Communicating WIth Your Higher Self For Answers

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The high self is the real you. It is your soul essence, pure all knowing and beautiful. The high self is the Divine part of you that is unlimited and eternal. It is the part of you that inspires you, excites you and gives you the understanding of life’s lessons.

Our High Self is our connection to infinity. It never dies and never ends. Our High Self has been with us since our soul’s inception. It knows everything that has ever been thought, felt or experienced since the beginning of time. Our High Self is what gives us the Gut Guidance, that feeling of “knowing,” that we experience that is unexplainable. 

Though we are always connected with our high self and cannot be separated, the more we connect with our High Self on a conscious level, the better the flow of information. Until we become aware, we can connect consciously to our High Self we are considered asleep or unconscious. 

Why You Need To Listen

Your high self is the best guide on the planet and elsewhere for accurate Guidance and information. Flashes of insight, premonitions and wisdom come from the high self. Your high self is trying to guide you to the best course of action. 

The more we trust ourselves and the accuracy of this wisdom, the easier life becomes. When we fight the Guidance, we are fighting with ourselves. You may have a program of inner conflict which inflates your ego causing you to ignore the higher Guidance. 

Ignoring Guidance?

When we ignore those gut feelings, it may be because we don’t think they are valid or real. Just because you can’t see it with your eyes or touch it with your fingers doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Medications, alcohol, prescription meds can all dull our senses which impede our ability to hear and feel those messages from our high self. Learning how to trust and listen helps us avoid pitfalls and have more ease in our lives.

How To Connect With Your High Self

Take a walk in nature. As you walk, ask questions and talk to your high self. You can do this out loud or in your head. Either way, your voice is heard.

Then after you have asked all you need to listen. Walk in silence

Notice what you feel, and see in your mind’s eye. Messages can come in the way of pictures, videos in the mind or type-written messages like an e-mail. Sometimes you may hear a voice inside your head. Quieting the monkey chatter allows you to hear more clearly. An energy clearing or mantras daily in the background of your mind will help to quiet the monkey chatter.

If being still works better for you, lie down on the grass in a park. Listen to what you hear, notice what you feel. You can ask questions and talk, allowing time for a response in return. You aren’t crazy! Your high self is a real part of you that holds the key to your happiness and soul purpose.

My personal story about not trusting my High Self:

After my divorce from Bill Gates in 1988, I began working for GTE as a secretary. I had been out of work for nine years raising my children. Being away from them was a challenge. 

I hired a German au pere (nanny) for the summer to watch my two sons while I worked in Atlanta. The commute was long, and they became bored with only bicycles to ride and no car to take them places. At the end of the summer my oldest son, Adam pushed to have our nanny have my car to take them to the local skating rink and McDonalds for a treat. (Remember that this was in almost thirty years ago, McDonalds is not part of our current lifestyle)

Every time I thought about leaving Zonyia the car, I felt a pang in my gut like my stomach was on a roller coaster. It felt bad! Instead of trusting this feeling, I made arrangements to get a ride to work, leave Zonyia my  paid for VW. My guilt for the divorce and its impact on my children was what motivated me to ignore this Guidance.

I wasn’t at work for two hours before I received an urgent phone call from the Marietta fire department. Zonyia had an accident right in front of our church and right next door to the Marietta Fire Department. My sons were transported via backboards to Scottish Rite Children’s

Hospital and I needed to come immediately! My worst fears were realized. My children were in a terrible accident; my VW was totalled, and the au pere and her chatty best friend were both safe and unharmed.

The Upside Of This Accident

There is always a silver lining. I could have continued to dwell on the fact that my car was totalled. I could have blamed my au pere. Instead, I recognized that I was the one who didn’t listen. 

I had no credit after my divorce. Having to buy a new car to replace my VW gave me good credit and the ability to buy a house for my two boys. That home in Eagle Watch was their favorite place and had incredible memories for all of us. If the accident never happened, I wouldn’t have learned these valuable lessons:

  1. Never ignore Guidance 
  2. Trust that it is accurate. 
  3. The silver lining was that I ended up with a good credit standing and the ability to get a loan for our lovely home.

Mystical Experiences That Guide Us

Your tough inner critic will question your sound mind. Quiet that inner voice by saying, “I don’t have to listen to you!” Trust your gut. Or use a mantra like:

I am the light of The Divine inside me.

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