The Policy Of Truth

by Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Truth is the quality or state of being true. Truth encompasses integrity, character, honor. Telling the truth is a refusal to lie. What about half-truths? What about white lies? Are they just lies disguised as niceties? Is it okay to lie about your age?

While in Atlanta, I had a discussion with a group of women about the subject of telling the truth. The higher our vibration becomes, the less we lie. We are held to a higher standard as we become awakened. The more honest we are, the better we feel. Dishonesty effects our self-esteem. Honesty is a sign of strong of character. 

Telling the truth consistently and speaking your truth are two components of authenticity that speak volumes about who you are

Parents lie to their children then wonder why their children lie to them? Adults lie to their peers and receive the same in return. What we send out we get right back. 

Question: Is it okay to tell your child that a parent abandoned you? Or is it better to tell your child a made-up story about why the parent isn’t around, like that they died when they didn’t? 

Answer:  Never lie to your child to cover up the truth. Energetically, your child knows at a soul level that they were lied to. The second reason you want to be honest is that you teach your child lying is okay by modeling bad behavior.

Does This Dress Make My Ass Look Fat?

The subject came up while dining in a restaurant. What do you say to someone when they ask if an outfit makes them look fat? What if the answer is, “Yes, it does?” We can respond compassionately to this question by saying, “I have seen you look better in other outfits.” We are not lying, but also not hurting the other person’s feelings.

I have not been able to lie for over three years. When I make a statement if it is not completely true, I am Guided by a question from my High Self, “Is that completely true?” Or sometimes, I hear, “Are you sure you don’t want to change that response?” Other times, it is like a pregnant pause and more of a feeling. The end result is that I cannot lie. I have to tell the complete truth.

Lying About Your Age on A Profile

A friend of mine told me today, “Everybody lies about their age.” I don’t agree with that statement. I don’t lie. I don’t lie about my age. I don’t lie about the number of times I have been married. I don’t lie about anything. I know others that don’t. When I posted my profile, I was honest about my age. 

A fellow practitioner recently asked me what I would say to a client that began to date a man from a dating site and lied about her age on her profile. She was youthful and radiant even though she was in her seventies. She didn’t say she was one or two years younger. She stated that her age was twenty years younger than her chronological age. The man she met began to fall for her. “What should she do?” was the question the practitioner asked me. 

My response is always, “Tell the truth!”

Why Should You Tell The Truth?

A relationship based on a lie will never work. When mistrust is the foundation, there can never be trust. Even if you never come clean about the lie, the undercurrent you emit is negative. Whatever you send out comes back to you. If you lie, others will lie to you. If you cheat, others will cheat on you. If you lie about your age on a dating site, someone will lie to you also. Honesty is always the best policy.

We can also lie to ourselves. We lie about how happy we are. We lie about our relationships. Asking questions and going within will help. Lying to oneself is denial, not the river in Egypt.

Lying Is A Low Vibration
Lying lowers your vibration. You attract what you are. If you lie, you are a liar. Through the law of attraction, you will attract others that lie also. 

Liars, cheaters, and abusers have a low vibration. Dating a married man is cheating. You are cheating by taking someone else’s partner. 

If you say that you have been faithful, but send texts to other women or men that are suggestive, you may as well be cheating. Your vibration suggests that you are. Cheating involves betrayal and rejection, both of which leave the other person broken and wounded. Flirtatious texts make you unfaithful in your heart. If you want to have sex with another person, be honest; get a divorce, breakup, but don’t cheat or lie.

Honesty Is A Higher Vibration

Being honest carries an upward or rising energy. Your vibration rises by being consistently honest. When you stop telling all lies you become a person of strong moral character. People will trust you. Your vibration attracts others with a higher vibration. You feel better when you are a person with strong character. Your self-esteem rises as your character becomes stronger.

The best policy is the policy of truth.

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When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults

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