How To Create A Vacuum For Love To Flow

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It’s Throwback Thursday Everyone!

People hang onto memories, emotions and things. Some people even hang onto relationships that they know don’t serve them. When we hold on, we also hold onto the past. Fear of not having enough; not enough love, not enough happiness, not enough money all hold us back. When we hang on to things, we tend to focus on past history, possibly even keeping score. If we hang onto things, we are also hoarding our emotions.

Things do not make you happy

When our hearts and minds are full of past events, there isn’t room for new energy to come in. When our homes are filled with things, there is no room for new situations, people or even money to flow in. To create space for a new love, more money, or even new situations we need to make

Disorder in cabinets, chaos in your life

room. Energy cannot fill a place that is already full. In other words, you have to create a vacuum for new energy to come in. 

Order. Tidy, net and labeled.
Everything we touch has the energy of that touch attached to it. If we open a bill and say to ourselves, “Well I don’t have the money to pay this,” the negative energy of our thought attach to that bill. As we stack up mail on our kitchen counter, desk or in a box, the thoughts we think and emotions we feel accumulates. When we begin to go through the pile of bills, we may feel tired, even depressed as soon as we begin. The more things that pile up, the more negative energy that accumulates. 

Everything in it’s place. It makes you feel good!
Ahhh! Order!
Anywhere things accumulate heavy energy flows. If our closets are stuffed with clothing, there is no room for a new person to come in. To allow new positive energy to flow into our home, we need to have order, tidiness, and a clean space. The Universe loves order. You have heard the phrase, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” 

Following are 5 Simple Ways to Create A Vacuum and Order:

  1. Throw away anything that is broken or has missing pieces. Hanging on to broken items shows the universe that you are living in fear of not having enough. You are also showing the universe that you will tolerate and accept things that aren’t right in your world. 
  2. If you have not used or worn it in a year, give it away. Send it off with love. Recycle things that don’t fit. If they don’t fit now, will they fit in a month? If not, give them away. There are plenty of thrift stores that would gladly receive your lovingly worn cast-offs. Someone else would love to have what you don’t need or wear. Take the receipt and use the tax write-off. 
  3. Look at each item with these questions. Do I love it? Does it make me feel joy? If not give it away. Things that Aunt Martha

    gave you or you spent good money on do not necessarily net good emotions. If something makes you feel sad, remorse or guilt – get rid of it! 

  4. The Universe loves a joyful giver. Be loving rather than stingy when you give. Bless each bag with love and let it go.
  5. Once you have cleared out closets, cupboards and countertops, give each area a good cleaning. Pray over and bless each space. Then watch as good things begin to happen. The Universe loves a vacuum and will fill it up with wonderful things. Remember energy cannot move into a space that is already filled. If you are hanging onto that man just to

    have one, you are not allowing someone better to show up. Let him go so he can be happy too!

When you put things away in their proper place, you know where they are. When you know where your keys are, always in the same place, you can get out the door on time. Creating order may take some time to accomplish, but it will save you infinite hours or shuffling through boxes or cabinets to find that one thing!

Order, and clearing out the things you don’t love, need or use will open up the channel for the universe to fill the vacuum created. Just watch all the good things that flood into those open spaces! I want to hear about your experience. How has emotional hoarding caused you pain? How has order created room for new things, situations, and people to flow to you?

I am personally motivated this week, as I have a houseguest coming to visit. There is no bigger motivator for getting yourself organized and tidy than having someone stay in your home. Closets and drawers speak volumes. If you can’t reach me, it is because I am up to my eyeballs organizing and releasing what I don’t use.

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