How To Use Spirituality To Overcome Your Problems

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we believe that life isn’t fair, we are plagued with problems, challenges, and suffering. I know, I have been there worn the t-shirt and given it away to Goodwill! Today, I will share with you the secrets to manifesting in the moment, overcoming what you perceive are problems, finding parking places that don’t exist and get more than what you need in life, miracles included!

There are some rules to life. Once you know the rules, understand how to use them you will win, be happy and find you have what you need. The problem is when we focus on our problems we create more of what we don’t want. When we focus on not having enough, or not having what we want that gets in the way of being a master at life and manifesting. Below is an explanation of how to use the rules along with my personal truth about how I manifest in the moment. Follow these rules and life will kick ass! I promise. 

Follow these and you can rule your world!

  1. The Universe is always and in every way orchestrating your life FOR YOU!
  2. Everything that happens does so for a reason.
  3. Life is a gift.
  4. Gratitude is the fuel for the Universe to give you more.
  5. You attract what you are.
  6. You only get what you give.
  7. Wherever you focus your attention expands.
  8. When one door closes, another will open that offers better opportunities.
  9. There is always a silver lining. 
  10. Faith is always rewarded. 
  11. You have a reason to live. You have gifts to share with the world.
  12. Everything is subject to change.

How To Have A Kick-Ass Life

If The Universe is always orchestrating our lives for us, focusing on our problems gives us more problems (more of what we don’t want). Why? The Universe delivers to us what we predominantly think. The more we think about something, the more energy we give it. The more energy we give something, the faster it manifests. Most people focus on the problem, which creates more problems. 

Every thought is a prayer. Each thought we think goes out into the universe and boomerangs back to us. The Universe then sends us back what we continue to think about. Everything we think manifests especially when we couple thought with emotions. 

Instead, focus on what we want. For example, when I had rent to pay and no manifestation of money in the bank, I would say, “How can I effortlessly and easily have $1,000  by July 1st?

My Personal Story
I misappropriated funds in December 2015. The Universe doesn’t like it when we use money that is allocated for rent or bills for other things, like a trip to Canada, in my case. 

I had $1,000 in the bank which was allocated for my final car payment due in December. Instead of using the money to pay off my car loan, I bought an airline ticket to Canada to spend Christmas with my mother. (Buying a plane ticket to do something loving for my mother was unselfish of me.) Giving to others unselfishly without expecting something in return is rewarded. 

I sat on my couch where I meditate daily when I returned to California and asked, “How can I effortlessly and easily have $1,000 for my final car payment by Thursday?” 

Then I sat with my eyes closed and focused on my energy. This is what I said:

  1. The Universe is infinite. Therefore, I am infinite.
  2. The Universe is expansive, therefore, I am expansive.
  3. The Universe is abundant. Therefore, I am abundant.
  4. There is nothing lost in the Universe. Therefore, my money is on its way to me NOW!
  5. I was in complete faith that I would have the money. 
  6. I began acting as if I already had the money in my bank account; giving gratitude which fuels manifestations.
  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Within two hours I had $700 that was unexpected from two different clients. It took two more days for $300 to show up. Within two days I had the full $1,000! My focus was on the truth that The Universe is always orchestrating my life for me. I know that I am always taken care of. I had complete faith that I would have the money by the time it was needed.

Don’t Focus on Your Problems. 

Every problem has a solution. I didn’t focus on not having money. I focused on creating it! I was in complete faith that I would have the money. The result was that I paid my car off by the deadline. I was extremely grateful.

When One Door Closes

Also in December of 2015, I needed a dog sitter to take care of my two dogs while in Canada. I booked one dog sitter but knew they weren’t the best for the job. They lived in an apartment which was upstairs and my older dog, Karma had difficulties with stairs. She offered dog sitting for a good price and was kind to animals. I wasn’t completely comfortable due to her not having a fenced in yard. I didn’t focus on the problem, however.

The Day Before My Flight I Had No Dog Sitter!

Two days before I was about to drop off my dogs, the dog sitter was not returning my calls. I knew she changed her mind. Rather than forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do, I looked for another sitter. I messaged one person who looked perfect, but they never responded. I messaged another woman who sounded great but charged more money. The day before I was to drop my dogs off at her place, she stopped answering my calls. I couldn’t reach her by e-mail either. 

