Suicidal Tendencies Cured With Just One Session!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I am so grateful! I just arrived home from my travels across the US, Colorado, and Toronto. On the final leg of my journey, I received a text from a client who asked me to help her sister who wasn’t eating and wanted to kill herself. She was so worried because nothing else had helped. Although she was on medication for anxiety and depression, it wasn’t helping her.

I did one energy clearing for her the night I flew from Toronto to Denver. I was tired but knew this woman needed my help. I found many dark energies attached and a slew of programs from her father’s suicide when she was a young teen. 

How Self-Hatred Begins

Unwanted In Utero

This woman had been the product of an unwanted pregnancy. Her father was black and her mother white and just sixteen. The girls family didn’t want this baby and were embarrassed that she would be bi-racial. These programs of being rejected, emotionally abandoned and unloved plagued her until this clearing. She also felt responsible for her father’s suicide, as he confided in her the two weeks prior to his suicide. 

She remembered being filled with self-loathing from the age of seven. (Seven is the age when children split from their soul/connection and stop remembering past lives and what it was like before they incarnated.)

Avoidance of Feelings

She didn’t want to feel her pain. She did everything in her power to avoid feeling. Avoidance of her pain created deep depression.

To become a happy person, we have to walk through the pain to get to the other side.

There are many ways to avoid and suppress emotions some of them are sugary foods, carbohydrates, overeating, drugs, alcohol, prescriptions for anxiety, depression, and pain-killers.

I removed the abandonment programs, dark energies, addictive souls, self-loathing, insecurity, unworthiness, and hundreds of programs from her energy field. I cleared thirty trapped emotions which gave her immediately relief.

Today, I received a text that the woman I cleared is so much better that she is able to visit her little girl, something she had not been able to do in over a month. Instead of being completely dysfunctional and depressed she is able to make plans to travel and interact with loved ones. This in itself is amazing! 

How Long Does A Clearing Take To Be Experienced?

Most people feel immediately lighter, have more clarity and are more peaceful, focused and calm – even while I am working on them. Many people feel their anxiety immediately lift, and feel calm
within minutes of me beginning the clearing. Many people fall into a very deep sleep right after the clearing and sleep much deeper than is typical for them.

Deep programs and attached energies can take up to five days to lift. Some energies leave gradually, while others leave very quickly. Some people feel the changes on a subtle level. When you have long-standing emotional pain, you don’t miss it when it is gone. You just feel better. This was the case with this woman. Many of her issues had been long-standing – since childhood, she is now forty-one. 

The woman I cleared is an attorney in Beverly Hills, California. I am grateful for her recovery and healing. Energy clearings can help more than suicide. They can relieve anxiety, depression, self-hatred, insecurity, trapped emotions, abandonment, rejection…..  money issues, energy blocks, blocks to love, success… 

Many people were the results of unwanted pregnancies. The energy of being unwanted, unloved or abandoned prevails until it is cleared from your energy field and unconscious mind. When a child is adopted they may continue to suffer from inadequacies and low self-esteem from a program created long ago prior to their birth.

Not only did I arrive home in record time, I was greeted with this amazing success story! What a week! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!


Jennifer has been an incredible force in my life since the day that I met her. She has done several clearings for me in the past, I knew she was the real deal and my intuition screamed to me, that she was the perfect person to help when my sister began to struggle with severe depression to the point of becoming suicidal.

A month had gone by and my sibling was like a shell of her former self. She was not eating, barely sleeping, and had not been able to work at all. I was able to convince her that an energy clearing would be beneficial for her. 

Jennifer had just returned home from travel right before I contacted her, but she dropped everything to help us within 10 minutes of my reaching out to her. Jennifer had a ton of insight into my sisters’ personality and the origins of her struggle, yet half-way through my sister felt she couldn’t continue with the clearing, and instead Jennifer continued with me on the phone. Because of this I was a bit skeptical as to whether it would work for her, but I kid you not. Four days later I contacted my sister and she was at Disney with her kid, about to “get some lunch” I couldn’t even believe it worked that effectively and within such a short period of time. 

Since the clearing, my sister has returned to work and although things are not perfect she has returned to her normal, spunky, intelligent, funny, wise, self. 
I thank Jennifer tremendously. She has a true gift, a huge kind heart, and has been an enormous blessing to myself and my family. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone. She’s that good!

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 is a healer and love coach that clears limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage from the past so that you can have the life, love and happiness you desire. A healed healer herself, she helps others overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, insecurities that block you from having healthy relationships and happiness. 

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