You Are Beautiful No Matter How You Look

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Beauty is at the core of our being. The more beautiful we feel, the more beautiful we look. Examine a tree in the springtime. A blooming tree knows it is beautiful innately. It doesn’t try or attempt to be something it’s not to be more beautiful. 

You are beautiful  – a bloom of love at your core.

It’s time we felt the beauty that is already ours without a rule book to follow or opinion of another to “know” that we are beautiful. Beauty is a radiance that comes from self-acceptance and diving deep into authenticity and personal power. The more beautiful you feel the more you radiate love and beauty to the world. 

The more loving and accepting of yourself, the more beauty you see in others.

You need to love your body too!

Beauty comes from within. Your soul essence has a natural beauty. It has nothing to do with how large your booty or breasts are, or how small your frame is. Beauty is at the center of each molecule and every atom that is you. 

Many people searching for love are resistant to love and are not aware of it. We reject a heartfelt compliment by saying, “Oh, this old thing?” Or “I don’t know how you could say such a thing about me!” 

We often have behaviors that reject love and compliments. We might want love, but when it shows up we send love packing! The exact opposite of what we desire. Old patterns come from fear of intimacy or being hurt, wounded or rejected in the past. 

We can’t truly love another until we fill ourselves up with love. Try the following on a daily basis. When someone gives you a compliment, accept it gracefully by saying, a heartfelt, “Thank you.” Most people that don’t feel loving toward themselves will put down a compliment. We might even push love away

Try these new behaviors daily and see how differently that you feel about yourself and others.

  1. Affirm your beauty in front of your mirror, “You are beautiful!”
  2. Give compliments to others, “Wow, you are so beautiful!” You have no idea what a small statement can do for another person. Giving compliments to others also is something that will make you feel good as well. 
  3. Notice the beauty around you. There is beauty in simplicity, in plants, trees, in the face of a stranger, a newborn, an infant in a shopping cart. The more you begin to notice the beauty that surrounds you the better you will feel. 

How To Love Yourself Fearlessly Everyday

When you notice the beauty in others, it is a reflection of the beauty within you. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are so worthy. Give to yourself and then give to others. See the joy on another’s face when they hear those three simple words, “you are beautiful.”

Jennifer is a love and passion coach and energy healer. She empowers women to love themselves fearlessly so that they show up in their relationships with their love tank full, in love with themselves with plenty to give to another. 

If you keep repeating patterns or aren’t happy with yourself, life or relationships set up your free discovery session to see how life could be with your love tank full happy with you! Find Jennifer’s books on or set up your free discovery session with Jennifer here. 

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