Sex More Than Money Increases Happiness, Especially When You’re Having More Than The Joneses

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex leads to an overall sense of well-being. Better than money, sex leaves us feeling satisfied, loved and appreciated. Having more sex makes us happy. Thinking we are having more sex than our neighbors makes us even happier!


Great news for those who are married and having sex two or more times a month! A study performed by Dartmouth College in Warwick England of 16,000 participants has found that sex is better than money for increasing happiness. 


More money doesn’t lead to more sex. However, having more sex leads to more satisfaction and happiness than money does. The study found that increasing sex from once a month to once a week was the equivalent to having an increase in income of $50,000!


Thinking that you are having more sex than your neighbors makes you even happier! Though there is one caveat….


“The happiness linked with having more sex can rise or fall depending on how individuals believe they measure up to their peers.” According to a press release.

Tim Wadsworth and The University of Boulder Colorado surveyed 15,386 participants between 1983 and 2006. They found that those having sex two to three times a month were self-reporting 33 percent higher levels of happiness than those who had no sex the previous year. In comparison, those who reported sex once a month reported that they were 44 percent happier. Those who reported sex four or more times a month were 55 percent more likely to report happiness.
However, if the respondents were having sex two to three times a month and felt that their neighbors were having sex once a week (four times a month or more) they were 14 percent less likely to report happiness.
It is best not to compare yourself to others. It just makes us feel bad. The study Sex and Our Pursuit of Happiness: How Other People’s Sex Lives Are Related To Our Well-Being 

The happiest people get the most sex and are married. They report 33 percent more sex than singles. Economists report that having more sex on a regular basis for married couples is like having an additional $100,000 a year in income! On top of sex making you happy, it also keeps you young and youthful looking

A divorce is like having a drop in income of $66,000. Sadly women are still the ones divorcing their men, maybe if you hired me, I could help you avoid that divorce. It is what I do – help you recognize what your have and how to communicate without blame.

Men can also benefit from semen retention for youthing as well as lasting longer. 

From those men who have reported to me twenty or more years without sex, I would agree. People are happier when they are loved through sex. Sex is healing.

Sex Facts:

  1. Married people have more frequent sex than those who are single. 
  2. The better educated you are the happier you tend to be with your sex life and the fewer sexual partners you have. 
  3. The myth that women lose interest in sex after marriage has been debunked in a study by iVillage. 
  4. A healthy sex life is important to 75 percent of wives.
  5. 43.7 women were bored with the frequency of their sex lives.
  6. 57.9 were willing to experiment in the bedroom.
  7. Married people have sex an average of 66 times a year – just over once a week. (But varies by age)
  8. Married couples 18 – 29 get it on regularly – 109 times a year.
  9. Couples in their 60’s report sex 32 times a year.

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