5 Ways To Overcome A Snoring Partner Without Moving Rooms

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

One in four married couples sleep in separate rooms. Snoring and sleep deprivation is being cited as the culprit. In a society where we are disconnected all day with work, social media, cell phones and business, for some couples, the only time they have quiet moments to snuggle and share intimacy is at night. 

You have more sex sleeping together.
You live longer by sleeping with your partner.

None of us want to admit it. Snoring isn’t our most favorable trait. I’ve been known to wake myself up after hearing myself sawing logs! 

Here are five ways to keep your lover in your bed and your connection alive when one or both of you snore.

1. Lose weight. Weight gain is a pesky culprit for many things, snoring is one of them. Losing weight can help you with erectile dysfunction and better general health. Besides, how can you run after her when you can’t keep up?

2. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol and sedatives relax the back of the throat causing you to snore. Even Dimetapp or Benadryl will cause snoring when taken occasionally. Drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping will cause you to snore.

3. Get to bed earlier. Going to bed exhausted has the same effect as drinking alcohol before bed. When you work too hard for too long, you fall into bed exhausted. The throat relaxes causing snoring. Take better care of yourself by quitting work earlier when possible, and going to bed before you are exhausted.

4. Moisturize and hydrate! A room too dry and a stuffy nose can cause snoring. Take a hot shower before bed, use a cool humidifier for added moisture. Inhaling steam in the shower can help to hydrate nasal passages. Make sure you are drinking enough water. A dehydrated mouth and nose will cause you to snore. Water is needed especially if you drink caffeine during the day as it dehydrates the body. Women require 11 cups of water a day and men 16 cups.

5. Get a new pillow. As Oprah says your pillow is not your friend. If you have been carting your pillow with you since childhood it is time to get a new one. Dust mites, allergens, and other unsightly germs accumulate on your pillow. Change your pillow every six months. In between times throw that bad boy in the dryer for ten minutes to kill anything that lingers. 

Ignoring snoring is dangerous. It could be a sign of something very serious. Too many of us slough off signs thinking it is natural to snore. If none of these tips work, you might have a sleep apnea. 
Sleep apnea is a sign of a serious health issue: high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or weight gain.

Ear plugs can be a short-term solution, but are another way of ignoring a problem.

Disconnection is all too easy these days. Ask yourself, is snoring the excuse for me to create distance between me and my partner? Moving out of your marital bedroom creates distance in more ways than one. You will not only have more sex but the opportunity to connect through conversations and spooning after that blissful coupling!
Source: Web MD

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