Last Night I Was Saved From A Deadly Crash! Do You Take A Chance? Or Get Fuel?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It’s a simple thing.  You are twenty-two miles from home and your fuel warning light comes on. Do you stop, or do you risk it knowing that you have thirty miles in reserve?

We have all done it. We think we have enough gas, but ignore that drop in our gut that says, “No you don’t!” I have had plenty of experiences driving across Utah for 100 miles with fumes in my tank at night, praying that I will make it to the next service station. I vowed to never do that again. Yesterday, this vow was put to the test. When I left home for my Friday Fun Day at the beach, I had plenty of gas for a return trip, or so I thought.

Only twenty-two miles from home, my fuel tank light lit up brightly. I vowed to myself not to risk pushing through. I call it the “Drive and Pray Method.” I was tired and wanted to get home. My eighteen-year-old Border Collie Karma was exhausted from a day at the beach. I knew her hips were hurting. A fuel stop would add almost ten minutes to our ninety-seven-mile return trip. 

Yes, I take my happy place very seriously. I get to the beach with my dogs weekly in the summer.

I heard, “Don’t risk it!” I made the decision to stop after hearing that I wouldn’t make it this time. I trusted my gut. I listened to my inner voice. I paid the extra sixty-five cents a gallon for the premium real estate  and convenience. The shrill siren of the first response team sounded as I replaced the nozzle back on the pump. A second ambulance whizzed past the service station on it’s way to an accident. 
It didn’t occur to me where the ambulances were headed until it was too late and I was already committed to the on-ramp, I was tired. Traffic on Interstate 14 through Antelope Valley was dead stopped. There were red tail-lights lighting up miles of highway in the dark as far as the eye could see. My trip just became a four-hour ride. 

I should have had plenty of gas to get home. When I left my house I had well over half a tank, which is more than enough for a round-trip to Santa Barbara. Last night, my warning light prevented me from being ten minutes down the road quite likely in the middle of a terrible accident. 

How often do situations prevent us from being out of danger when we listen? I have made it back and forth with half a tank of gas, far less than I had yesterday. Why then did I use more gas on this trip? To save my life? To keep me safe? It takes courage to listen when past history tells you something different. 

I immediately prayed for those in the accident. I was thankful I was safe. I realized there was a reason my warning light came on. I focused on the positive. There was glass all over the highway marking the place of the accident. It must have been terrible. 

knew there had to be fatalities. While looking for a tail light image for this post, I also searched to see what happened, not for me but for you. Here is the link for last night’s terrible accident. Three Dead Two Injured As Tesla rear-ends Toyota on I-14 freeway.  

The Toyota burst into flames and the three family members sadly died at the scene. Had I not stopped for gas, this could have been me. Though the information about the direction was incorrect, it was a northbound accident, 

Trust Your Gut

Listen to your instinct. Play it safe rather than taking chances with your life. Listen to the little quiet voice in your heart. If you get a wild hair or hear you need to take a different route on your way home – do so. It may save your life. I am grateful for my safety. I am grateful for listening. Today, though, I am very sad that others lost their lives. Be safe out there and trust your Guidance, with an open loving heart.

We gain wisdom as we heal and transform our pain into joy. It is possible; I have done it myself. I had tremendous pain and suffering as you did in my childhood. I felt like a victim for over thirty years. Today, I thrive on solitude and quiet. I am happy alone or with a crowd. I feel comfortable in my skin and trust my Guidance. If you are ready to overcome your pain, suffering, and struggle, over thirty years. Today, I thrive on solitude and quiet. I am happy alone or with a crowd. I feel comfortable in my skin and trust my Guidance. If you are ready to overcome your pain, suffering, and struggle, why don’t you contact me now?

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