I knew that everything happened for a reason. Rather than focusing on the problem – not having a place for my dogs the day before I was heading to Canada, I asked the Universe to send me the best possible solution. I knew when one door closed another better opportunity will show up. I had complete faith that I would find a great dog sitter for my two furry best friends.

The Universe loves win-win solutions! JEM

Miracles Happen When You Believe!

I believe in miracles. I know they happen every day. I know they happen for me.  The night before I was to leave, I received an apologetic e-mail from the guy who was perfect as a dog sitter. He was the first one I messaged but never responded till now. He was a single dad with two teenage boys. The dad worked full time and did dog sitting on the side. He assured me the boys were very sweet and capable of taking care of the dogs while he was at work. The teens gave the dogs the love they needed, their father got the money he needed and my dogs were taken care of!

 It was a win-win for us both! He even discounted his rate for me to what I could afford. We all benefited. 

The Universe loves it when many people benefit from one orchestration. This way it is less effort for their team to bring things to fruition for us.

He had a fenced in yard which made it so much easier for the dogs and the sitter. All the boys had to do was open the back door and let the dogs out! Perfect.

Finding The Perfect Parking Spot

I manifest all the time by myself. Sometimes I have had others with me while I manifested. I have changed non-believers into believers just by being myself. This is a story of finding a perfect beach-front parking spot in Santa Barbara on a busy weekend:

I send the parking angels ahead to find the perfect spot close to the beach. One Saturday with my partner I drove straight toward the coveted beachfront parking lot. He pointed to the lot further from the beach, “Don’t you want to park over there?” I said, “No, I have a spot over here…..” as someone walked toward me and pointed to their car, indicating they were leaving. Not only did I get a great spot, but the people leaving were friendly, smiling at me and made sure they left me plenty of room to pull in as they exited.

My friend shook his head in awe. He is always surprised at how I manifest in the moment and follow the guidance I receive.

Seeing Dolphins Where There Were None!

When I look up at the night sky I most often see shooting stars, because I expect them. I have mystical experiences everywhere I go. 

When I go to the beach I ask for dolphins. My little brother visited me in California with our childhood neighbor. When we arrived at Santa Monica Beach, I said, “We’ll probably see dolphins.” My brother who is a faithful Catholic doubted me and expressed his doubt out loud. I smiled and said, “Oh ye of little faith!” As I looked over his shoulder, I pointed to the pod close to the beach, “There they are!” My life is magical because I expect it to be so. 

Change Challenges Into Opportunities

Nothing stays the same. Energy moves continually. We change and grow. We need to be flexible and flowing. Rather than getting stuck or fixated on the problem we need to focus on the solution. When we look up instead of down to see opportunities rather than problems. 

When you focus on hate, hate is all you see. 
When you focus on negativity, negativity is all you get.
When you focus on others opinions and what they are doing, you

are missing the point. Life is all about you. Mirrors are everywhere. What you see in others is what is inside of you.

Do Not Do The Following

  1. Watch the news.
  2. Don’t focus on hate or negativity
  3. Don’t focus on all the problems in the world.
  4. Don’t complain.
  5. Don’t critique yourself or others.
  6. Don’t react.
  7. Don’t avoid feeling.
  8. Don’t blame others.

Read The Signs

When we are awake, we notice signs on the outside and feel our feelings on the inside. We are guided by both the outside circumstances and the inside gut reaction (feelings). Just like a check engine light that lights up on your dashboard, your body will give you signs as well. Don’t ignore the signs. Pay close attention.

We might be warned by a closed door or a missed opportunity. With increased awareness of witnessing what is happening in our world, we might notice we weren’t present, which caused us to miss something amazing! We might notice after-the-fact when we ignored our Guidance we missed out. Learning from past experiences helps us tomorrow. We are always improving and growing, or we are dying.

The more we listen and trust our Guidance, the stronger the messages become. I listen to my Guidance and use it every day. My life is all about TRUST, FAITH, HONESTY, and AUTHENTICITY. When we live by these rules, our life becomes one of miracles and bliss

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When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults

and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE The Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness Without a Prescription!

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