4 Powerful Reasons to Have Responsible Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I received the following post from a friend. I found it to be important and speaks of the work I do to clear heart and sexual ties and negative programming that blocks us from having love and happiness. Theresa Crabtree is an author of  Mayan Messages.

Guest Post By Theresa Crabtree


Most sexual acts are performed for the simple pleasure of the feelings they arouse. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it may drain you of energy that could be put to better use. Often, sexual acts are performed as a means to control another person, whether the manipulation is recognized as such or not. 

Many times sex is performed between two partners who barely know each other. Although there may be pleasure obtained in the moment, the results of the action can last an entire lifetime and beyond. When two come together, an energy transfer occurs. A bonding occurs in which cords are attached that keep them energetically linked to each other. Seek assistance from your Guides or those familiar with bonding cords to sever these ties

When semen enters a woman’s body, the program is activated, “Make a baby! Make a baby!” Often there are children born in this type of union. Unwanted children have a very difficult lot in life. Although the words may never be spoken, the thoughtform of being unwanted is impregnated into their energy field. Many are suffering unknowingly from this programming. You would do well to determine if you are one of these children and through the assistance of your Guides or a professional, seek help releasing this thoughtform from your energy field. Can you see why so many people have feelings of unworthiness and abandonment

Many humans feel tremendous amounts of guilt and shame associated with their sexual experiences. Release any negative thoughts and belief codes associated with sexual activities. Take into account possible outcomes and choose responsibly, for you may be adding a heavy burden onto yourself, your partner and any children that may be born from this momentary act of pleasure. 

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What Are The 4 Reasons To Have Responsible Sex?

1. Sex can be used to manipulate. Manipulation carries a dark energy. 
2. Ties are created that leak energy for a lifetime and beyond.
3. Unwanted children are created that have very challenging lives, of feeling unwanted and unloved. See my article on Suicide. 
4. Guilt and shame associated with sexual experiences reduce our vibration and may also cause depression.

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