How Constant Criticism Leads To Autoimmune Disorders

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Imagine a newborn baby girl. This baby is perfect, with ten tiny fingers and toes. She has beautiful skin and a rosy complexion.

When this baby is born, it is yelled at for crying. Her parents scream at her when she needs to be held and slam the bedroom door leaving her uncared for and unloved.


When she is hungry her parents yell, “Stupid baby shut up!” Her parents tell her she is ugly, a waste of their time, an idiot and useless.  When her diapers are dirty, a perfectly natural phenomenon her parent tell her she stinks and is a horrible baby. Over time, this beautiful little girl begins to believe that she is stupid,  ugly, horrible, stinky, dirty and useless. Her immune system begins to shut down because she is useless after all. Most likely this girl will become a victim, and be raped or molested. She is, after all, a victim. 

Trauma in our childhood whether it is losing a parent early, having alcoholic or addicted parents, being unwanted or unloved all help to create a background of negativity and feelings of being unlovable, unworthy and undeserving. Perpetuating these feelings with our thoughts continues to impact our psyche, body, unconscious mind and eventually our health.

My Personal Discovery of Creating Ill Health

When I began my healing journey, I began to realize that my negativity and self-loathing were killing me. My thoughts were hateful, filled with scorn and criticism. I was sick all the time. I hated myself and my body. I had repressed anger, constant bladder and sinus infections. I got colds, the flu and rashes all over my body.
I was depressed, negative, anxious; I had Fibromyalgia and Epstein-Barr syndrome, an autoimmune disease. My body was failing because I told it was ugly, useless and flawed constantly. I perpetuated what my parents said to me. I was a useless female that didn’t deserve to go to college and would never amount to anything. I jumped from job to job and marriage to marriage. I was a perfectionist a people pleaser and a chameleon. I tried to be what I thought others would like. I was highly emotional and suppressed what I truly thought. I looked for happiness and validation outside of me.

What I Let Go Of To Heal


  • I stopped giving energy to things that didn’t matter. 
  • I stopped focusing on what others thought of me. 
  • I began to change my thoughts from self-defeating, critical and derisive, to loving and accepting. 
  • I stopped being critical of myself and others, 
  • I stopped worrying about what others thought of me. 
  • I stopped being late. 
  • I stopped making excuses. 
  • I stopped complaining. 

I took responsibility for my happiness and my health. JEM

As I did my health began to improve. Little by little, I became happier. I stopped being the chameleon to be accepted, trying to please others and began to be authentically me. I became happier. My depression lifted without medication! My anxiety and worry eased and went away. I am now 61 and have no pain in any part of my body. 


Loving thoughts heal the body and the mind. JEM

What Helped Me Most
  1. I was diligent about changing my thoughts from negative to positive.
  2. I used mantras in the background of my mind to reprogram my mind. 
  3. I meditated daily.
  4. I became mindful.
  5. I stopped multi-tasking.
  6. I became disciplined.
  7. I witnessed my reactions to situations.
  8. I processed my emotions.
  9. I stopped watching the news.
  10. I stopped reading the paper.
  11. I moved away from my family that was toxic.
  12. I was watchful of being true to myself.
  13. I was gentle, nurturing and loving to me.
  14. I took care of my needs first, instead of the needs of others.
  15. I cleared my energy field several times a week and more if I needed it.

Constant criticism doesn’t allow our body to thrive. When our body doesn’t meet our expectations, we hate our bodies. 


We make statements about this hate which destroy cells and create illness. Perfectionism, control, and fear are what lead to critiquing our every failing. Instead of making your body the enemy why not make friends with it and love it instead?

Loving thoughts send calming signals to the brain.


Negative thoughts create incongruent thought waves and create acidity in our body.

Imagine how it feels to have someone tell you how beautiful you are. Imagine how it feels to have someone pay you a compliment on how great you look. Now feel what those thoughts do to your body. Imagine what it would feel like to have only loving thoughts in your mind about your body. Loving thoughts create perfect, vital health. 


We can just as easily create perfect vital health with our thoughts. Unfortunately, our society, big pharma, and even the medical profession do not support the positive creation of vital health. What most people fail to recognize is that every illness, pain, and disease is created by our thoughts and emotions. 

Wouldn’t You Rather Have Perfect Health?
Fighting cancer
Fighting disease
Fighting fear
Fighting problems
Are not the answer!


Because you are focusing on the problem rather than the solution.

Tap in and see what you feel. 
Breathe deeply three times to tap in.
Inhale slowly and completely.
Exhale slowly. 
Inhale again completely.
Exhale completely.
Repeat this exercise once more.
Fighting illness creates poor health. We can’t fight anything and win. We have to love our bodies, make friends with ourselves to create a healthy body.

Positive thoughts about ourselves create health and well-being. 

Negative thoughts about ourselves create illness, and disease.

Suppressing anger creates depression. 
Believing that we aren’t in control of lives creates anxiety.

When we think loving thoughts about our body, we create vital health. Negative thoughts create negative feelings about yourself and body. Constant criticism will eventually cause you physical pain to signify you are headed in the wrong direction. If you ignore your body’s signs diseases are the next level of notification. Auto-immune problems and diseases are created by your thoughts. They didn’t just happen!


People that are not conscious don’t want to take responsibility for their health and well-being – they believe everything a doctor tells them and dutifully take the pills prescribed without question.

(I am not suggesting that you stop your necessary medication for diabetes or high blood pressure and other serious illnesses. What I am suggesting is that you look for natural remedies when possible to heal yourself.)


Loving thoughts create congruency in the brain, like deep dreamless sleep, they heal our body and mind. Loving thoughts
alleviate anxiety and create happiness. Just like any new fitness or health regime, we need to practice thinking loving thoughts daily so that our brain will begin to make new healthy grooves and patterns. 

There is another way. Life can be hard. Honor your path and what you have been through. Heartbreak, sadness, abuse, struggle are all real and very challenging. You have done your best. Give yourself credit for what you have done and experienced. You have been through a lot. It hasn’t been easy. Honor the journey you have been on. 

It is time to let go of suffering. Begin by forgiving yourself using the simple prayer of forgiveness here. This prayer is what I used to move out of shame and suffering. 

Forgive yourself for whatever you have done or said to yourself in the past that was harmful, mean or cruel. 

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe in slowly and completely to bring yourself into your body and the present moment.
  3. Exhale completely. Repeat twice more.
  4. Repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer slowly out loud until you have an emotional release or feel a shift in your energy. Sometimes this involves crying. Sometimes it involves laughter. Allow emotions come up to be released. Feeling your emotions fully is what is required to be happy and healthy.

Mantras To Heal You

Place your hands over your heart chakra
I love me.
I love my body.
I am safe. 
I am secure.

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