Erection Protection: How To Prevent Issues Saluting

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Men, I have some news for you. Your penis is directly linked to your heart. If you are experiencing difficulty with weak erections, get your heart checked immediately. No matter your age, taking care of your health now will lead to longer life and stronger harder erections.

If that isn’t enough to make you stand up and take notice, I don’t know what is. The first sign of issues with the heart relates to issues with your penis.

The penis is the male sexual organ consisting of the head or glans, and shaft or body. The glans is far more sensitive than the shaft of the penis, however, the underside of the penis is more sensitive than the upper or topside for you boaters out there.

The internal composition of the penis is comprised of three cylinders of spongy tissue. There is no bone in the penis. The penis is highly sensitive to touch, pressure and temperature. There are 4,000 nerve endings in the penis, and 8,000 in the woman’s clitoris to give you some perspective of sensitivity.

Two other areas that are very sensitive are the rim which separates the glans from the shaft, called the coronal ridge and the frenulum, a small triangular shaped area on the underside of the penis where the skin attaches to the glans.

As a man becomes aroused, the spongy areas forcefully fill with blood filling the three cylinders causing the penis to become erect. The better the blood flow, the harder the erection. The transition from soft (flaccid) to erect is what is called getting an erection. 

The Mayo Clinic Proceedings studied 1,400 men that had never been diagnosed with heart disease. Over the next decade, they found that those with ED (erectile dysfunction) were 80% more likely to develop heart disease. ED is an early predictor of heart disease. 

Dr. Steven Lamm wrote The Hardness Factor. Dr. Lamm feels that the best way to tell the health of a man is by his penis. A flaccid penis is a sign of coronary issues. 

How Can You Prevent Issues With ED?

You only have one body. Take care of it, starting when you are young. 


Kegels tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor
  • fast foods 
  • wheat
  • sugar
  • diet soda
  • sugar substitutes
  • soda
  • alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • red meat
  • fried foods
  • caffeine
  • soy
  • peanut oil
  • safflower oil
  • corn oil
Eat less meat and more fresh fruit and vegetables. Exercise at least three times a week. My belief is that if we want to live long healthy lives to take care of our bodies daily, not just once in a while. I exercise every day. Do Kegels daily, for stronger erections. Kegels have even been known to increase the strength of erections which can make your penis appear larger.

Fat in the body restricts blood flow to the penis. Men who have a large abdomen have fat around their organs and restricting blood flow internally as well. Fat can cause issues with clogging the blood flow and can impede strong erections. Changing one’s diet and exercising can have great benefits to improving erections as well as overall health, increasing longevity.

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  1. Dave says:

    No argument here and especially with my most trusted advisor far exceeding the little energizer bunny. In fact , ya’ll can’t find either a better professional as her nor a more sincere and honest,open minded,self reveling expert.personally intermittent fasting,high intensity interval exercising,oral hygiene and the old adage of” use it or lose it” with or without partner of pleasure it’s vitally important as sir Winston Churchill put so very well” I never worry about action, I worry constantly about inaction” . Once again, in my humble opinion, there’s no equal only at best very distant second places and not to vituperate or cast judgment on those not even close second place is first place losers. Don’t be a dummy like she said take care of what takes care of you and hopefully many,many others or your significant other

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