Breathing Into The Present To Enjoy Each Moment

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we aren’t happy with our lives, we wish for the future or look over our shoulder longing for what might have been in our past. Either way, when we are focused on anything other than right now, we miss out on this moment.

When we are filled with self-loathing, or longing for what we don’t have we miss out on what we do have. Having been there myself, I remember where my thoughts turned when I wasn’t happy.

  1. We live with constant regret or longing.
  2. We focus on castles in the sky daydreaming of what we desire. 
  3. We aren’t breathing deeply, or affirming life.

I just finished reading a book while visiting my mother that I highly recommend. The book is called The Time Keeper. It is a profound and moving book once you get past the first ten pages. It is a riveting novel about time. 

When we focus on not having enough time, wanting time to pass quickly or wishing time would stop we are not in the present. When we are young we long to be older, wishing time would pass quickly. When we are older we wish we had more time. Those that are happiest with themselves and their lives are focused on exactly where they are in this very moment.

If you aren’t breathing deeply, you have low self-esteem. If you aren’t breathing deeply you are not affirming life. If you aren’t breathing deeply you wish you were or had something else. 

Only when we are delighted with this moment, happy and grateful for what we have do we have harmony, peace, and fulfillment – which account for true and lasting happiness. JEM

What I Know For Sure

  1. Nothing is ever too late.
  2. Nothing is ever too soon.
  3. No one owns time.
  4. When you are measuring life, you are not living it.
  5. There is a reason God limits our days.
  6. There is always enough time.
  7. Each moment on this planet is precious.
  8. We create heaven or hell on earth by living in the past and future, or by living in the present moment.

Enjoy what you have. Love your life now and breathe into this moment, affirming your life and creating heaven on earth

You are perfect as you are.
You have a reason for being here.
You have a purpose.
You are loved.
You are never ever alone.

Enjoy this moment. Let go of trying to be something you aren’t. Allow others to see you authentically, rather than attempting to fake who you are or what you love. Don’t be afraid to be honest, there are no secrets in The Universe anyway.

I love you,

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When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults

and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

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