If You Aren’t Living Your Soul Purpose You Aren’t Living Fully

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Some of us work to live. Others live to work. Doing work, we love, aligned with our soul purpose is what we are here to do. When aligned with our soul purpose work is a joy, we feel contented and fulfilled. When we are not doing work that is in alignment with our soul purpose, we may feel disconnected, lost or in search of what is missing. 

How does one find out what their soul purpose is?

There are many ways to discover what our soul purpose is. If we have had tough lessons in life, we often turn those lessons into our gifts to share with others. Maybe you have experienced a trauma, a serious illness and overcome it. Teaching others what we have learned from our personal journey is often what we are meant to do. 

For more than twenty years a consciousness ran through me filtering through my thoughts telling me I would write a book and help people overcome sexual trauma (PTSD) and abuse. I didn’t realize that the overarching theme was helping people be happy, by loving themselves and raising self-esteem. I also didn’t have a clue how me telling my story would help anyone else. To say I resisted is an understatement!

I argued with this Guidance. “What would anyone want to hear my story for? How could I possibly help anyone with their personal issues?” Now I help others find their way to happiness and their soul purpose through coaching, energy healing and The Akashic Records.

A Guide To Your Purpose

1. Don’t worry about a plan. Your soul purpose will come filtering through your consciousness. You can’t plan for it. Just begin. Write in your journal. Ask yourself what you have learned in life so far? Write it down. Ask yourself what you are passionate about?

2. You can’t rush it. As we graduate through our life lessons we learn and grow. At each stage of our spiritual evolution, we learn new skills. The skills you need to use to access your life purpose will come during your journey to your purpose. You can’t teach something that you haven’t learned yet, it won’t work. You can’t short circuit your process. Your soul purpose will be something a little risky – deep faith is rewarded. You will only see a glimpse early on – rather than a plan all laid out.

3. There are levels to your spiritual development. Beginning on a path of spiritual development is kindergarten. Once you learn your initial lessons you graduate to first grade. Your vibration increases as you grow. Your soul purpose vibrates at a high rate. You can’t expect to be able to see what it is until your vibration meets the same vibration. You can’t receive your soul purpose until you are able to process and understand it. You will get there, I promise!

4. Your soul purpose is heart-based. Trying to “figure out” your soul purpose won’t do it for you. When we are figuring things out we are in our ego-mind, not our heart. Your heart is where you connect to Source. The way to find your soul purpose is to go through your heart.

5. You need to take a leap of faith. Your soul purpose will not be an easy path. Expecting that everything will be laid out and there will be no risk involved won’t get you very far. Faith requires you to act on the unseen. 

6. No one can keep you from your soul purpose but you! Your soul purpose depends on you and no one else. Thinking that your spouse, children, parents, employer or pets can block you from acting on and fulfilling your soul purpose is taking the role of a victim. You aren’t a victim here unless you choose to be. No one can kill your dreams but you. Excuses won’t get you down the road, they will keep you stuck. Taking the steps required on your path will allow your dream to unfold.

A caveat here is that I had tremendous fear about writing my first book. I wanted to play it safe and wait till my mother died. “NO!” was my answer. My first book was as much for my mother as it was for me.  I was afraid of her wrath and backlash. My mother threatened to sue me due to the content in Odyssey Victim to Victory

My truth wasn’t the way she remembered it. It was very painful for her. It didn’t keep me from writing the book, I did it anyway and took a huge risk. I didn’t allow my fear of my mother keep me from doing what I needed to do. We have to be completely authentic and honest with ourselves and others to receive our soul purpose.

Writing my first book was cathartic and healing for me. Anytime we do something the first time we have to take a huge leap.  I took mine. You can do it too!

6. It might not feel comfortable. Expecting that fulfilling your life purpose will be easy and comfortable is expecting it to be handed to you on a silver platter. It won’t be. Like I wrote above, there is going to be risk involved both personal and probably financial. Anything worth having is worth working for and probably takes a certain amount of risk. You might risk feeling silly, vulnerable or revealing personal information. Your soul purpose is worth it!

7. We often meet our destiny on the road to avoid it. If you attempt to avoid it or stifle your creativity you might meet your soul purpose somewhere else. No matter where you go, you will be. 

8. Ask for help. We can’t do this alone and you probably need to learn a few skills along the way. We can try to be the lone wolf, but we will make life much more difficult in the process. The Universe and God can’t help if you don’t ask. Along the road of life, the resources you need will arrive when you align with your soul purpose. Help is on your path. Boots start walking! (It’s an old Nancy Sinatra song.)

9. Don’t allow uncertainty to stop you. Not having all the answers allows information to flow to you. Uncertainty is the birth of all creation. Some of the greatest moments in our lives came from the orchestration of the Universe, things that we could never have predicted just unfold before our very eyes! Cultivate the attitude of not knowing and being uncertain, it will allow the infinite possibilities of the Universe to open up to you.

10. Don’t misappropriate information! When the help arrives use it! If you ask for Intuitive Guidance, act on it. If you ask, receive and don’t use the information you will punish yourself for not doing what you thought you were supposed to do. Your guilt will block you.

Your soul purpose might be just to love. It could be a simple thing. 

Everyone Has A Soul Purpose Even A Dog!
Meet Yoda He Knows His Soul Purpose

Oct. 2014

In October 2014, I was Guided to take my daughter out to brunch at our favorite breakfast place in our town. We don’t dine out often, preferring to eat healthy food and watch our budget.

Yoda found me five months before my daughter, Ariel graduated from high school and moved to Colorado. He was wandering down the alley outside of the restaurant where my daughter and I had brunch.

He was only about six weeks old. We checked with the people that owned him, and they had no means to feed or take care of him and told my daughter to take him (they had five other puppies and no mamma). I wondered what the heck I would do with a puppy? Why did he show up when he did? 

My answer came:
To help Karma and me get over a tough time and make us both smile! 

His soul purpose is to make people happy. Everywhere he goes people look at him and smile. I have yet to see anyone come into his presence and not smile. He runs down the beach drops his tennis ball in front of their blanket and barks at them. Most people know instinctively to throw his ball; then he runs down to the next group of people. He is gregarious. He loves everyone. He makes people smile. 

He has helped Karma stay young and active, giving her a buddy to join her in her walks and play. Karma was starting to fail till Yoda showed up. Yoda has given Karma a new lease on life and brought in joy for her.

Abandoned Native American store

In 2014, I was driving across the country from Boulder, Colorado and got all the way to Williams, Arizona to stop for the night. When I did, I found Yoda wasn’t in my car. He had gotten out when I stopped to take photos (I had no idea). 

I had to drive all the way back to Big Guns, Arizona to find him. There are a series of children’s books coming about Yoda and how he found his home, as well as his big adventure of being lost in

Big Guns, AZ where I found Yoda in the dark

Arizona. Yoda’s story is a part of his soul purpose. He will be visiting children in classrooms and elsewhere as part of his Divine Purpose.

I hope this article is helpful in some way. I would love to hear from you, either comments or questions. Please either respond at the bottom of this article, or on FaceBook. Often a conversation can be helpful with others who have also experienced what you are going through. 

Due to my personal experience with my mother, I am extremely compassionate. I had my experience with feeling bat-shit crazy. I understand how devastating it can be to experience the impossible to please the parent. 
Often the partner of someone with BPD pre-deceases the other from the high levels of stress in the home. 

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