How To Use Travel As A Moving Meditation and Quiet Solitude

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

14,000 feet in Estes Park, Co

Many people take vacations and travel during the summer months. I love to travel and do so often. Since my awakening, I find that travel soothes my soul and is good for my adventurous spirit. It’s the middle of June and so far this year, I have traveled to Toronto, Boulder and Denver, Colorado three times and Atlanta, Georgia. Tomorrow I load my car up with my dogs; leave my cats behind and head back to Colorado and then fly to Toronto. 


Karma and Yoda love road trips

Though the drive to Colorado is long – 15.5 hours without a stop and 995.5 miles, I enjoy the trip immensely. In ten years I have put 150,000 miles on my little Honda. I stop every two hours to stretch, empty one tank and fill up the other. Stopping gives Yoda and Karma a chance to stretch as well. Sometimes we even stop at a roadside lake to take a swim! I take two days to make this trip and have some amazing experiences with wildlife or humans along the way.

Karma cooling off in Colorado

If you are bored with life and long for adventure, why not try a road trip instead of boarding an airplane. It has been scientifically proven that just planning a trip can make you happier! Following are the Spiritual benefits I derive from my road trips.


Amazing sites:


taken by Jennifer in Colorado


I have seen eagles at rest stops that do flyovers repeating their circuit several times right over me, before flying off to catch a fish or rabbit. I see rabbits, deer, and elk. I have had elk drink out of my cupped hands at the Grand Canyon.




Every encounter I have with an animal has an air or magic to it. Animals show up to teach us something. I never see an animal without wondering what the message is for me. (My sons would make fun of me for this

Yes, I was this close!

when they did landscaping with me. “Look, there’s a hawk! I wonder what it means!” as I drove off the edge of the road with my truck and trailer.)

This video was taken on top of the highest peak in Estes Park, Colorado. This elk cow stuck her head in our window, even with two dogs in the car. 
As I headed to my car so was this deer!
I drive much of the way in silence, only turning on music when I begin to get drowsy or start falling asleep at the wheel. When I am on the road, I am in a flow state, elated and quiet. I stream consciousness getting information about a new book or blog I need to write, client or new certification I need to be teaching. 
Away from the cell phones and congestion in the city or town, I hear clearly. I spend much of the time on the road clearing clients that need some TLC or do mantras in my head. 
Angelic Experiences
I have an agreement with beings on the other side of the veil. They are to wake me up if I fall asleep at the wheel. Sometimes, they are very busy keeping me awake. I am in a high state of consciousness for much of my trip. Sometimes, I fall asleep. Right outside of Memphis during Ariel’s and my move to Boulder, I fell dead asleep. When I did both left wheels of my car drove up on the median concrete wall. 
I had no idea that I was asleep until the angelic being that saved us, set my car back down on the road with a very loud THUNK! I opened my eyes to see the car touching down onto the road. Ariel sat up immediately with a “What the F*** MOM!” Since that time, I have been much more diligent about eating crispy snacks and playing loud music when I get sleepy. I have work to do and I can’t do it dead!
Often when driving at night I see cloud-like beings over my hood as if to protect me. 
Ghostly Beings

Crossing between Boulder and Atlanta to visit I saw three wispy wafts of clouds along the road on the grassy edge of the median. There were three wisps in a row in broad daylight. At first, I thought they were smoke. However when I looked back in my mirror I realized that they were three spirits from a car accident,

stuck in that place. They hovered slightly above the ground at the same level. The plane where spirits are is slightly above this earth plane. Which is why when we see spirits they hover, rather than having feet that touch the ground.

I did a prayer and asked that they be received in the light. I opened a portal for them to be released from the earth plane.
The Perfect Person at The Perfect Time
Yoda in Arizona
On my last drive to Colorado in April, I met a photographer at the Blair Ranch rest area when I asked how could I effortlessly and easily get a great photo of Yoda and me? It wasn’t ten minutes between me asking the question and me meeting Mark Dexter a cinematographer. He was already taking photos of Yoda before I asked him to. Mark’s business is called Simply Love Films. He does beautiful wedding videos in a very innovative way. If you are looking for a videographer, you won’t be disappointed with Mark.
We Need Quiet Solitude
On the road, I am out of cell phone range for most of my trip. My phone doesn’t ring. It is quiet. Yoda and Karma sleep in the back seat and I am alone with myself. The quiet is good for my soul. There is no talking and no music for much of my trip across California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah into Colorado. In this quiet, I recharge. 

I revel in the beauty of the changing landscape. I find beauty wherever I go. Nature is thrilling to me. I am excited by mountains, rivers and waterfalls that speed past me. I take photos on the wing. My crazy nature ride is what enlivens my spirit and takes my breath away.


I am at peace with me.
Jennifer helps survivors overcome trauma. She is currently working with a client in Denver, Colorado to heal breast cancer naturally. All illness begins with an emotion coupled with a thought. Illness is a sign that you have ignored your body-mind-spirit.
If you aren’t happy, depressed, anxious or are looking for love, Jennifer can help.
Jennifer has healed her past trauma and is now a catalyst for others. Her presence alone is healing. Recently, at Happiness Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, everyone who sat down to work with Jennifer cried. People came away saying to Adam of NakedHealthy, “Your mother is amazing!”
Jennifer is a Mystic. She is an awakened healer. She loves herself fearlessly and can help you do the same. Nothing Jennifer asks you to do she hasn’t already done herself, many times. Happiness is a choice. You have to choose happiness. You can choose happiness today, by sending Jennifer an e-mail you can begin your healing journey. Jennifer works only with those committed to heal. Not everyone is a good fit for her work.
Jennifer is currently working on her third book: Happy Here, Happy Anywhere…. The Step-By-Step Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness Without A Perscription!

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