Everybody Love Everybody What Universal Love Really Means

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Love! Love! Love! Love is all around. Love is in the air, it is in the trees, in the plants, the ground and in the babies as they are born. Love is inside of each and every human on this planet. Love is inside each animal. 

Joseph Campbell describes “the closest thing to a planetary mythology is Buddhism, which sees all beings as Buddha-beings. The only problem is to come to the recognition of that. There is nothing to do. The task is only to know what is, and then to act in relation to the brotherhood of all these beings.”

Buddhists describe Universal Love through the practice of metta as goodwill, loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, inoffensiveness, fellowship and non-violence.

Essentially metta is an altruistic attitude of love and friendliness distinguished from pure amiability and self-interest. Through metta we refuse to be offensive, renouncing bitterness, resentment and any kind of animosity to developing instead a mind of friendliness, accommodating, and seeking the happiness of others. 

True metta is absent of any self-interest.

With practice metta warms the heart with a warm fellowship sympathy and love growing to overcome any social, racial, religious, political or economic barriers.

Metta is an unselfish, all encompassing Universal Love.

Metta makes each of us a haven of safety, like a mother would for her child. It is our primordial nature to be self-serving. When the urge for self-seeking is overcome with the desire to promote the interest of others a transformation occurs not only in the mind but we become universal by identifying with the good of all. By shifting the way we think about others we also serve the highest and best of ourselves simultaneously.

Loving kindness is a mindful activity that can lead to happiness by being present. Rather than focusing on your problems you shift your focus to loving and peaceful thoughts.

Universal Love means to see the Divine in each other. We see the good in everyone as well as their Divine nature. 

Hindus follow an individual path of liberation or mukti (nirvana) the Sanatan Dharma or Universal Law which stops the cycle of birth and rebirth.

The Oneness community promotes seeing the God in each person and that we are all one. 

All threads of religion although they might sound different lead to one path; freedom of the mind and liberation.

Meditating on Universal Love expands the heart and results in a tremendous inner power which heals, preserves and protects both oneself and others. 

Our intrinsic nature is loving. Yet we fight with our neighbors for not doing what we think they should be doing. We fight with others who don’t believe what we believe and we fight with our spouses, children, and others because we want them to be more like ourselves. 

Universal Love transforms our ego causing us to be loving to all, including ourselves. 

Peace will come to our earth when we all see each other as ourselves, rather than different.

Namaste means I bow to the Divine in you. 

Meditating on the word Namaste, going inward into your heart and then sending the love in your heart outward to all you meet is a powerful way to upgrade yourself and all you meet.

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