8 Things To Never Do On Your Dating Profile

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Millions of men and women are participating in on-line dating. Why are some people more successful at it than others? They have fun while doing it. If on-line dating has become a chore, maybe you are doing some, if not all of these five no-nos! Update and concentrate and get more results.

1. No shades! No group photos. Post a great current photo of you alone. Spend some time, energy and even some money getting some good photos taken that represent who you are. Your photos are the first and often the last thing a prospective date sees on your profile. Make your photo stand out with these instructions:

  • You might look really cool in those shades, but not to a prospective date! Sunglasses show you are hiding something. Dates want to see your eyes, the windows to your soul. If you can’t show your eyes in your photo, most will say PASS!
  • Never post a group photo of you and your countless friends, your prospective date might be disappointed when they are dating the wrong person!
  • Never wear a hat in your on-line photo, it indicates you are
    Bad dating photo! Who are we looking at?

    hiding something

  • You might be the world’s best parent, but a prospective date wants to date you not your children. Avoid photos of your children. Pedophiles are often on dating sites – think before you post.
2. Writing negative lists of what you won’t tolerate. We have all had some bad dating experiences, but that doesn’t mean we have to list them on a profile. Be positive, it shows that you have let go and forgiven the past and moved on. Nobody wants to date someone who is living in the past and still angry at their ex’s.

3. Don’t use sarcasm. Sarcasm might be funny to you, but is a sign of abusive behavior and issues with communication and compassion. The way you write about yourself tells the reader a lot about who you are. Be positive and use some humor.

4. Don’t lead with sex. User names like BigBoy4U, or Kittypleaser are a huge turn-off. Your user name and your photo give a first impression, what’s it going to be a turn-on? Or turn-off? Women are more interested in romance at first, sex happens if we like you enough to go there. 

5. Don’t lie. You may look great for your age, but that doesn’t mean you should lie about it. Eventually, the truth will come out. Starting a relationship on a lie is a rocky place to start leaving you to not be trusted.

6. Don’t reveal confidential information on your profile. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or workplaces and any other private information should never be posted on your profile. Don’t even reveal your favorite restaurant. Not everyone trolling on-line dating sites is a potential date, some are scammers, potential stalkers or worse, identity theft rings. Be careful and stay safe. Only give out personal information after you have met in person and know your date is not a safety risk. Meet in a public place, never have a date pick you up at your home for the first few dates at least.

Not appropriate dating photo
7. Don’t reveal too much physically. Your photo should be of you clothed. Your abs might be fabulous, and women you might have fabulous breasts, but really what are you advertising here? Sex is something that happens as we become relaxed, comfortable and feel safe. If sex is all you want, maybe you should be on Tinder, not a dating site?

8. Avoid cliche´s.  You might love long walks on the beach and watching a sunset, but using that phrase will most likely get you a pass. Be original and authentic to be noticed.

Keep your profile short, simple and sweet. If you want to write a book, your profile isn’t the place. Be safe out there and have some fun while you are at it! Let me know if this article helped you either on FaceBook or below. I love to hear your comments!

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