How To Tell If Your Honey Is A Keeper

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Finding someone worthy of long-term commitment can be a challenge. A fun party guy might be okay for a few dates, but not great for long-term marriage.  Finding the best person for the job rather than a perfect partner is easy if you are focused on what you want and have those characteristics within yourself. If your partner has the following characteristics hang onto them, as they are a gem! 

1. He puts you first. A man who gives you the nicest strawberry, the best piece of swordfish, or prettiest salad is someone that will put you first the rest of his life. A guy who will take care of you and cherish you will put you first. 

2. He has his act together. You want someone who’s company you enjoy and can have fun together. If your guy is struggling to grow up, doesn’t have a job, or has commitment issues won’t work for you.

3. He includes your friends in plans. A man who gets to know your friends is interested in more than just sex and getting to know you better. If he initiates a dinner party or evening out including your friends he is showing signs of maturity. 

4. He is your biggest supporter and cheerleader. A man who feels confident and secure will be excited for you when you have successes and support your goals. He won’t be threatened by your big promotion or new position in your firm.

5. He is interested in your family and other aspects of your life. A guy who takes an interest in your family or pets recognizes that they are a part of your life and will accept them too. 

6. He listens to you. A man genuinely interested in you will remember which flowers you love, what you like to eat and where you left your keys. He’ll even buy you a new headset when you have lost yours. 

7. He will take an interest in things you love, even when they aren’t his favorite.
8. He isn’t afraid to be near you when you are sick. A guy who says he’ll come take care of you when you are sick is showing signs that he can’t stand to be away from you. He isn’t squeamish of your germs and will take care of you when you are sick. There are men out there that will leave their wives when they have can9cer. You don’t want to focus on being sick, but knowing they will be there for you through thick and thin is imperative.

9. He makes plans. A guy who plans your next date or thinks ahead is interested in a future with you. 

10. He’s happy when you are happy. A guy who is genuinely interested in you will spend the day at the beach with you or watch a chick flick with you even when he’d rather be watching Star Trek or the day at ComiCon. 

11. You find yourself being a better version of yourself when you are with him.  A guy who is a keeper spurs you on to bigger and better things and makes you feel good about yourself. He won’t put you down, criticize your every move or correct you in the middle of a sentence. 

12. He laughs at your bad jokes. A guy that laughs even when your jokes aren’t that funny is really into you. A guy who thinks you are the bees knees will appreciate you for who you are. 

13. He is kind to waitstaff, elderly and others. A man that is kind to others will be kind to you. 

14. He is generous. A guy who pays for your dinner shows he values you. Stingy people will be stingy with their love as well.

15. He is honest. An honest man won’t lie or cheat on you. Without trust, you are nowhere. Honesty is necessary for trust to occur. You will enjoy peace of mind and security with a man you can trust.

16. He’ll take a class to learn something you are interested in. A man who is a real keeper will take a day off work to learn massage because you like to be massaged. Someone who reads a book to learn about something you are interested in is a keeper. He shows he cares through his actions.

Too often women stay in relationships because they are afraid someone better won’t come along. Staying in a relationship that isn’t supportive or with a partner who puts you down show you don’t value yourself. Self-care and healthy self-esteem gives you the confidence to let a guy go that isn’t really into you or a keeper. 

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