8 Sexy Surprises That Are Guaranteed To Turn Up The Heat and Blow His Mind!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Spontaneity can turn ho-hum sex into sexual delight. Follow these tips and turn him on like never before. 

1. Sext him in the morning and let him know you are thinking of him and how much you love and appreciate him. 

2. Titillate him throughout the day with sexy texts hinting at what is to come when he gets home!

3. Cook his favorite foods. Choose a meal that is light. Too much food before sex can get in the way of comfort.

Who doesn’t feel sexy in high heels?

4. Dress up. Put on some high heels and an alluring outfit. Men love red, though blue runs a very close sexond. Don’t want to wear a dress and feel your best in a pair of jeans? That’s okay too, just add a touch of spice with a pair of high heels.

Don’t like to cook or sext? 

5. Give him a body buff in the shower. Soap him up and use your hot body to buff and shine his. With his back to your front, slide your soapy body all over his back, booty, and even his legs. Allow him to experience the feeling of your body sliding all over his back without being able to look at you. Then turn him around and body buff his. The feeling of sliding your gorgeous body all over his is guaranteed to turn up the heat!

6. Tie me up and tie me down! Take charge. Push him down on the bed, with a playful smile. Blindfold him with a silk scarf. Tie his wrists to your headboard and pleasure him slowly. Kiss, lick and suck slowly from his ears to his toes, slowly work your way back up and give in to his favorite thing, oral

7. Let him enjoy a fantasy. Everyone has a fantasy. Dress up in a costume (nurse, French maid, or police officer) role play and really get into the fun of play acting. Be someone different. Wear a wig, surprise him with a special outfit he loves. Make him feel like the King of his domain. Men want to know they are the man! Show him. Let him know how much he turns you on. 

8. Do a strip tease. Get over the feeling of being silly. Men are visual creatures. They are turned on through their eyes. Get into the role. Watch a few videos and learn some new moves and dance! Once your dance is over, give him a lap dance. This just might be the build up to your greatest night ever!

Add some sex toys, vibrators, sex pillows to your repertoire. A hand job coupled with a vibrator against his jewels might be

something new and add another dimension to your sex play. A wedge pillow can lift your hips and give you both added pleasure and make your sex life spicy! If you play your cards right, you might not make it out of the kitchen!

Step outside of your comfort zone. If you both agree, try something you haven’t done before. A couples vibrator could be a fun addition and turn you both on. Nothing is off limits unless you choose it to be. Add a cowboy hat. Ladies you can leave your hat on! Create some new excitement and new memories. Expand your horizons and enjoy the ride!

Great sex begins in the mind. Talk about what you both desire and enjoy. If you can’t talk about sex, you won’t be able to find out what works and what doesn’t. Deep, connected relationships don’t magically happen. Relationships take effort, communication from the heart. Honesty and trust are the most important parts of a conscious loving relationship. Don’t expect great sex, if you only touch her sexually. Hugs, hand-holding and kissing when you don’t want sex will allow you both to feel loved, appreciated and connected. 

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