Bringing God Into The Bedroom Through Tantra

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you have ever had an experience with a partner where you felt the presence of God, you have tapped into the threshold of where Tantra takes you every time. Sex without God is like a day without sunshine. Tantra creates a sacred and spiritual act by slowing down the process and making sex mindful keeping you focused on each sacred moment.

Too often sex is a rush of heated sexual tension and over within minutes. Tantra slows down everything from your breathing to touch. Tantra takes you out of your mind (in so many ways) and into your body so that you feel each touch like a blaze of heat and ecstasy. (As I had a partner describe to me.)

Tantra focuses on breathing together, entraining your consciousness as one, slowing movement and the act of love-making to feel each touch, looking into your partner’s eyes and being one with God. 

Tantra is liberating, rather than bonding two people together. In Tantra, it is not the other you are relating to, but the highest aspect of yourself. Connecting to the highest aspect of yourself causes a very fast and enjoyable expansion of consciousness that is stronger and faster than alone. You attain a state that is not dependent on the other.

You become fully present with your divinity filled with gratitude for those you experience this expanded experience. 

Beginning with massage, slow touch allows you to connect deeply with your body and get out of your mind. When you are present fully, connected rather than in your head Tantric sex becomes a sacred spiritual act

Sex without Tantra feels like a ride at an amusement park. It is over before you begin to enjoy it and you feel the price was far too high.

Tantra focuses on each moment, rather than being in a hurry to rush to the finish line. Orgasm happens but usually many times, rather just than once. Orgasm with Tantra rolls like wave after wave through your entire body, rather than an experience only felt in your genitals. 


Today Millenials have come up with a name for what Tantra has used for centuries. Edging brings you to the brink of orgasm and then allows the energy to subside over and over again so that pleasure is experienced for hours rather than moments. 

Sex With Heart

Tantric sex is beautiful as it brings your sexual energy into your heart and expands it outward all over your body. Imagine feeling an orgasm throughout your entire body undulating for minutes rather than seconds. 

If you don’t respect your partner, you will not be able to engage in the depth of the Tantric experience. Respect is needed to create a sacred act with the presence of God.

G-Spot Massage

Women and men both have a G-spot. For women, it is located on the upper wall of the vagina approximately an inch and a half inside the opening. Men also have a G-spot, just inside the rectum. G-spot massage for both sexes enhances the sexual experience and deepens orgasms to be more profound and powerful. For those who still wonder if the G-spot in a woman is fact or fiction, click here

Orgasm For Life: Sting and Tantra

Study Tantra and See For Yourself

Some of the comments I have received on my blog are that what I say is too good to be true. If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.

Take a Tantric weekend course and see for yourself. There are many excellent Tantra teachers in the world, I studied with Charles Muir, but there are many excellent Tantra teachers out in the world: Devi Ward, Prem Sarovara are two of them.

There are many types of Tantra. Red, white, black are different from one another. If you are interested in the different types I have written a much-read article here. Tantra: White, Red, Black What The Heck?

Semen Retention Benefits

Semen retention is the withholding of ejaculation. You can still experience orgasms, yes and many times in one encounter. Sex can continue for hours while you maintain your energy and stamina. Your erection may wane for a short while after an orgasm but very quickly you will be able to be back in the swing with a strong, hard erection. There are many benefits to semen retention.  

You will find when you begin to retain your semen and ejaculate only when you choose to that you have increased energy, look and feel younger and don’t take so long to be ready for the next wondrous round of sex!

Passionate sex requires a change of attitude. Passion doesn’t mean that you come within two minutes of beginning a love-making session. Passion requires patience and a giving heart. Slow down, get out of your head and feel each feeling fully. Connect eye-to-eye and take the time to kiss your partner slowly without being in a rush. Experiencing pleasure slowly, changing position, speed, pressure from light and gentle to deep and firm can add a higher consciousness to your sex life and relationship. 

Everyone can shift their sex life up a notch to enjoy passionate, hot sexual experiences that you talk about for years to come!

Let me know how this works for you. Comment below, or join me on FaceBook for a conversation! 

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