on how evolved someone is when they are born, they may find their karma is in their face as fast as they can say, GOTCHA!

My oldest son and daughter both have their karma at the speed of light. As soon as they cheat on someone – someone cheats on them. If they turn the wrong way on a one-way street or at a light that isn’t the right color, they are immediately stopped by the police.

Others seem to be able to get away with murder. I assure you, this is only for the short-term.
Dating A Committed or Married Person

When we go after someone who is not ours to take, there is karma. We are the third person in a relationship meant for two. If we cheat on another, someone will cheat on us. It may not be in this lifetime, but it will happen. 

If you cheat on your partner, someone will cheat on you. If you abuse your partner, someone will abuse you. 

We never know when or how our karma will show up. It could be in this lifetime, or our next. No matter when it is, the one thing you can be sure of is that you will have to deal with your karma at some point.

Good Karma

If you are kind, generous loving and caring you are putting KARMA POINTS in the karma bank. Like a deposit karma points are positive. The more loving, generous and compassionate you are, the more happiness you receive and more will be given to you.

We are reincarnated with the same soul group so that we have the ability to clear and resolve our karma.

 Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny. ~Tyron Edwards

Karma Busting Mantra

This mantra will clear the subtle psychic vibrations of karma from your throat chakra. Thiru Neela Kantam (pronounced Tee-Ru Nee-La Kan-Tam). Every day chant this mantra silently or out loud for three minutes. You will change your life for the better. Please read the caution below.


Be careful to do this gently. I know someone who did this mantra all day for three days straight and had his life fall apart, from relationships to business. Your intention is to improve your life for the better.

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