Overcome These 5 Negative Beliefs To UnBlock Your Ability To Receive Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Self doubt is one of our biggest mind traps. When we think we aren’t enough we believe what we think. Every thought we think is like a prayer that we shout out into the generous universe and boomerangs right back to us what we are thinking to make us right. 

Shifting our doubts and finding something positive to think about ourselves will open our hearts and minds to the idea that not only is love possible, it is probable!

Our two greatest fears are that we won’t be loved and that we will be abandoned. These themes play out over and over again in our lives in different ways.

1. No one will ever love me. (Belief: I am not loveable.)

2. I will never be able to find someone who loves me here. (in this town, state, country) (Belief: No one will notice me. I am unworthy of love.) 

3. There isn’t anyone for me. (Belief: I am unworthy)

4. No one will ever love me when they see who I really am, if they do they will surely leave or cheat. (Belief: I am unworthy and abandonment.)

5. I am not worthy_______    (attractive enough, young enough, smart enough, sexy enough, thin enough, interesting enough, funny enough, or even datable). 

Is Your Head In The Sand?

Many people are clueless about what their issues are. They continue to attempt to have a healthy relationship with negative programming running the show. Unconscious programming runs without us being aware. It certainly did for me. My mother had Borderline Personality Disorder and was emotionally unavailable and cruel. Men cheated, lied and died on me until I cleared this issue – several different ways. (Read my example about Brenda below.)

Different Aspects Of The Same Issue

I have found in working with thousands of different cases that each person is unique in the way the programs are created and laid out. Like tracks from a song, there may be many types of abandonment that you are dealing with. 

If your mother or father was an alcoholic, or emotionally unavailable you may be dealing with abandonment and rejection issues. Even though years have passed, unless you processed and eliminated this program and the belief you will continue to attract people who will not be there for you emotionally or that will leave you physically. 

The truth of the matter is that all these limiting beliefs can be cleared. The past trauma and blocked emotions can be cleared from your field. The emotions of rejection, abandonment and not being good enough can be cleared in several different ways. Recognizing that you actually created it is part of the healing process. It takes a while to recognize that everything that happens is to move us forward into enlightenment, and feel the painfully. 

Don’t feel bad. Most of us have feelings of being unlovable and unworthy. I had them too. Loving the self has to happen to be open to receive love. Once blocks to being abandoned, rejected, worthy, loveable are removed you are much more likely to find love. 

Brenda’s Story

Brenda came to me feeling not good enough and empty. She had a loving partner and home but it never felt like enough. She felt that something was missing from her life. She was very unhappy deep inside.

Brenda’s mother died when she was twelve. After her mother’s death, she never had time to process her loss because she was the eldest. She became her father’s housemaid. She cooked and cleaned and did laundry for the family. She cared for her brothers and sisters stepping in for her mother in all ways but one. Her father was mean, angry and cruel to her. She took the brunt of her father’s anger about his wife dying and leaving him with three children. Brenda was berated and picked on by her father. She was unable to stand up for herself and felt helpless. She felt unworthy, unloved, rejected and abandoned. 

Brenda worked with me for three months. I cleared the abandonment, rejection and not feeling worthy issues. I cleared the beliefs that she wasn’t loved. I helped her process her mother’s death fully so that she was able to move forward. I coached her on her insecurity raising her confidence and helping her step into her power. The coaching helped Brenda find her voice so she could speak her truth rather than stay silent when she was upset.

The end result is that Brenda announced her engagement and is to be married later in 2016. Congratulations Brenda! You are courageous! You found your inner power and love. 

We Have To Give Love To Get Love

You know it is better to give than receive. When asked most people respond that they would love other people to make them feel better. But what about you? What do you do to make you feel better? Are your thoughts loving? Or do you think critical and negative thoughts about yourself. If you think these three thoughts you don’t love you. Are you able to self nurture? Do you take care of you? You have to give love to you to become a magnet for love. 

What most people don’t realize is that we are run by our unconscious mind. What does this mean? Thoughts and beliefs you aren’t even aware of from past events and trauma are running your life. Even if you aren’t consciously aware of it, these unconscious thoughts are what is attracting people and situations – or preventing you from having the love you desire.

Everyone is worthy of love. Everyone is loveable. When we begin to lovingly accept ourselves as we are we attract love to us. 

No More Bad Boys! – Resolving A Past Negative Pattern

Michele is a client who kept attracting bad boys who cheated. She kept dating a particular type of man who wouldn’t commit, and wasn’t loyal. 

I helped her move out of her comfort zone to date someone she normally wouldn’t even consider dating. He didn’t feel familiar. Michele grew up with a father who wasn’t committed and cheated on her mother. It is quite common for daughters of cheaters to attract someone much like their dad. This new relationship has been successful and very different than what she attracted previously. I cleared her past patterns and programs of abandonment, rejection and lying men at a soul level.  Then I encouraged her to go after a man who was a very different type. I coached her through the dating process until she felt confident to fly on her own.

Coaching with me helped her resolve this issue. 

 who moved to a city where he thought he would never find love. What was surprising to him is that after doing work with me, love found him! We worked through and cleared issues with unworthiness and feeling unlovable from the past. Instead of being indifferent about dating and love he is passionate! 


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