How To Improve Your Life In One Hour!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

You are here because you want to know how on earth you can change your life in one hour? Read all of the case studies from this week alone and my last podcast to see for yourself.

I had a free podcast this Wednesday with a past life clearing. You can listen to the recording here. Be sure to sit down and listen so that you will receive the full benefit of this hour-long session. Even the words will cause energies to stir within you and increase your awareness. 

If you have patterns that keep repeating, depression, anxiety, feel lost, uncomfortable in your own skin, are filled with worry, fears, negativity, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, this is a fabulous time to get to know me better, and how amazing you will feel afterward.

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Betina Bailey came to me this week with an intense sinus infection. Her antibiotic stopped working. She felt as heavy as lead when I tapped into her energy field. She asked me, “How on earth did you know how I felt?”She was in excruciating pain, couldn’t sleep, her muscles ached as they were all in knots and she certainly couldn’t work. 

I cleared the sinus infection, then cleared two past lives where Betina had been drowned and another where she had a death by fire. Both of these past lives were coming up to be cleared with this sinus infection. I applied energy healing to her body, including first aid, clearing trauma, brutality and many other patterns that were blocking Betina. 

Betina Bailey reported to me this morning that for the three days since the clearings including today she feels amazing! Her sinus infection has cleared up and she has had the best sleep of her life the past three nights. She had a fabulous day yesterday at work, doing what she loves body painting.
Donna Naylor posted that she needed help on FaceBook. I knew immediately that she was feeling lost and suicidal. She came to me with depression, feeling that she didn’t matter and that she was a waste of space on this planet. She needed to get a job and could barely move. She was in serious trouble, feeling her life wasn’t worth living. 

Donna Naylor sent me hand-crafted jewelry this week as a thank you after our session because she has had several successful interviews and was offered the job of her dreams doing what she loves! She has been lifted out of her deep depression into a state of joy and feeling terrific, after one session!

Jess came to me seriously anxious, depressed needing help from her parents, but they were not willing to help her. Her living conditions were terrible because of her financial situation. She didn’t feel safe. After one clearing Jess had an interview for her dream job. The employer told her she would hear within three weeks about the job. She got the job offer in three hours after the clearing! 

As if the fabulous job wasn’t enough, a mysterious deposit occurred into her bank account and her parents offered to help her get a better place to live and were much more supportive of her.

100% of the cases with depression, anxiety, molestation, suicidal tendencies that my clients experienced, have dark energies attached. In every case after a clearing they feel fabulous, uplifted, better and their suicidal tendencies are gone! 

How can you tell if you have attached energies? 

There are many signs that you have attached energy. We see things out of the corner of our eyes. Objects move when we haven’t touched them. The house you live in may be haunted. We may have bouts of tremendous fear, nightmares, insomnia, or worry incessantly, we may have OCD, depression, feel your life isn’t worth living or have serious money issues. We may feel blocked at every turn, unable to make headway. Some dark energies are generational, meaning the family has had them for lifetimes.

During my last podcast, a pain came over my left shoulder. I told my audience someone in the group had pain. I asked to clear it. The woman had been experiencing pain in her shoulder for months. Before the end of the call, her pain was totally gone! 

Another person had a headache, we cleared it immediately! Backaches have been cleared on my podcasts that have been chronic for four years!

In June in Atlanta, at The Inner Space, Alisha Henry reported having pain in her ankle that wouldn’t go away. She had this pain for years! I asked the pain to be cleared and it was! Immediately.

Everyone has the power within them to heal themselves. I will help you speak the words to empower your inner physician to heal you. 

A Recent Client’s Experience:

After working with Jennifer recently, I must say that I am grateful to the Divine for placing her in my path via a Google search. A few weeks ago, I was in an interesting place emotionally. I was in-between coming to terms with some past emotional trauma but not fully understanding what it meant to “let go of my past.” Following our initial 30 minute “discovery session” and subsequent first session a week later, I finally understood what it meant to embrace the present while letting the past be whatever it was.

As she opened my Akashic record and began to peel back the layers of my current and past lives, I shook, trembled, and buzzed as Jennifer cut the cords to the negative emotional patterns that had affected me on a personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual basis. The guilt, shame, and depression I experienced for years immediately left and I felt lighter! It was as if life had finally smiled at me and the Universe had finally said, “it’s time for your healing. Embrace it and finally, learn to live life and enjoy it!”

I’m truly grateful for Jennifer’s work, and I know that this is the beginning of something beautiful in my life. Thanks again, Jennifer, and I send you much love and many blessings!


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