How To Turn Dull Sex Into Hot Passion-Filled Experiences

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Great sex is more than technical expertise, or knowing where the G-spot lives. Passion is more about allowing yourself to feel what you are experiencing and allowing yourself to stop nit-picking or focusing on what is wrong with your partner.

If you have read my book, Orgasm For Life, you know that sex begins in the mind. Before the first touch if you are looking at your partner expecting them to be perfect or are filled with resentment, anger or mistrust passion can be stifled.

Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Heart

The mind can prevent arousal from occurring. If you and your partner have an unresolved issue between you, it is best to discuss the problem and come to some resolution before attempting to have sex. Great communication is the cornerstone for good sex. If you can’t speak up for yourself, hold onto resentment or anger passion will be absent. 

Relationships can be challenging. We come from different backgrounds, like different things and certainly have needs and desires that can be radically different from each other. Accepting your partner’s differences lovingly can shift you from feeling irritated to feeling loving care. Try these mind-shifting exercises to get into your heart.

  1. Sit in front of your partner and place your hand on their thymus, located just below the neck on the flat part just above the first rib. The thymus area is a second heart chakra called the “high heart.” Touching this place can open the door to higher consciousness. Tapping this place twelve times each day can also boost your immune system. 
  2. Breathe into your hand placed on your partner’s thymus chakra. Close your eyes and tap into their energy. With both partners touching each other’s high heart chakra sit for a moment with eyes closed and breathe. This will connect the two of you heart-to-heart quickly.
  3. Set an intention to join each other soul-to-soul. Getting out of the ego-mind is required for a deep soul connection. 

Spend a little time eye gazing. Allowing your partner to see you as you truly are. Stepping out of the mundane into a heart-centered connected place shifts sex from a physical act into a spiritual practice of making love to your partner’s Goddess, or God-self. 

Looking into your partner’s eyes can be a little uncomfortable. We see each other naked all the time, but looking into the depth of their soul, is another thing entirely. Sure you could skip this part, but if you do, you are missing the point. Sex with a soul-to-soul connection raises your lovemaking to a higher level. What I am describing will take you to places you have never been with your partner. 

Static Kissing

Slowly begin to join your lips together without much movement. Hold your position, staying close together with lips touching. 

Slowly shift lips grasping your partner’s upper lip softly between yours. Hold that position and breathe. Most people are unaware of the small chakra located in the upper center of the lip, called “cupid’s bow.” It is a sensitive area that can be stimulated by slow kissing that builds gradually igniting the fire of passion slowly. 

Slow the process down to experience kissing gently without tongues as long as you can stand it. I like to spend twenty minutes just kissing. It is such a turn-on to experience your partner’s mouth, lips, and breath them in, rather than rushing to “get to the good stuff.” If you don’t kiss your partner you are missing a very intimate experience that can create tremendous sexual excitement to the point of trembling with desire. 

Some women can experience an orgasm just by kissing. Oxytocin is released through kissing, which is a natural hormone that creates closeness, as well as sexual excitement and trust.

Room For Improvement

Everyone can improve their love-making skills! I have talked to many men about my book that think they know it all. If you have a know-it-all attitude, you will not be open to improving or learning anything new. Remember great sex isn’t about being macho, or egoic, it is about stepping out of the ego into your heart and soul.

The Power of Slow Touch

Passion-filled sex takes you out of your head and into your heart. Enjoy slow touch, taking turns giving to your partner and then receiving. 

Allow your partner to lie back and just enjoy the experience of you touching her slowly. Drag your fingertips over every part of her body, slowly touching her arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and inner thighs. Avoid touching genitals as this builds desire and excitement. 

Use a feather to vary the type of touch. Change from feather-light touch to stronger pressure gradually. The idea is to experience each other’s bodies slowly, enjoying each moment, allowing the excitement to build till you can’t stand it any longer.

Oral Sex

Once you are both out of your minds with excitement for each other, shift to oral pleasuring. Allow the pleasure to build and then die down, build and die down several times before moving to penetrative sex.

Change It Up!

Penetrative sex is amazing, although most women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex. Men need to take note of this fact and ensure she receives her orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot, simultaneously. Her orgasm will be more intense, profound and memorable when you are able to locate her G-spot

Hot and Hotter!

Once you get into motion, orgasm can happen for most men quickly. Instead of rushing to the end-game, plunge into her and pull out, go down on her pleasuring her with oral to add to her excitement and then go back to penetrative sex for a few deep slow strokes and pull out again, shift back to oral, changing from deep, slow penetration to oral five or six times not only will your erection last longer you will be much more able to bring her to orgasm with this technique. 

Passionate sex requires a change of attitude. Passion doesn’t mean that you come within two minutes of beginning a love-making session either. Passion requires patience and a giving heart. Slow down, get out of your head and feel each feeling fully. Connect eye-to-eye and take the time to kiss your partner slowly without being in a rush. Experiencing pleasure slowly, changing position, speed, pressure from light and gentle to deep and firm can add a higher consciousness to your sex life and relationship. 

Everyone can shift their sex life up a notch to enjoy passionate, hot sexual experiences that you talk about for years to come!

Let me know how this works for you. Comment below, or join me on FaceBook for a conversation! 

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