What Do I Need To Do To Receive God’s Helping Hand?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Hand of God Nebula NASA photo

Most of us call upon the name of our God  asking for help during our times of despair or trouble. No matter what you call this higher power, Source Energy, The Universe, The Divine, Divine Mind, Creator, Allah, Yehovah,  Yaweh, Jesus The Christ, Elohim, or El for short they all lead to the same place. 

God is everywhere. There is nowhere that God isn’t. A spark of God is in each of us, in each blade of grass, drop in the ocean, in each glass of water, or animal – yes even your pets! Yes, God is never absent. 

When we struggle and ask for help, we may feel our prayers aren’t answered. We might even feel God doesn’t hear our pleading. The truth is that God hears every prayer, in fact, every thought we think!

Can You imagine hearing each thought of every individual person on the planet? If each person thinks an average of 70,000 thoughts a day just think of the number of thoughts that 7.4 billion people think. 

There is much disagreement about the number of thoughts we think. Taking into account that it is nearly impossible to count the number of unconscious thoughts we have no matter the number 40,000, 50,000 or 70,000 – that’s a lot of thoughts!

Most of our thoughts are about unimportant aspects of our lives, like social interactions.

This clip from Bruce Almighty played by Jim Carrey expresses it best. Bruce complains about God too often so God decides to teach Bruce a lesson and gives him His job.  When everyone’s prayers fill his brain, he attempts to create filing cabinets, then post-it notes to organize everyone’s prayers. When post-it notes became too much to handle, he decides to turn to the Internet. 

God is always available to help us. We receive God’s Grace when we are open to receive it. Grace is the power that comes to us through faith. God’s power is always available through the Universe to us to help us do whatever we need to do. It doesn’t matter if you call it God’s power, The Divine Mind, Or Universal Consciousness. Remember God doesn’t judge – humans do.

How We Prevent God From Helping

There are many ways we unwittingly prevent God from helping us. Listed below are some of the ways we do this with our thoughts without realizing what we are doing.

We think or say…..

  1. “I’ve got this!”
  2. “I can’t do this.” When we give up we don’t get help.
  3. There is no way I can do this.
  4. I can’t succeed.
  5. There is no hope.
  6. This is the end.
  7. There is nothing I can do.
  8. No one will ever help me.
  9. I will never have help (love, money, wealth, happiness, success).
  10. There is no way this will work.
The Way Things Work
From this list above, do you see that these are statements and are not questions? Instead of asking, we are making statements. If God is and The Universe is always and in every way orchestrating our life for us, God is responding by proving us correct! You say you can’t succeed? Then you can’t succeed. If you say there is no hope, then there isn’t hope. If you say there is no way this will work, you are proven correct, it won’t work.

All of these ten listed examples are closed-ended statements. It took me many years to understand that the words, “Ask and it is given,” mean just that. We need to ASK QUESTIONS!
When we make a statement God sends us proof that what we are saying is true. For example, if we say “no one will ever help me.” No one ever does. No one shows up because we have made the statement, and God proves us correct! I know a woman who is a successful life coach. She has oodles of education. However, she continues to affirm:
I am always alone.
No one ever helps me.
I will always be alone.
I am so alone.
Guess what happens to her? She might date, but the dates never stay around because she affirms she is always ALONE! 

God has a plan. In this plan, there are rules we must follow. When we don’t follow the rules we repeat a grade. We might repeat the same relationship lesson over and over until we finally go, “OH I GET IT! THIS WAS ABOUT ME NOT THEM!” 

Or we might struggle with finances or success because we haven’t learned to simplify or be a good steward of our money.

God isn’t punishing. God is like a good parent, teaching. Life is all about learning. We are in a classroom every day of our life.

When we don’t learn our lessons God leaves us there until we get it. Often what happens is that our struggles become more intense, we attract more difficulties or more challenging relationships. 

When our difficulties increase it is because we didn’t learn what our lesson was. After a divorce, most people resent their partners rather than thank them for the gifts that they gave us. The same is true with our parents. 

Because we had difficulties in childhood we forget that our parents did exactly what they were supposed to do so that we had the perfect experience to spur us toward growth.  

We think God doesn’t hear us, but the truth is we aren’t hearing or understanding God. 

How To Use Prayer To Improve Your Life

Here are the rules:

  • You are already loved and accepted.
  • You were created in God’s image.
  • There is a spark of God within you.
  • The spark needs to be nurtured so that it grows stronger each day.
  • Be still and know. (Sit in silence every day)
  • Love yourself.
  • Love everyone else.
  • Forgive everyone including and especially yourself.
  • God and The Universe is always and in every way orchestrating our lives FOR US!
  • Difficulties are presented to us so that we learn and grow. 
  • If we don’t learn or grow we keep repeating the same experience with more intensity.
  • We are on earth to grow, have fun and experience joy! 

  1. You deserve help. Yes – even you. You are not bothering God.
  2. You have to ask for help. The best way to ask is to ask questions. What? Yes. Read this blog post about how I manifested a miracle for my daughter.  Or maybe this post about co-creating miracles might help you. Or this one about miraculous moments. Or maybe this one on creating miracles for your life. 
  3. God can’t help you when you think you’ve got everything covered. When your EGO is huge you are not in your heart. 
  4. When you are attempting to figure things out you are not trusting Guidance. You are far from faith when you are figuring things out because that happens in the mind.
  5. Sit in stillness and complete silence every day. How else can you hear God? 
  6. Go within daily because all the answers already reside within you.
  7. You are meant to celebrate life. One of the ways I celebrate life is by dancing. Join me in a dance after the blog, will you? And do share this with your friends. Help it go viral. There are many people feeling suicidal and in need of help right now, send this around the globe to help them!

God answers when you ask. Like the Rolling Stones have said, we don’t get what we want, we get what we need. If you haven’t gotten what you have asked for, it is either you haven’t learned your lesson, it isn’t Divine Timing for it to be given to you, or you are getting what you need.

I Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Feeling God within us, in every stone, we step on, and every blade of grass gives us the feeling of ecstasy and bliss. No one says it better than Justin Timberlake! If you want to feel God, get up and dance to this song and FEEL IT! C’mon get up and dance, feel God within you. When you feel the magic inside you – it is easy to be in the flow and get the help you need.


We gain wisdom as we heal and transform our pain into joy. It is possible; I have done it myself. I had tremendous pain and suffering as you did in my childhood. I felt like a victim for over thirty years. Today, I thrive on solitude and quiet. I am happy alone or with a crowd. I feel comfortable in my skin and trust my Guidance. If you are ready to overcome your pain, suffering, and struggle, why don’t you contact me now?
Jennifer is working on her third self-help book:
Happy Here, Happy Anywhere
The Step-By-Step Guide To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness Without A Prescription!
If not now, when? Isn’t it time you were happy with you, your life and had the love you deserve? I help you find the love that is already present within you by uncovering and clearing off the sh** that is in the way.



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