How To Quiet Mind Chatter To Reduce Anxiety

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mind chatter can be debilitating. In fact, mind chatter can cause tremendous anxiety and fear keeping us awake at night and in fear during the day. Quieting the mind chatter takes a little practice, diligence, and discipline but will ease tension, stress and even help you feel peaceful and calm.

The more we attempt to stop thoughts, the more obsessive they become. As Einstein so aptly said, “We can’t solve a problem with the same thought process that created it.” We have to replace the chatter with something that breaks up the addictive thoughts. Yes, mind chatter is an addiction. 

Understanding what mind chatter is, will help you short circuit the looping thoughts. Mind chatter is obsessive thoughts and running commentary or monologue about life from what others are wearing, how late you are running to how ridiculous other people are acting. It is judgment, criticism that often runs in a loop, repeating and repeating until you are exhausted. 
Most people feel that a running commentary is normal. These thoughts that continue after your head hits the pillow cause an acid environment in your body and anxiety. Most of the thoughts we think are negative.
Telling your mind to stop doesn’t work. Since most of the thoughts we think are automatic, we have to replace the thoughts with something that calms the mind and soothes the soul. Mantras do both. 
Mantras Heal and Calm
Using a series of mantras slowly in the background of your mind (silently) will calm your stress and replace the worrisome thoughts with something positive, affirming and healing. Mantras are different than worrisome thoughts as they create longer brain waves that calm both the body and mind.
It doesn’t matter what language you use for the mantras, English works just fine too! Suggested mantras that worked well for me are below the instructions. Enjoy! Let me know on FaceBook how these worked for you.
1. Pick one phrase to use that feels good to you and repeat it gently slowly and silently in the background of your mind. You don’t want to run a mantra through as fast as your obsessive thoughts, as you are just replacing one obsession with another. SLOW DOWN.
2. Repeat each mantra slowly as you do mundane tasks, and even once you go to bed. You can change mantras after about five to seven minutes. Each mantra should be positive, life and health affirming. 
3. Breathe slowly and deeply. Most people breathe shallowly barely affirming life. Slow deep breathing will help to bring you into the present moment, calm you and fill your lungs with much- needed oxygen. 
Suggested Mantras
I am loved
I am safe 
I love me
I am secure
I am worthy
I am enough
I am grateful for my life
I am the light of The Divine inside me
I am strong, powerful, harmonious, loving and happy. 
I know that these mantras work. I began using mantras in July of 2007 and my mind became completely quiet within months. With a quiet mind, your health improves, you become peaceful and calm where you can co-create your life from an empowered place.

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