What Awakening and Enlightenment Means To Me Personally

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A reader asked me today, why I no longer feel empty, lonely or alone? What caused that shift in me and how does it change who I AM? 

I appreciate your question. Thank you!

Whether we are speaking about enlightenment, awakening, self-actualization or God Realization, the same holds true for all. When we become one with our High Selves, we no longer feel separate from The Divine Mind or Source Energy. We feel complete. 

A quote from Edgar Cayce explains it well.

“Remember there is no shortcut to a consciousness of the God-force. It is part of your own consciousness, but it cannot be realized by the simple desire to do so. Too often there is the tendency to want it and expect it without applying spiritual truth through the medium of mental processes. This is the only way to reach the gate. There are no shortcuts in metaphysics. Life is learned within self. You don’t profess it, you learn it” (8092-1).

The feeling of being lost, alone, lonely or having a vast void or a deep, dark pit of despair to fill with sex, drugs, relationships or material things is totally and completely gone. I feel blissfully happy no matter where I am or if I am alone or with another. I see the God in everything. I experience God in everything and everyone.

What Happened?

Pain causes us to suffer. When we resist life, we suffer. When we resist or avoid our pain, try to do everything without the assistance of the unseen forces (Divine Mind, Source Energy), we cause the pain to become even greater. 

I experienced tremendous pain, as most people did in their childhood. When I stopped resisting and began to go with the flow, life became easier. I listened to and trusted my Guidance. When I did, I was rewarded. I wrote about how this began in my first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory. My first book details my journey from pain, suffering into the light of awakening.

Before Enlightenment.

  1. Strong ego. Everything was all about me.
  2. Easily offended when criticized.
  3. Overly emotional.
  4. I felt I needed to go out of my body to join God or Spirit.
  5. Ungrounded.
  6. Flighty.
  7. A lack of discipline.
  8. Felt the need to search for answers for the meaning of life.
  9. Attended many workshops and spiritual gatherings.
  10. Stuck my nose where it didn’t belong.
  11. Need to be right.
  12. Stubborn.

After Enlightenment

  1. A sense of Oneness with all including God.
  2. No sense of separation from God and me.
  3. I stopped taking things personally. 
  4. People could make comments about me, and I was no longer offended.
  5. I felt fulfilled.
  6. I felt blissful.
  7. I felt serene and grounded deeply.
  8. A very strong sense of purpose to help others achieve enlightenment.
  9. Wisdom, a state of Flow, and communication with The Divine, plants, animals.
  10. A deep knowing of Truth – Certainty
  11. The ability to manifest miracles for self and others.
  12. Became humble rather than egoic.
  13. No longer need to be right. 
  14. Cannot lie.
  15. Held to a higher standard
  16. Streaming from Divine Mind – the ability to tap into and know the root issues affecting others, feeling other’s emotions and knowing their thoughts
  17. A Knowing that we can heal and harm ourselves with thought.
  18. Loving with non-attachment.

A Series Of Mystical Experiences

I struggled with relationships, money, addictions and food until I didn’t anymore. I had a brief experience of Oneness with everything that was phenomenal in 2009. I was found in two different places at the same time (bi-location) in 2012 by my son, David. I felt myself de-materialize as I lay down to take a nap in Boulder, Colorado. David saw me that very day on a pool deck in Atlanta, Georgia. I detail a lot of these experiences in my first book. Another book on awakening is coming after my current book Happy Here, Happy Anywhere.

From Sick, And Depressed To Vibrant Health

I was negative and sick. My thoughts caused me to have Fibromyalgia – which I healed through loving myself. I had an auto-immune disease which I healed through loving myself. I was angry, depressed and anxious. I cleared and cleared my energy field several times a week and before each client I served. Each energy clearing lifted my spirits and cleared my negativity, beliefs that didn’t serve me and my programming from before I was born into the present and future.

My depression and anxiety began to lift. My mind chatter cleared when I did mantras on a daily basis. My mind became quiet. I loved all of my flaws and faults. To the point of pissing off my son’s girlfriend. She said my flaws weren’t cute. I laughed!

I Tested The Waters of Religion

I tried out different churches from Presbyterian to United Methodist, Unity, Jain, Hinduism, Buddhism, you name it, I tried it. I found that no religion was my path. My path is the path of LOVE.
Instead of fighting with God, (Source, Creator) I aligned my will with The Divine. I asked every day, “What will you have me do today for your people, God?” I did it without question. I became obedient. 

I Let Go

I let go of pleasing others. I stopped worrying about what they thought of me or what I did. I stopped trying to make my children, parents and family happy. I stopped trying to control everyone. Life became easy when I went with the flow rather than attempting to push like a salmon swimming upstream.

As I became more loving to myself, my field expanded and drew more loving people to me. People I need to talk to just show up in front of me, or I see them with a glow around them.


WTF? If you were to see me as a teenager, or even as an adult, obedient wasn’t my middle name! I am a maverick, a wild stallion without the testicles (well maybe just a little of them) a butterfly that flits from flower to flower, morphing every nine or ten years choosing a different field to pollinate. I have been told I am a contradiction. Wild yet calm, ecstatically happy yet serene. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter what you define me as the bottom line is that I AM LOVE.

My Timeline of Awakening

The following events sparked tremendous growth in me and were part of my forward movement toward awakening. 

1959 – 1970 experienced tremendous pain, emotional abuse, etc.
1970 – Read Siddhartha and knew that I wanted to be awakened 
1970 – boyfriend drowned and visited me in spirit form
1975 –  God called my name
1979 – Met Bill Gates and moved to Maryland to be married
1981 – First son, Adam born
1983 – Moved to England had ridiculous wealth – miserable
1986 – Son Adam finishes the thought in my head – Light goes on
1986 – Came out to my family about molestation. No more secrets.
1990 – Recognized that all this wealth didn’t make me happy
           divorced Bill Gates because I was miserable.
1998 – Interview Lama Surya Das for The Oracle Magazine
1998 – Read Awakening The Buddha Within.
1998 – Read Ram Das’s books
1998 – Became a Hypnotherapist with The National Guild
2000 – Became a Georgia Master Gardener
2001 – Opened For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. working in the dirt daily. I            experienced a deep connection with the earth and animals.
2003 – Left a very abusive marriage by the skin of my teeth
2007 – Became certified in energy healing – started clearing myself
2007 – Advanced course on energy healing – began clearing others
2007 – Began Ascending daily – meditation practice using mantras
2007 – August mind chatter stopped. Mind became silent.
2007 – Traveled to India
2007 – Landscape equipment lit up with a halo daily see Odyssey
2007 – November 1 met Twin Flame Love at drum-making wk shop
2008 – January 22, John Armbruster died in my arms
2008 – Began to work on self-love and positive thoughts.

2008 – Awoke with the message that I was a Bodhisattva – I had                  to look up the meaning 

2009 – Flash of Oneness at a Global Event

2010 – Became a Oneness Blessing Giver in Black Mountain, NC
2010 – July, Found mold in farmhouse – lost EVERYTHING
2010 – Flash in my brain while toning causing huge shift
2010 – September moved to small apartment. Began to live simply.
2010 – Sept Studied The Akashic Records in Bali
2011 – Began to stream consciousness and The Divine Mind
2011 – Wrote Odyssey, became a certified coach and began
            INTO THE MYSTIC radio show on Voice America
2011 – Made a solumn vow to serve The Divine in a ceremony
2011 – Early October Received Guidance to move to Boulder.
2011 – October: Sold everything, including landscaping company
2011 – October 22nd moved with daughter to Boulder
2011 – Began studying Tantra
2011 – Began serious Gratitude Practice
2012 – Meditating remotely with friend Bill Lasiter several times              daily Permanent enlightenment or Sahaja Samadhi
2012 – May predicted Rich Resuta’s death 
2012 – July 4, Rich Resuta died
2012 – Bi-located from Boulder, CO to Atlanta, GA my son David witnessed seeing me in the flesh on a pool deck he was cleaning.
2012 Recieved Guidance to write about sex
2012 – Moved to The Mojave Desert, California- Blissful 
2014 Wrote and published Orgasm For Life

Additional Resources

Manic Move To The Mojave Part II
Twin Flame Lessons
Sedona Vortex Tours – In Loving Memory

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